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New Music: Real Magic

real magic

This is very obviously pop music, but beyond that it’s hard to describe the sound. The Robyn cover is brilliant. Check out here.

First Watch: The Lonely Island feat Robyn ‘Go Kindergarten’

robyn lonely islands

It’s here! The new video for The Lonely Island featuring Robyn. Aside from the bits Robyn is in, I’m not a massive fan of the track. Bit of a who’s-who on that video as well…

First Listen: The Lonely Island feat Robyn ‘Go Kindergarten’

the lonely island robyn

I hate this. Until Robyn kicks in.

Then I love it.

Then she stops and I don’t like it any more. It’s a big tune from The Lonely Island though.

Loreen and Kleerup… In the same studio!

loreen kleerup

This got me a bit excited. Loreen, of Eurovision fame, has teamed up with Kleerup, of Robyn ‘With Every Heartbeat’ fame. This is a preview of what’s to come, and it sounds like it will be a stunning piece of music.

Who’s that girl?

It’s Robyn, obviously. Get off your office chair, hop on your desk and embarrass yourself with this brilliant remix by Rex The Dog.

Robyn Vs Avicii

Love this! A mash up from Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my Own’ and Avicii’s ‘Fade into Darkness’ by Mario Santiago.

Watch out.. Andreas Moe will take you over…

I’ve made no secret of how much I like Andreas Moe. He’s making huge impact over in native Sweden for his effortlessly catchy and beautifully stylish songs. Anyway, he’s finally coming over to the UK to plug his sounds via his new debut EP Collecting Sunlight on June 25th, and so it feels only right to give it a mention.

Having played in several bands in Sweden, and having leant his voice to a number of dance tracks, he signed his first UK publishing deal in January 2011. His collaborations already include DJ Avicii (Fade into Darkness) and John de Sohn (Long Time).

But he still describes his sound as being The Script meets Robyn meets Prince: “electronic but organic.” Check out here.

Call Your Girlfriend French

A French re-working of Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ by Marie-Mai. It’s nice.


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