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Woodkid – Do You Love Me After All (Demo Audio)

woodkid golden age album

A demo from Woodkid. Nice.

That incredible Woodkid film…

woodkid golden age album

… enjoy the epic perfection of this. Woodkid’s short of being a modern genius.

Pharrell – Happy (Woodkid Sad Remix)

pharrell williams happy

Monday blues? Yes. We can’t be happy all the time.

New Music: Hugo

hugo singer

Like Woodkid but a lot more subtle. Still with maximum effect though, outstanding. Check out here.

Thomas Azier – Angelene – The Woodkid Remix

Thomas Azier

As far as remixes go, it can’t get any grander than this.

Woodkid is nuts


A new track unveiled in a recent Paris show, and it’s beyond epic… Woodkid is a modern genius.

Woodkid goes mellow

woodkid golden age album

How gorgeous is this quintet version of Woodkid’s ‘I Love You’? Perfect for a Sunday.

Transform today…


I’m starting the week with a short video from Woodkid. It’s beautifully inspiring.

Pharrell’s only gone and remixed Woodkid!

woodkid golden age album

One of my favourite Woodkid tracks got the remix treatment from Pharrell. It’s not what you would expect it to sound like but it’s very exciting nonetheless!

Woodkid feat. Angel Haze – I Love You


I don’t know who’s idea it was to mix Woodkid with Angel Haze but IT WORKS!


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