New Music: Daphnie

Emerging from Australia is Sydney-based drummer and producer Alistair Hayes, who goes by the alter ego of Daphnie.

After spending time studying jazz performance, this self-proclaimed ‘jazz nerd’ renounced his education in the name of alternative indie pop.

Stylistically, Daphnie creates experimental yet fun soundscapes that support his catchy pop melodies, while the lyricism features understated metaphors taken from his personal relationships.

New single ‘Late’ is all about the feeling of not knowing if you’re going to break up or fall in love. On the song, Daphnie says:

“After almost being broken up with by the girl of my dreams, I wrote and produced it in my bedroom, hooked by the moment it captured, and had it mixed by Liam Quinn (Peach PRC). Being in the best relationship of your life but noticing your own personal flaws get in the way of properly committing. You try to patch issues with flowers and the same apologies you’ve made every other time, but the superficial fixes don’t help for long enough to make a difference. You see the crash coming but barely even swerve away. It’s not a surprise, you watched it all happen. Late is a take me back song before you’ve even ended things. Take us back to when the issues didn’t matter because we weren’t serious.”


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