LLUCID – Fake Love (feat. Mulay)

Photo / Shauna Summers

Proving Berlin to be a hotbed for musical talent, artist & producer LLUCID teams up with fellow Berliner and alternative R&B singer-songwriter, producer and artist Mulay on stunning new single ‘Fake Love’.

This is a beautifully perfected release which effortlessly juxtaposes dark and broody tones against an energetic and anthemic chorus.

“We started this song about a year ago, around the same time we wrote ‘Incomplete,’ one of the reasons why both kinda belong together. Some songs are quickly done, but not this one. This one felt special and since Mulay and I both are quite perfectionists, we put a lot of effort into refining each and every element of the song: re-recording vocals, rearranging the song & trying out different ideas. Fun fact: We even imitated an old school type house sample, so the vocals you hear right after the chorus are actually Mulay’s. In the end it’s always fascinating how you seem to learn new things with every song you make, especially when it comes to collabs.” – LLUCID

LLUCID | Mulay