Live: Funeral Party, Tribes and Kitten at Heaven London

Just came back from a gig to see three very exciting bands – Kitten, Tribes, and Funeral Party. I hadn’t seen any of them live and I have to admit it was totally not what I was expecting- in a really good way!

I’ve previously mentioned Kitten on here: they’re a sort of cute/cool kinda rock band with a really hyper singer. Usually supporting acts are a bit of a drag but Kitten were just awesome: it was fun, and even though there was a bit of a mishap at the end, I could see a lot of talent coming out of these guys which I look forward to following.

Tribes were on next: these guys have developed a bit of a cult following although I don’t really know much about them. One website summed up their sound perfectly:  “here are some real mates making rock music like it’s meant to be: sexy, dramatic and influenced by something on Sub Pop”. It was fun to watch.

Finally, Funeral Party headlined tonight and the place was short of falling apart from crazed, beefy men (and a few women) going absolutely mental to their sounds. I don’t think I’ve seen a mosh pit that intense since my days at school. I sort of stood on the side slightly terrified but slightly ashamed of myself for not being involved. I think I’ve grown up too much… Anyway, the only way I can sum up LA-based Funeral Party is a sort of harder, dirtier, angrier Friendly Fires: there’s a lot of big noise coming from very polished beats. Definitely ones to catch live! More photos on my Flickr.


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