The new Routemaster is sexy

Why am I featuring a bus on my blog? Well, if you live in London you’ll know how iconic the Routemaster bus used to be. It’s main feature was being able to hop on and off the back of these buses- and I remember many times running to try and grab on to this machine while it moves, convinced that I’ll slip over and fall into the street and get crushed like a hedgehog. Anyway, the Routemasters were stopped a few years ago and replaced with ‘bendy’ buses, which attracted lots of fare-dodgers and so were awful, packed and getto. So the Mayor of London’s (Boris Johnson) decided to re-design and re-introduce the Routemasters back again, and they look hawt. They’ve been designed by Aston Martin with architects Foster and Partners. So this is probably really lame news to people living outside of London, but for me it’s so so exciting. I’m definately getting old! Oh dear…


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