“I feel pissed off I’m not bigger.” Maybe you’re shit?

Marina And The Diamonds. Have you heard of her? I’m pretty sure you have. I’m also sure you’ve read some of the rave reviews following her debut album, and maybe known her to be one of BBC’s One To Watch from last year. She’s been on the radio, on the telly and on pretty much any music blog you can think of. But I haven’t featured her much. I admire her talent, and I have friends who adore her, but for me, she is missing something. I see huge potential, but I don’t think she’s got there yet. And then I read this short newsbite from the BBC, in which ‘Marina’ moans about her American label, and moans even more strongly about how unfair it is that she isn’t a huge pop star. And that pisses me off.

‘Marina’, you’ve got the exposure, the team and the talent to make something extraordinary out of yourself. I was willing to follow you, and to see what you would come up with next. But I see that you’re just an impatient soul who seems to compare herself above everyone else and wonder why you aren’t as successful. If you got it right, people would have brought your records. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to become a huge artist- but moaning like a spoilt wannabe is just about the most off-putting thing you can throw at people.

Blogs like this one look for, encourage and publicise up-and-coming musical talent that deserves recognition. There are always people looking for the next big exciting thing. You had the chance, and you still have it. Some would consider being talked and written about to be something worth celebrating. Don’t be such a brat. End of rant!


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