Joy Downer – Alright

Photo / francescapoly

Multi-faceted DIY artist Joy Downer is back today with one our favourite indie releases of the month.

‘Alright’ is an infectiously catchy bop that you’ll find yourselves humming along to all weekend. Cheerful in tone, this is the kind of indie that brings a smile to our faces. Explaining the song, Downer simply says…

“It’s alright.”

Downer has been a fan favourite since the release of her 2017 EP, ‘Radio Dreamer’. Over the years, she’s gone on to acquire millions of streams and thousands of followers across social media. You can explore more of Downer’s music here.

Joy Downer

Michael Simon Armstrong – Truth & Dagger

After spending the last four years working on his new collection of songs, American artist Michael Simon Armstrong finally releases his new LP today, called ‘Be Vibrant, Michael Simon’ (listen here).

Among its ten beautifully written tracks is ‘Truth & Dagger’, which serves as an artistic ‘depiction of a relationship gone stale’. The song is thoughtful and melancholic in tone, showcasing Armstrong’s natural flair for crafting emotive pieces of music.

Alongside his work as a musician, Armstrong also runs a prominent studio (which has hosted the likes of Maggie Rogers and Medium Build) with Michael Blasky, who is known for his work with Haim and Rostam Batmanglij.

Michael Simon Armstrong

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Tee Krispil – Big Loss

Running at just under two minutes in length, Tee Krispil’s ‘Big Loss’ is one of the shortest songs we’ve featured in quite some time.

Having said that, this is a superb example of alternative R&B done well. The track is intriguing as it is mesmerising, while its finessed production treats listeners to a sound that is rich in sonic textures. In summary, this is one of our favourite singles of the week.

Listeners can look forward to more releases from Krispil in the coming months, leading up to a new EP that will be out in the summer of 2024.

Tee Krispil

Rum Jungle – Make It Ez

Australian outfit Rum Jungle are back with a hazy slice of sonic bliss for us all to obsess over.

‘Make It EZ’ is lifted from the band’s freshly released ‘Hold Me In The Water’ EP (out now) and delights listeners with a melodic fusion of dreamy pop and indie.

Rum Jungle are preparing to boost their global presence in 2024, with upcoming shows planned in the UK (including a slot at iconic festival The Great Escape), as well as more releases. We’ve said it before, but we really believe that these lads could be one of Australia’s biggest indie groups.

Rum Jungle

Jaya Bremer – Apartment 4

One of the most charming releases of the week comes courtesy of Canadian starlet Jaya Bremer, with her new single ‘Apartment 4’.

Co-produced by Austin Tufts from Braids, the track presents us with a cozy and dreamy mix of electronic indie and pop. Lyrically, the song was inspired by an emotional evening that the artist experienced while she was preparing to leave a home that she loved dearly.

“I went through a long drawn out reno-viction and was forced to leave an apartment that I had lived in and loved for four years. I wrote this song on my last night there, as a love letter and a goodbye. I wrote the song to the apartment as though it were a living being, which in a way, my grief around the loss of it felt akin to. I felt acutely aware that it was the end of an era, and I was already mourning it. It’s a tribute to an apartment that felt like a living entity.”

Bremer has long been associated with the music scene in Victoria, British Columbia. Aside from her work as a soloist, Jaya has also been involved in various other outfits that include local indie-rock heroes Wise Child.

Jaya Bremer

Rob Giles – Some Stars

 Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter Rob Giles returns today with a meaningful new single called ‘Some Stars’.

The track serves as a comeback for the highly acclaimed artist, who has just released his fifth album, ‘Meditation Drive-Thru’ (listen here).

The song’s beauty lies in its simplicity. The melody flows with ease, while the lyrics focus on themes like humility and unity, reminding us of the importance of accepting one other – no matter our differences.

With more than 750k catalogue streams to date, it’s clear that listeners feel a connection to Giles’ work. It’s good to have you back, Rob!

Rob Giles

[PREMIERE] Watch HunBjørn’s visuals for latest single ‘In The Eye’

Photo / Julie Montauk

We are so excited to be sharing with you a first glimpse of Scandinavian artist HunBjørn’s new music video, ‘In The Eye’.

Marking the return of this much-acclaimed Danish indie starlet, the visuals represent HunBjørn’s new style of sound, and serve as a taster to her upcoming suite of releases.

If you’ve yet to listen to the song itself, it’s a beautifully atmospheric piece of electronica that also incorporates other genres like dance and alt-pop, while the lyrics take their inspiration from the concept of ‘forbidden desire’.

“It’s that moment you didn’t see coming, but suddenly find yourself in, where the rush of temptation really threatens to overthrow all reason, and it takes serious strength not to give in.”

For listeners who are new to HunBjørn, this rising talent is not only a singer but also a songwriter, producer and arranger, and a key originator of industry community WeProduce.


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Kayla Thompson – Matter (feat. Nate Diaz)

Acclaimed American starlet Kayla Thompson returns with a sublime new single called ‘Matter’.

Created alongside fellow artist Nate Diaz, the song introduces listeners to Thompson’s more vulnerable side. Through its sincere lyricism and thoughtful alt-pop production, we think it’s one of Thompson’s most impressive releases yet.

With tastemaker support from the likes of Ones to Watch already under her belt, Thompson looks likely to hit the mainstream very soon – so be sure to keep this artist on your radars.

‘Matter’ is lifted from the Kayla’s ‘A Shot In The Dark’ debut EP, which is out now (listen here).

Kayla Thompson

teasea – What If, Could Be

If you’re in the mood for some soft shoegaze then we’ve got a talent to introduce to you who we’re sure you’ll absolutely fall in love with.

teasea is the musical project of Brooklyn artist Tom Criblez. Impressively, Criblez has already released five albums in three years – with his most recent collection of songs being ‘Methods Of Motion’, which was unveiled earlier this year.

‘What If, Could Be’ is teasea’s latest single, and treats listeners to a thoughtful composition that features a beautifully written melody and meaningful lyrics.

“This track is a wake up call to us humans and a reminder of how much we can lift each others spirits in more ways than we realise. It was the last track written for the upcoming album and came out of an idea I had while showering and trying to manifest a strong final track to complete the record. Most of the parts are one take to evoke a sense of raw liveliness and all tracked in my home studio in Brooklyn.”

You can experience more of teasea’s work here, or by checking out his Spotify here.


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KRYSTOF – Built For This

We’ve been following Carinthian singer and songwriter KRYSTOF for quite some time. While still in his early 20’s, this talent has already marked himself as one of Europe’s newest music prospects, amassing more than five million career streams to date.

‘Built For This’ presents us with introspective, yet relatable lyrics. Based on the notion of whether some of us are actually built for love, the words of the song focus on an issue that is not often covered in pop music.

“‘Built For This’ is one of my most personal songs. Love is a hard pill to swallow. When you go through a lot of heartbreaks, you start wondering if it’s ever going to work out or not. This song is a captured moment of me questioning If I was even built for LOVE – Loving myself or another person.”

Despite its recent release, the song has already found its way onto flagship playlists like Spotify’s Fresh Finds, consequently amassing thousands of streams.


All Day Breakfast Cafe – Adrenaline Rush 

If you’re in the mood for some blissful vibes today then we’ve got the perfect track for you.

Adrenaline Rush’ is by South London collective All Day Breakfast Cafe, and it’s probably one of the best disco-inspired singles that we’ve come across so far this year.

The song treats listeners to an energising production that feels uplifting and joyful, while the lyrics encourage us all to try and enjoy life as best as we can.

“‘Adrenaline Rush’ is about that moment of exhilaration. You might feel it when you’re on the dance floor, when you do something new that challenges you or you do anything thrilling. This is your theme tune for that feeling and your reminder to do something that excites you… regularly! The whole EP is a tribute to female friendships and queer joy.” – Jelly Cleaver, All Day Breakfast Cafe

The group’s new EP, called ‘Have You Seen This Queen?’ is out now, and was funded by the PRS Foundation, as well as Ronnie Scott’s Foundation and the band’s very own fans through a GoFundMe campaign.

All Day Breakfast Cafe


American music collective NOFUN! are back today with a playful indie anthem called ‘DAYTRIP!’

Written as an ‘ode to that feeling of losing the time while finding an adventure with your friends’, the song presents listeners with a style of sound that feels nostalgic and warm, but still maintains a refreshingly experimental edge.

Since featuring NOFUN! earlier in the year, we’ve seen this promising group of artists grow in momentum. To date, they’ve amassed more than 120k Spotify streams from the release of just three singles, making them one of California’s most interesting prospects.


NOFUN! are Dave Coresh / Levi Evans / Garrett Gloom / Huebline / Louie Lambo / SWANN / WADE08 / Mother Wata  / Zoodeville

MALU – Heavy Baggage

One of our favourite Scandinavian starlets has returned today, and boy, was it worth the wait.

Danish artist MALU’s new single ‘Heavy Baggage’ treats listeners to a melodic and finessed fusion of alternative R&B and soulful pop.

As charming as it is emotive, the track looks at the concept of self-awareness, and the desire to move forwards in life without carrying previous traumas.

“‘Heavy Baggage’ is an ode to self-realisation and explores the art of moving forward without being held hostage by your past. It’s about finding that rare individual who doesn’t just share your load but teaches you how to lighten it.” 

To date, MALU has amassed more than 1.5 million career streams on Spotify alone, while also commanding an impressive 23k monthly listeners on the platform.


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Jamila x luca! – Keep You Waiting

If you’re not plugged into the Swiss indie-pop scene then you’re missing out! We’ve come across so many promising emerging artists from the European nation recently, and today we’re delighted to be featuring two of the best newcomers.

Zurich-based artists Jamila and luca! have collaborated together on the release of ‘Keep You Waiting’, which is a beautifully mesmerising slice of dreamy pop that we’re certain you’ll fall in love with.

Lyrically, the song was inspired by the idea of ‘ignoring your ego and surrendering to what deep down feels right with a person you like, even if you’re scared of making yourself vulnerable’. With its relatable lyrics and memorable melody, this has been one of our favourite singles of the week.

Jamila | luca!

Sugar Soap – Day Dream

With the Australian summer season starting soon, we can expect to hear a lot of uplifting pop-rock songs to emerge from the continent over the next few months.

One of the first comes courtesy of Sugar Soap, who are back with a shimmering new single called ‘Day Dream’.

Aside from its hugely catchy melody, the song also showcases a polished production that marks this outfit as one of their nation’s most promising musical exports.

More releases are planned throughout 2024, so be sure to keep these chaps on your radars!

Sugar Soap

Ross Lynch + The Driver Era – Rumors

The Driver Era (aka Ross Lynch and brother Rocky Lynch) are back this weekend with stunning new single ‘Rumors’.

We’ve come to know that this duo only ever release top-tier alt-pop sounds, but this track has really surpassed all our expectations.

“Rumors these Rumors, no one really knows… The internet doesn’t always have the facts. We wrote a song about it and I hope you like it.” –  Ross Lynch, The Driver Era 

The single follows on from Ross’s highly publicised appearance on Troye Sivan’s ‘One of Your Girls music video, which ended up going viral in a matter of days. More new music will be announced in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait for it!

The Driver Era

Noah Bouchard – Came Close

UK hip hop artist Noah Bouchard returns today with a thoughtful new single that deserves your attention.

‘Came Close’ is taken from Bouchard’s forthcoming debut album, and features rising pop singer Hemes. The song was inspired the human’s natural desire for success in life, and the emotional tolls it can take.

Amassing more than 3.3 million career streams to date and picking up support from outlets as respected as BBC Radio 1xtra, Ministry of Sound and Wordplay Magazine, Bouchard is well on his way to becoming one of the UK’s most exciting music prospects.

Noah Bouchard | Hemes

Sunsets + benny mayne – Self Care Day

Your disco anthem for the weekend comes courtesy of Mexican-American dance producer Sunsets and Californian musician benny mayne.

It’s near impossible not to feel good while listening to ‘Self Care Day’. As its title alludes, the song reminds us of the small pleasures in life, and how important it is to give yourself a break every now and again.

Sunsets saw his momentum rise following the release of his debut EP ‘Something About You’ (listen here) back in June. To date, the record has garnered more than 500k steams. Keep this chap on your radars – he’s one to watch!

Sunsets | benny mayne

Grant Knoche – POSEIDON / DELETE

It’s a huge day for rising US pop talent Grant Knoche, who has just unveiled a highly-anticipated new EP called ‘I COULD DIE JUST THINKING OF US’ (listen here).

Nestled within its 29 minutes of musical brilliance is ‘POSEIDON’, which delivers a bold and powerful mix of electronica and pop.

“This track delves into the complicated emotions associated with missing an ex-partner months after a heartbreak.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, Grant also shows off his softer side with ‘DELETE’, which serves as a masterclass in melancholic sad-pop. It’s a ballad for the broken-hearted, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it.

Speaking on the song’s lyrics, he says that “it represents a release of pent-up anger, frustration, and the intense emotions associated with heartbreak.”

In our view, this new body of work is Knoche’s most impressive to date, and further proves that this artist is truly a global superstar in the making.

Grant Knoche

Good Rzn – 123

We only featured Good Rzn a month ago, but they’re already back today with another sensational piece of sonic perfection for us all to enjoy.

Self-produced new single ‘123’ is taken from the duo’s debut ‘Falling In Slow Motion’ EP (out now), and showcases a style of production that features elements of alternative pop, psychedelica and indie.

Alongside its impressive production, the song also presents listeners with thoughtful lyricism that touches on themes of personal growth and self reflection. Elaborating further, Good Rzn say:

“We wrote ‘123’ about looking back at times that seem more simple and realising that the things you want in life sometimes come at a cost. A storybook ending can’t come for free. The end of the song culminates in the storyteller realising that things can be simple again it just takes time to figure things out. The process of creating ‘123’ was smooth and quick. It was mostly written in a single day on an acoustic guitar and lyric notebook, and we had a voice memo of that which was a foundation for the production. We wanted the track carry similar levels of authenticity and intimacy as the voice memo, so we added certain elements to recreate that. In the intro, for instance, we added a recording of Josie from when she was first learning her ABC’s as a kid. This is definitely one of our favourite songs that we’ve written together.”

Good Rzn