First Listen: Ms. Henrik ‘Mark’

ms. henrik

New one from one of the more interesting talents to have emerged from Sweden this year. It’s also a free download which is nice.


First Listen: Misty Miller ‘Tea In China’

misty miller

Misty Miller’s got a new EP out June 2nd, of which this track is featured on. Nice bit of down tempo garage rock.

First Listen: Loreen ‘We Got The Power’

loreen we got the power

Epic! I don’t think there’s been a cooler Eurovision winner in living memory. New one from Loreen, will get it’s debut on Saturday’s Eurovision final. Good pop.

First Listen: When Saints Go Machine ‘Iodine’

when saints go machine

Those Danish kids have come up with a destructive and so epic track. This is as cool as electropop gets right now.

First Listen: L Marshall ‘FIRE’

l marshall

Big song from a very promising new talent that was featured back in January.

First Listen: Kate Boy ‘The Way We Are’

kate boy

Delivering on that hard, heavy electropop sound, Kate Boy has a new track that’s a little bit epic.

First Listen: Discopolis ‘Falling’ (Committed To Sparkle Motion)


With the lead mix is produced by Swedish house royalty Axwell, this track from Discopolis is one of my favourite tracks of the week. Out May 20th.

First Listen: Sameblod ‘Norwegian Summer’


One of my favourite Swedish electropop duo’s are finally back with some new music! It’s out now and is the first song from their new ‘Swoon EP’ which will be out 31 May on Riot Factory/EMI.

First Listen: Flight Facilities ‘I Didn’t Believe’

flight facilities

How about some disco for this Thursday morning from Flight Facilities eh? This has Kylie Minogue all over it!

First Listen: Gorgon City ‘Intentions’ (feat. Clean Bandit)

gorgon city

Loving this Balearic vibe from Black Butter’s Gorgon City and Clean Bandit. Out 12th May.

First Listen: Du Tonc ‘Surging Memories’

du tonc

This is a very cute bit of disco from Du Tonc. Released 20th May On Cheap Thrills.

First Listen: Braids ‘Amends’

braids band

A beautiful bit of atmospheric dream pop from Braids. Their new 12” ‘In Kind // Amends’  is out June 10th on Full Time Hobby.

First Listen: 8th Grader ‘Diamonds, Silver and Gold’

8th grader singer

8th Grader is back with a new track that oozes nu-soul and chillwave in a wonderful way.

First Listen: Soap&Skin ‘Me And The Devil’


I’ve been sick all weekend with the man flu. Right now, this song by Soap&Skin is giving me comfort in my bed. In a really creepy way.

First Listen: Joel Baker ‘Further Than Feelings’


joel baker

This is probably one of my favourite songs of the week. So simple and cute, it sees Joel Baker show off some real natural talent.

First Listen: Disclosure ‘You & Me’ ft. Eliza Doolittle


How about this one from Disclosure? New single out April 28th featuring the lovely Eliza Doolittle.

First Listen: Josef Salvat ‘Hustler’

josef salvat

I must admit, I wasn’t immediately bowled over by Josef Salvat at the start. Hearing this though, I think I’ve changed my mind completely. Gorgeous. Out June 10th.

First Listen: Mark Knight featuring Sway ‘Alright’

mark knight

I heard this on BBC Radio a few days ago and thought ‘hit’. It’s by Grammy nominated producer Mark Knight and featuring UK MC Sway.


First Listen: PW ‘Here With You’

pw rapper

Featured here last summer, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this kid, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a major deal soon. If he hasn’t got one yet.

First Listen: Miles Kane ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’

miles kane

Liking this new one from Miles Kane. His new EP is due June 3rd on Columbia Records.