New Music: Michael Sebastian

Michael Sebastian’s style of music-making results in songs that are always rich in character and texture. ‘Afiye’ is a perfect example of this, with its enchantingly immersive soundscape. Michael Sebastian

New Music: Cybertrash

A sound like none other, it’s not only the eccentricity of ‘west’ that keeps you intrigued, but the sheer uniqueness of Cybertrash’s vocals. This 19-year old talent is the perfect example of why spending hours every week searching for new music remains such a thrilling experience. Cybertrash

Jenny Lewis + Serengeti – Unblu

This song is worth sharing not just for the beautiful melody and harmonious vocals, but as an example of how conceptual pop can be something that pushes boundaries but still manages to stay captivating. Jenny Lewis | Serengeti


Rapid-rising Bay Area creative supergroup AG Club unleash their epic new single, ‘Tru Religion’. The track serves as yet another example of this collective’s visionary and cutting edge approach to music making. With almost a million monthly listeners on Spotify alongside support from the likes of i-D, WONDERLAND, Complex and HIGHSNOBIETY, it seems only a … Continue reading AG Club – TRU RELIGION

New Music: Sweet Tempest

Berlin-based synth-pop outfit Sweet Tempest construct sounds that make an immediate impact – both sonically and lyrically. The band carry an interesting ethos, in that they hope for people to dance to their songs, while also learning about the duo’s stance on inequality and prejudice through the lyrics. Their hard-hitting new single ‘White Country’, for … Continue reading New Music: Sweet Tempest

Dady – Dark Mode

Returning after a brief musical break, alt-pop duo Dady are back today with the gorgeously dreamy ‘Dark Mode’. The pair are a shining example of how music brings people together, and exist now as a match made in musical heaven; with the release of ‘Dark Mode’ being another wonderful example to add to the collection. … Continue reading Dady – Dark Mode

Oscar Anton – cheerios (with VV)

One of my favourite French talents of late, bedroom-pop artist Oscar Anton has embarked on a new project which is pretty interesting. ‘postcard from Milan’ will see Oscar creating songs this year that each feature an artist from a different country. ‘cheerios’, for example, was created in Milan with Italian artist VV. Oscar Anton

New Music: Lea Kampmann

Track of the week. Showcasing a superb example of Nordic alt-pop, Lea Kampmann’s ‘In Circles’ is a slow burning and glistening masterpiece that blends house-inspired synths with thoughtfully constructed percussions. The song was inspired by the need to go out and grab life, instead of waiting for it to pass by. “The most important thing … Continue reading New Music: Lea Kampmann

New Music: Elijah Waters

Hailing from the Netherlands, Elijah Waters has released one of the finest examples of hip hop and electronic pop harmoniously complimenting soulful tones. ‘Grey’ is a song like none other that I have experienced this week; it’s confidently unique yet moving and fragile at the same time. Elijah Waters

Matilda Cole – Camden

Brighton-based indie pop newcomer Matilda Cole returns today with her stunning new release ‘Camden‘. A melancholy slow-burner with arresting lyricism, the song is yet another example showcasing this talent’s incredible songwriting skill. “‘Camden’ is really just a song about my parents splitting up. A lot changed for me in a year, and watching their relationship deteriorate … Continue reading Matilda Cole – Camden

Watch: Niko B – International Baby

“In the lyrics I speak about loads of things personal to me and also things that regular kids my age could relate to for example pasta king, how expensive clothes are, I even have a lyric about Butlins in this song. When I get married I’ll probably sprint down the aisle to this song.” Niko … Continue reading Watch: Niko B – International Baby

New Music: Sandy Hawkins

For all the chaos that 2020 brought, some bright glimpses still came through. Take for example Californian trio Sandy Hawkins, who were formed during quarantine while they were just neighbours. Redefining what it means to be a boyband, the group takes inspiration from the likes of Beastie Boys, Hall & Oates, and other heavy hitters … Continue reading New Music: Sandy Hawkins

DANA – Undefined

If there’s one European nation that has consistently excelled with new musical talent so far this year, it’s been Switzerland. A prime example is DANA, a Swiss singer-songwriter who’s style of indie-pop carries a soulful twist, helping people understand what it means to be vulnerable. Her new single ‘Undefined’ speaks on the emotions surrounding being … Continue reading DANA – Undefined

New Music: INA IVY

With a uniquely distinctive vocal tone and an ability to create infectiously catchy pop melodies, INA IVY is a new force to be reckoned with. ”This song is about when people are trying to make you feel beneath them in everyday life but where they can’t get to you because you know your own worth. … Continue reading New Music: INA IVY

Secondhand Sound – Colm’s Conquest

Alternative Nashville outfit Secondhand Sound are back today with an anthemic and simply outstanding slice of indie-rock through the form of new single ‘Colm’s Conquest’. “What’s interesting about this song is that it’s a rare example of a Secondhand Sound song that didn’t originate on my acoustic guitar. Usually, I sit and pine over a … Continue reading Secondhand Sound – Colm’s Conquest

mehro – chance with you

Track of the week. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I come across a song so powerful that I find myself having to hold back the tears when it plays. This release from LA singer-songwriter mehro is a prime example of just that; it’s music at it’s purest, deepest and most meaningful. “When I wrote … Continue reading mehro – chance with you

Moyka – When

Norwegian artist Moyka comes full circle today with the release of debut album ‘The Revelations of Love’ and its lead single, ‘When.’ This stunning electro pop song juxtaposes melancholic vocals with a euphoric beat, and is a perfect example of just why Moyka has established herself as one of the Nordic nations’ most promising starlets. “To me, love … Continue reading Moyka – When

TK Tycoon x Dotman – Bolanle

Nigerian born and Sweden-based musician TK Tycoon creates a unique mix of afrobeats with an indie-soul edge. The resulting sound feels future-forward and engaging. The song itself is a beautiful example of how versatile world music can be when you are bold enough to experiment with genres. TK Tycoon

tmdistant + vi0let – nothing new

Two emerging newcomers join forces to create one of the strongest RnB-pop songs of the season. ‘nothing new’ is a collaboration between 18 year-old Essex-based anti-pop artist tmdistant and German-Irish pop/ RnB talent vi0let. With production from Abare, this is a hauntingly dark and futuristic piece that blends elements of alt-RnB with pop, engrossing the listener and … Continue reading tmdistant + vi0let – nothing new

Banji – TalkieWalkie

One of the catchiest indie bops you’ll likely experience all week, ‘TalkieWalkie’ from Utrecht-based quartet Banji is an exhilarating and refreshingly original release. It is yet another example of the band’s ear for memorable tunes that keep popping up in your head days after listening. “This song was meant to be a continuation of our other song … Continue reading Banji – TalkieWalkie