POP ETC – Slips Away (feat. Jason Schwartzman)

American indie-rock outfit POP ETC mark a triumphant return today through their dreamy new single ‘Slips Away’.

Written as a meditation on the passage of time and learning to let go, the track features actor Jason Schwartzman and serves as the lead single to POP ETC’s forthcoming album, ‘Over The Moment’.

“We all try to hold on to the past. No matter how futile or ridiculous it may seem. Why do we have so much trouble accepting that everything comes to an end? I know I’m still fighting it. Still trying to be a kid. Still trying to hold on to the joy and carefreeness of that time. There’s an energy and life to the past that we keep grasping at, and yet it always slips away. But it’s not just a sad story. There’s real liberation that comes with acceptance. A freedom and richness that we can tap into once we embrace that everything is fleeting. “Slips Away” is about trying to get there.”- Chris Chu, Frontman