Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Tinsel In The River

With an unconventional yet refreshingly moving take on the Christmas single, Benjamin Francis Leftwich releases ‘Tinsel In The River’.

The song features his trademark acoustic guitar playing, intimate, honest vocals and lyrics with a heartbreaking perspective on the festive period.

“‘Tinsel In The River’ is a song about sitting alone over the Christmas period and reflecting over the previous year of love, loss and what could have been – but flew out of one’s hands. The song is set against the Christmas party season in the town in Yorkshire where I am from. The city comes alive with: the party, the bag, loving fellowship – and also chaos. 

To me the song is about that feeling of isolation, set against the backdrop of bright noisiness at that time of year and how the sparkle of it all can also be the trigger for the pain that was so nearly disappearing in the normal stillness of the town, which suddenly is turned upside down.”

Benjamin Francis Leftwich