New Music: Floyd Zion

Floyd Zion is no stranger to acclaim. Formerly known as Artist Unknown, this rising talent has made a name for himself thanks to a genre-bending style of sound that pushes the boundaries of music to the extreme – without sounding obscure. Zion’s new single ‘Boiling’ is a perfect example of the artist’s creativity. Bold, playful … Continue reading New Music: Floyd Zion

Anna Shoemaker – I Think I

Brooklyn-based talent Anna Shoemaker is back with one of the most captivating indie releases of the week. Written as an ode to self-acceptance, ‘I Think I’ encourages listeners to embrace who they are – not matter how good or bad they feel about themselves. Sonically bold and anthemic, the track serves as yet another example … Continue reading Anna Shoemaker – I Think I

New Music: Smurgy

Hailing from New Zealand comes psych-pop newcomer Smurgy. Through a unique style of music-making, this promising artist creates sonic experiences like none other. Smurgy’s ‘Mess’ is a prime example of this talent’s extraordinary work. Inspired by heartbreak, the song presents listeners with a dreamy sound that is bittersweet yet also mesmerising in character. With songs … Continue reading New Music: Smurgy

New Music: Epal

Parisian artist Epal is a perfect example of just how universal music can be when it’s crafted with thought and care. While sung entirely in French, new single ‘Coeur noir’ presents listeners with a stunning fusion of dark, mellow indie and electronic pop. “J’aime la puissance des mots et le sens caché des éclats de … Continue reading New Music: Epal

New Music: Chandler Jewels

Hailing from Lake Macquarie is 20-year old African-Australian artist and musician Chandler Jewels. Already an established name as a producer, Chandler has crafted sounds for artists as prominent as Dro Kenji, Manu Crooks and Example. Alongside his work behind the scenes, Chandler has also unveiled a debut mixtape entitled ‘Insomnia’ (out now). ‘Fine Art’ is … Continue reading New Music: Chandler Jewels

Danny Starr – Over The Edge

London-based indie talent Danny Starr has been on our radar for several years now. Today’s release of ‘Over The Edge’ is yet another example of an artist who has never stopped evolving his sound, and is probably our favourite single from Starr yet. ‘Over The Edge’ gathers its inspiration from the situations that people can find … Continue reading Danny Starr – Over The Edge

BERWYN – Bulletproof

BERWYN is no stranger to these Alfitude pages, thanks to his ever-impressive run of singles that showcase the very best in emerging UK-based musical talent. New single ‘Bulletproof’ is yet another example of BERWYN’s exceptional songwriting skills, with its beautifully melodic production and refreshingly honest lyricism. “Bulletproof is less about me and more about the … Continue reading BERWYN – Bulletproof


Rapid-rising Bay Area creative supergroup AG Club unleash their epic new single, ‘Tru Religion’. The track serves as yet another example of this collective’s visionary and cutting edge approach to music making. With almost a million monthly listeners on Spotify alongside support from the likes of i-D, WONDERLAND, Complex and HIGHSNOBIETY, it seems only a … Continue reading AG Club – TRU RELIGION

mal sounds – BUSHWICK BABY

Prepare to fall in love with mal sounds. New single ‘BUSHWICK BABY‘ is one of the most beautiful songs we’ve come across in quite some time, and we’re sure you’ll adore it too. Lifted from the artist’s forthcoming ‘STILL IN NEW YORK’ album, the track showcases a mesmerising fusion of dreamy alternative R&B and lo-fi … Continue reading mal sounds – BUSHWICK BABY

New Music: Bellah Mae

We are kicking the weekend off with an exciting UK newcomer who’s style of alt-pop has already piqued the interest of several noted tastemakers like Wonderland, Clash and Notion magazines. While ‘Boyfriend Of The Year’ is Bellah Mae’s first official release, the track has already gained considerable traction through TikTok. Elaborating further on the creation … Continue reading New Music: Bellah Mae

New Music: Maggie

Track of the week. As a nation rich in pop heritage, Norwegian musical talent has come to be known as some of the best in the world. Newcomer Maggie continues with this tradition, and as you press play to ‘Paralyzed’ you’ll quickly understand why this artist is so impressive. Written, performed and produced in its … Continue reading New Music: Maggie

New Music: Ray Lozano

Born and raised in Cologne, Ray Lozano is a German-Filipino talent who is not only a singer, but also a songwriter and producer. Running at just under two minutes in length, Lozano’s new single ‘Better Off’ is a perfect example of quality over quantity. The song presents listeners with a finessed fusion of alternative R&B, … Continue reading New Music: Ray Lozano

New Music: Sweet Tempest

Berlin-based synth-pop outfit Sweet Tempest construct sounds that make an immediate impact – both sonically and lyrically. The band carry an interesting ethos, in that they hope for people to dance to their songs, while also learning about the duo’s stance on inequality and prejudice through the lyrics. Their hard-hitting new single ‘White Country’, for … Continue reading New Music: Sweet Tempest

Secondhand Sound – Colm’s Conquest

Alternative Nashville outfit Secondhand Sound are back today with an anthemic and simply outstanding slice of indie-rock through the form of new single ‘Colm’s Conquest’. “What’s interesting about this song is that it’s a rare example of a Secondhand Sound song that didn’t originate on my acoustic guitar. Usually, I sit and pine over a … Continue reading Secondhand Sound – Colm’s Conquest

Casper The Ghost – Cool Kids

One of the catchiest songs of the week comes courtesy of Swedish cross-genre duo Casper The Ghost. As is typical with their recent run of singles, ‘Cool Kids’ is a polished and well-constructed pop-rock sound that also feels grounded, relatable and genuine in tone. The track is taken from their freshly-released new EP ‘Holding on for … Continue reading Casper The Ghost – Cool Kids

Harvey Jay Dodgson – Oxygen

Indie prodigy Harvey Jay Dodgson unveils stunning new single ‘Oxygen’, alongside the release of his debut EP of the same name. Intensely captivating and atmospheric, the song serves as a perfect example of British alternative music at its grandest and most epic. “With big sub basses, gospel backing vocals, strings and a huge final chorus, ‘Oxygen’ wraps … Continue reading Harvey Jay Dodgson – Oxygen

Nikki White – Fairweather Friends

Canadian indie starlet Nikki White is back today with a captivating new single, entitled ‘Fairweather Friends’. Fusing powerful and thoughtful lyricism with an energetic 00’s-inspired pop-rock production, the song looks at the unfortunate times when your friends let you down. Elaborating further, White explains: “I wrote ‘FWF’ in LA with my two friends Jordyn Kane … Continue reading Nikki White – Fairweather Friends

New Music: Gorran

Emerging UK talent Gorran creates powerful songs that focus on the raw emotions that humans feel and express. New single ‘Are You Mine?’ is a perfect example of this promising artist’s work. Inspired by the desperation of trying to fix a broken relationship, the track feels gripping, intense and extremely moving. “‘Are You Mine?’ is … Continue reading New Music: Gorran

New Music: Tobias Arbo

Fans of Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens will most likely fall in love with Swedish musician Tobias Arbo (aka Tobias Ekelund), who has just unveiled his latest single, ‘Within’. In its quintessential Nordic style of sound, the song presents listeners with a production that is sparse, simple and minimal – yet somehow still … Continue reading New Music: Tobias Arbo

New Music: Michael Sebastian

Michael Sebastian’s style of music-making results in songs that are always rich in character and texture. ‘Afiye’ is a perfect example of this, with its enchantingly immersive soundscape. Michael Sebastian