First Listen: Lulu James ‘Be Safe’


Something slow and gorgeous to end the week with. I’m a big fan of Lulu James so it’s exciting to hear a new song.

First Listen: Fleur ‘Turn The Lights On’

I’m a little bit of a fan of this lady. Fleur has a new single co-written and produced by Culture Shock which is pretty decent!

First Listen: Olly Murs ‘Troublemaker’

One of the UK’s most harmless pop stars, Olly Murs, is back with a new track with Flo Rida (who I’m personally SICK OF), but the song is catchy as hell. Out November 18th.

First Listen: Loreen ‘Crying Out Your Name’

I nearly wet myself when I found out that Loreen released a new track- out October 8th. This lady only has a handful of tracks out on the web despite her enormous win at Eurovision 2012. Anyway, enjoy. Can’t wait for the album, Heal. The tracklist is as follows:

01. In My Head
02. My Heart Is Refusing Me
03. Everytime
04. Euphoria
05. Crying Out ​​Your Name
06. Do We Even Matter
07. Sidewalk
08. Sober
09. If She’s The One
10. Breaking Robotic
11. See You Again
12. Heal (feat. Blanks)

First Listen: Look, Stranger! ‘Ithaca’

This is as quirky as synth pop can get, from Look, Stranger! It’s cheerful.

First Listen: Ruby Goe ‘Sq1’

This is as current and fresh as it comes. Released October 29th 2012, I’m hoping the world wakes up to the genius of Ruby Goe by then because it really is a short matter of time before she becomes radio’s best friend.

First Listen: Misha B ‘Do You Think Of Me’

The background to this track sends me back to the 90s. It’s an epic pop track from a girl who’s won me over from her X Factor UK days.

First Listen: Kymberley Kennedy ‘Wonderland’

This is a very sexy pop track from Kymberley Kennedy. Shame it’s only a clip because I’m pretty sure the full track sounds pretty interesting.

First Listen: DEJA ‘Luststruck’

Gorgeous new single from DEJA that’s got sprinkles of 90’s trip hop but still feels really sexy and fresh.

First Listen: Eliza Doolittle ‘Don’t Call It Love’

Eliza’s back! A very different sound to what she had with her first album but then that’s always a good thing. Really looking forward to hearing more!

First Listen: Anjulie ‘You and I’

It’s hard not to fall in love with Anjulie. I’ve been a fan for a really long time, and all I think when I hear this is… Kylie!

First Listen: Brock Zanrosso ‘Take It Off’

Previously featured on here (with a lot of interest from some of you, might I add), Brock’s got a new single out and it’s as pop as they come. Oh, and it’s free to download. The album ‘Love Kills’ is out September 18th 2012.

First Listen: Tyler James ‘Single Tear’

I was a massive fan of Tyler James upon his debut back in 2004. Sadly, I was one of a minority and shortly after his debut album ‘Unlikely Lad’ (which featured Amy Winehouse pre- Back to Black era), the chap disappeared.

Fast forward to 2012 and he comes back to the public eye as a contestant on The Voice UK. He didn’t win, but in a strange way it seemed like a blessing- the girl who did hardly made any impact.

Still, Tyler got re-signed, and this is his born-again debut. I wasn’t expecting much if truth be told, but I’ve fallen back in love with that voice within seconds. The song’s huge- I really hope he takes off and gets the recognition he deserves.

New Music: Bright Light Bright Light ‘Feel It’

New single from Alfitude favourite, Bright Light Bright Light. As usual, it’s a brilliant throwback to 90’s house that will get your heart pulsing some.

First Listen: Agnes ‘All I Want Is You’

Swedish pop royalty Agnes has a new single out now, with fourth studio album ”Veritas” out on September 5th.

First Listen: Lissi Dancefloor Disaster ‘Singing My Heart Out’

Mix a formula with some vintage The Knife, some current Robyn and a little Miike Snow, and you get this track. It is pretty spectacular. This is the new song from Swedish lady Lissi Dancefloor Disaster.

First Listen: Little Night Terrors ‘Young Lion’

I featured Little Night Terrors back in April and I have to say, they’re getting better and better with each track I hear! This is their new single, out in September.

First Listen: My Preserver ‘You Know Something That I Don’t Know’

Loving this bit of British up and coming rock from My Preserver, who were featured on here not so long ago. Single’s out August 27th.

First Watch: Tanya Lacey ‘Too Many Cooks’

One of my favourite breakout artists from 2012, Tanya Lacey has a new video. And as expected, I’m blown away. The EP ‘Head Chef’, is out October 8th.

First Listen: Youngblood Hawke

Featured late last year, it’s very easy to put Youngblood Hawke’s new single on loop and listen to it all day- catchy and really bright pop. Will this be their breakthrough? Yes…