Tia Gostelow – ALWAYS (feat. Holy Holy)

An intricately rich and textured slice of synth pop.

Tia Gostelow

Sody x Cavetown – Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?

“‘Is Your Bedroom Ceiling Bored?’ is for my fellow over-thinkers. It’s when you’re staring at your ceiling at 4am looking for answers and wondering what someone is thinking. It’s when you write paragraphs to someone over text but then delete it and respond ‘I’m okay’. I imagine so many of us are experiencing this in isolation which unites us all!” – Sody

Sody | Cavetown

St. Panther – Highway

A song that carries a fine balance between being quirky and spectacularly cool. Indie and RnB fused together into a sound that is so rich in texture that it leaves you begging for more.

“When writing “Highway”, I was focused on how to communicate the feeling of embodying the journey of self-transformation,” St. Panther explains of the single. “The first lines of the song start with being overcome by this new feeling, the urge to blaze a new path for ourselves. Going forward guided by a new confidence and new shape you’re beginning to take on within yourself. It’s a song about moving forward on that journey full speed.”

St. Panther

Lola Young – Woman

“‘Woman’ is a song about female empowerment. It’s a song about how I feel towards the patriarchy but also an introspective piece that looks at the gender roles and how these can be broken down. This song means a lot to me because it’s something I had never previously written about and it has an honest vulnerability to it that I hope makes people feel an understanding towards us women.”

Lola Young

Monro – Tongues (feat. Jalen Santoy)

“’Tongues’ is a really expressive record. I’m proud of it because you can’t compare it to anything – it has so many influences from so many different genres of music. Before anything I’m a fan of hip hop, so being able to merge a dance leaning track with hip hop whilst still keeping it unique and credible was the goal for me with this song.” – Monro

Monro | Jalen Santoy

merci, mercy – Fall Apart

“‘Fall Apart’ references the cynical version of myself, where I question the point in starting something with someone when I know it’s just going to end. In my mind I think I’m going to get hurt, so will it be worth it? It’s an apology and explanation to any future relationship that could be harmed by my cynical mind.”

merci, mercy

Race Banyon – Back & Forth

“Most of the tracks were inspired by personal frustration and creative block. A desire to create songs that were a little darker and hit a bit harder, and as always, by a desire to get out and dance”.

Watch out for the upcoming ‘EP 2’, set for release on 2lst August.

Race Banyon

Lee Bowie – Lucky Fool

Swedish outfit Lee Bowie are back today with a song that is frankly, as bonkers and eclectic as you would expect from pop.

The song is inspired by 90’s Finnish breakbeat, kids TV and upper-middle class kids doing speed at festivals. It’s a riot!

Lee Bowie

Tensnake + Boy Matthews – Somebody Else (Eli & Fur Remix)

“‘Somebody Else’ is probably my favourite song on the album. When Boy Matthews and I met in Los Angeles we instantly got along and the songwriting came very naturally together. I’d say it is also the song which reminds me the most of my time in Los Angeles; this city has such a nostalgic feel and I tried to capture that vibe in this song. There is a fair bit of retro style to the instrumental, but in combination with the modern vocals it sounds very fresh to me.” – Tensnake

Tensnake | Boy Matthews | Eli & Fur

Evie Irie – Little More Love

“I wrote this song in a time when I felt the world needed a little more love. A year later I have realised that love isn’t just something we need in moments of struggle, love should always be a constant.” 

Evie Irie

SACHI – You (à la)

A banger that would’ve been so great to hear out loud in a club somewhere. The song was put together during lockdown via email sessions by SACHI along with Swedish singer Hilda, Shy Martin, and Anton Rundberg.

“Around this time every year we usually do an overseas writing trip, so this internet collaboration was kinda the next best thing for us, and it pushed us to work with people we might not under normal circumstances.” – Will, SACHI


Pia Mia – HOT

Still just 23-years old and already Pia Mia is already a platinum-certified artist. A recent resurgence of her song ‘Do It Again’ spawned more than five million videos created and 500 million views on TikTok.

Her new track is exactly what you’d expect; a fresh, summery cut that immediately sets you in to a good mood.

Pia Mia

ASHS – My Ex

“Gone are the days where I would sit and write sad songs about how he broke my heart. Turns out, life went on and I’m fine. I found thoughts of him creeping back into my head recently and it took me a minute to understand what emotion it was triggering. Did I miss him? I thought I did so I started writing but as the song started to develop, it was blatantly clear to me how many red flags I missed when I was caught up in the rush of it. Turns out he wasn’t so special after all. Wasted a few years, but at least I got this song out of it.”


The Electric Sons – Arrival

I’ve been listening to this song almost daily since I heard it’s preview a while ago. Words can’t describe how happy it makes me feel.

The Electric Songs self produced and recorded in their little garage studio in Atlanta, and the sound just carries through a very genuine and homely indie-pop vibe that I am a total sucker for.

The Electric Sons


“I was feeling totally overwhelmed with not knowing when the world would be allowed to go back out again. I conjured up this idea that LA is such a dreamy place with no worries or cares and it seems like everything is always fine. That’s what inspired the line “Take me to LA, where the grass is greener and I don’t have to feel, yeah”. It was the thought that being anywhere but home would make this all seem more normal.”


Christy – Dancing With Air

Christy returns today with another emotionally powerful release that details the break-up from a relationship with someone who was so close to your heart that they were practically family.

“Ever since you’ve been gone I’ve been dancing with air.”

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Homegrown’ which will be released later this year.