First Listen: Tanika ‘Bad4U’


With a single like this, I’m confident Tanika is ready to take the world head on.

First Listen: Beat The Heart ‘It Never Ends EP’

beat the heart

Take a peek at the new EP from Swedish rockers Beat The Heart.

First Listen: Joel Compass ‘Run’

joel compass

I’ve blogged about this guy so much, it’s silly. But he’s so good. This is the new single from Joel Compass.

First Listen: Claire ‘Broken Promise Land EP’

claire band

A truly epic electropop album form Claire. Out later this month.

First Listen: Max Marshall ‘Pressure’

max marshall

Loving this! ‘Pressure’, is taken from Max Marshall’s forthcoming 4-track EP of the same name to be released via Fudge Records this November.

First Listen: Ruby Goe ‘A Light’

ruby goe

I’ll be honest, this didn’t captivate me from the first listen. But it compels you to have a second serving, and it is a grower. Not as punchy as Goe’s previous efforts but worth a spin.

First Listen: Oh Land ‘Pyromaniac’

oh land

Sure to bring a smile to your lovely faces is this new track from Oh Land.

First Listen: Fallulah ‘Dragon’


Danish pop princess Fallulah comes back with an infectiously loud slice of Danish pop.

First Listen: Margaret Berger ‘Human Race’

Margaret Berger - Human Race

The lady who did Norway proud at Eurovision this year is back with a new slice of electropop. It’s not as edgy as ‘I Feed You My Love‘, but it’s ok.

First Listen: Laura Welsh ‘Undiscovered’

laura welsh

Loving this new cut from Laura Welsh. This girl does no wrong in my books. Out October 28th through Outsiders/Polydor.

First Listen: Chlöe Howl ‘How Proud’

Chlöe Howl

The feisty Londoner is back with some more angry pop. Great though.

First Listen: Smith & Thell ‘Illusion’

smith thell

Brand new Swedish electropop from Smith & Thell.

First Listen: Eddie Gomez ‘No’ EP

eddie gomez

One of the most anticipated EP’s in my summer, Eddie Gomez is finally out with a collection of tracks for his ‘No’ EP.

First Listen: Sunny & Gabe ‘Godzilla’

sunny and gabe

The biggest and most unexpected track you’ll hear all day, from Sunny & Gabe.

First Listen: DEJA ‘Still Falling’

deja band

I’ve not heard from these guys in a while, a good solid electropop track from DEJA.

First Listen: Ghetts ft. Kano & MYKL ‘Party Animal’


Ghetts teams up with Kano to create with one of the freshest tracks I’ve heard all month. It’s set for release on 20 October 2013 via Disrupt.

First Listen: Lolo ‘Year Round Summer of Love’


lolo singer

Lolo’s got yet another stomper of a pop track.

First Listen: Admirers ‘Return’

admirers band

I think it’s pretty hard not to enjoy this track from Admirers. It’s as catchy as pop gets and has a pretty camp undertone which is fun.

First Listen: Bo Saris ‘The Addict’

bo saris

I’m a sucker for this kind of soul. Bo Saris is back with a new track, out September 16th.