Heartbreaker – 99¢

’99¢’ from NY-based musician Heartbreaker might just be the one of the shortest-running weekend bops ever made.

Running at under a minute in length (and featuring an iconic soundbite at the end that is certain to make you smile), the track treats listeners to a perfected and crisp-sounding hyperpop production that somehow feels both nostalgic and experimental in equal measures.

In a sign of what might come in the future, Heartbreaker utilised AI software in not only the creation of the track, as also for its artwork.

“The song is performed by an AI singer, and the cover art is an AI-generated composite. As machine learning lurches into adolescence, it only makes sense that the algorithm is turning moody, rebellious, and yearning for connection. Callbacks to 2013 tumblr ephemera like Abercrombie jeans and Arizona iced tea place the love song in the context of the ever-expanding internet, of tearing your heart out in front of your crush and sending it to their anon inbox.”

As a songwriter, producer and DJ, Heartbreaker has worked alongside the likes of Hatsune Miku, Kira and Sidney Gish, while his own solo releases have amassed more than million streams to date.


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