New Music: Ain’t No Love

Destructive, well thought Canadian pop mixing rap and soul. Check out here.


New Music: Larry g(EE)

I rather like this. It’s soul and its so refreshing to hear because it just seems like some real genuine talent. Check out here.

New Music: The Relay Company

I really like this. There’s nothing out of the ordinary for this pop trio but the songs are fun to listen to. Check out here.

New Music: Trippple Nippples

These are some crazy bitches right here. Japanese electro pop. All I want to do is see them live because I have a feeling it’ll be one FUCKED UP show. Love it! Check out here.

New Music: Ruby Goe

I saw Ruby Goe live ages ago as part of a showcase and wrote about here. I guess since then she’s refined her sound and has come up with this. It’s very slick pop with a bit of that dark raw edge that seems to be the trend for 2012. I’d be very surprised if this didn’t blow up in the coming months. Check out here.

New Music: EJ

This lady has one massive voice. Swedish but based in London and just signed to Epic Records. There’s no links to her as yet- that’s how fresh this is. Just enjoy it til she’s on rotation on the radio in 2012.

New Music: Various Cruelties

This is music from my neck of the woods (literally- White City in London). There’s a pop, indie, retro sound to this that’s very hard not to like. Check out here.

New Music: Young Dreams

Hailing from Norway, this is cute indie pop. Check out here.

New Music: Coastal Cities

Coastal Cities are a fresh indie-dance band comprised of five 17 year olds from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The “Think Tank” EP is their first release available digitally from 5th December.  Check out here.

New Music: Steaming Heathen

So you can maybe imagine the amount of PR I get from bands wanting to get featured on here- but seldom does one find themselves reading something like this for an artist…

The summer of 2010, the bi-annual South Region Kung-Fu Association Awards. Soon after stepping outside to bask in the glorious sunshine, he spotted an unsavoury looking mob of youths. It was to be this hostile gang of feral child savages who would alter his life – and yours – forever.

In hindsight, hissing at the group like a rabid feline on the request for a spare cigarette was probably not the best decision. Inevitably a machete was drawn and a furious strike to the shaven noggin was issued.

Waking in a hospital bed, it was instantly apparent that something was different. As well as an obvious sexier attitude, he had lost all memory, adopted a strong West Indian twang and would answer to nothing other than ‘Steaming Heathen’. 

Recovery time much needed, Steam moved into his Grandmother Doris’s pad.  It was at this very residence where he shockingly encountered an ancient vessel of honey dating back to 1986.  This triggered a dark, twisted alter-ego and was the catalyst which sparked the birth of his blog, ‘The Tin-spector’.

Upon discovery of her Amstrad PCW256 top end PC computer, he began to get to grips with the new found technology.  Quickly constructing a studio with a Casio keyboard purchased from a Salvation Army charity shop, the erstwhile outdoor lavatory became the location of the first Steaming Heathen demo cassette recording. 
A year on, deep-frying delights for the impoverished public of Dartford at the local steak joint by day, by night Steam whips up a tasty platter of next level beats to feed his ever hungry Facebook fan base.  
Check out here.

New Music: Skizzy Mars

This sounds a bit like Kanye West but you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that. The base track is The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Another World’. This track just lifts you up so much. You can download it too by clicking on the little arrow on the side of the Soundcloud. Check out here. 

New Music: Dry The River

Stunning, epic folk/pop from London. I anticipate big, big things for this group. Check out here.

New Music: Imagine Dragons

This band has just signed a deal with Interscope Records. I can see why- there’s a lofty feel to their rock sound that’s plays a bit with my heart when I listen to it. Check out here.

New Music: Theo Altieri

This is very British. Chilled out, easy indie pop. Check out here. 

New Music: Miracle

A big, rich electro sound with some mind-blowing synths. Think Hurts with an extra kick. Check out here.

New Music: Cosmo Jarvis

I was really confused when I started to watch this but I realised by the end that there’s something about it which is actually kinda cool- it’s not what I was expecting. His blurb reads…

Cosmo is probably best described as a polymath/space-cadet hybrid with a talent surplus. A 21 year old accomplished film maker and musician (300 songs written to date), multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been praised by Brian ‘God’ Eno and sometimes models on the side, he’s certainly no slouch.

Check out here.

New Music: Ice Choir

I adore this. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is something from the 90’s- this is very new stuff. There’s an innocent yet dirty kink to their sound, and it’s polished off with some slick beats. And most of all, it’s free for you to download which is the icing on the cake. Pun intended. Check out here.

MP3: Ice Choir – Two Rings