New Music: Sparkz

This is really, really new stuff but I like it a lot. It’s so good to see that UK hip hop is keeping up with talent like this. Download the “Back To Basics” EP exclusively from his Facebook and get ready to start hearing about him a lot more often. Check out here.

New Music: Jermaine Riley

Jermaine Riley was once part of underground r’n’b UK group Fun*dmental. Now he’s at it alone and his talent blows you away from the start. Check out the video above and watch this boy move. If Ne-Yo was British (he did briefly have a deal with Fun*dmental) he would be Jermaine Riley. Check out here.

New Music: Amina Bryant

Fresh UK r’n’b talent with a hell of a lot of potential. Check out here.

New Music: Mike Simonetti

This is perfect music to listen to when you’re feeling a bit down for no reason. Featuring Sam Sparro on vocals, it’s a smooth piece of Italian disco. Check out here.

First Watch: The Saturdays ‘All Fired Up’

This, in my view, is the best mainstream pop song coming out of the UK this year so far. And to think I hated The Saturdays when they first came out…

New Music: Jack Robert Hardman

Quirky, laid back pop. Reminds me a bit of HelloGoodbye. You can download the song if you like! Check out here.

MP3: Jack Robert Hardman – Sorry to George

First Watch: Scotty McCreery

Mini-country heart throb Scotty McCreery won the most recent version of American Idol, and this is his debut. You forget that this voice belongs to a SEVENTEEN year old. Nuts. I sort of like it!

First Watch: Oh Land ‘White Nights’

Here’s a first watch for Oh Land’s new single, White Nights. Quirky, eclectic, stylish, cool… etc…

New Music: Azari & III

Azari reminds me of an old UK band called Unklejam who sort of disappeared as fast as they rose, but were really good. You can call it fierce, but I call it camp electro soul. Check out here.

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New Music: De-Lor

I’m actually undecided over this- I don’t really know how to describe it. It sort of sounds like he’s just playing around with different noises and ended up making this song, but it’s nice to listen to. Check out here.

New Music: Emma-Louise

Powerful acoustic sounds from this Aussie talent. Think Sia with balls. ‘Jungle’ is the sort of song that grips and haunts you, along with the beautiful and warming voice makes this something to watch out for! Check out here.

New Music: In Oceans

Mix Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ with some emo and you get this band. It’s a really big sound that catches you from the start. Then there’s the bits where they do that screaming goth singing that terrifies and pleasures you in equal doses. Move over Fall Out Boy. Check out here.

New Music: Kimbra

I’ve really been trying to get into Kimbra for some time now. She sings that laid back, jazzy funky sound which I love, and her voice is something special, but it took for me to listen to this quirky remix of her song ‘Cameo Lover’ to get in to her properly. If you don’t like this, I sort of understand why, but give it a couple of listens and it sinks in a bit. Check out here.

New Music: Mike Hough

Still just a teenager but this Londoner is getting a big reputation for being ‘the white boy with soul’. His new single ‘Nothing To Lose’, is the sort of song that makes strong minded people keep faith in what they want to achieve. Check out here.

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RapGenius – the best rap site ever!

Let me introduce to you this amazing website, RapGenius. It takes lyrics from rap songs and literally translates every single line, making sense of the sometimes confusing selection of words rappers play with. It’s the best site I’ve seen in a really long time. You have to check it out!

Everyone loves music. Even whales.

I saw this video last night and it was at 90,000 hits. This afternoon it went up to 432,000 so I thought I’d share it’s loveliness with the world. It’s a whale involving itself with a mariachi band (that sounds wrong but I don’t know how else to explain it). I just want to hug it.

New Music: Tim Blane

Harmless catchy American pop. Check out here.

New Music: StewRat

I saw this over at the Guardian website and fell in love. Hip hop / electronic / soul. Check out here. 

New Music: Kites

I’ve been meaning to mention this band for a few weeks now. Distinctively British breezy synth pop. Check out here.

Mads Langer

The Danish pop stud that is Mads Langer was one of the first posts I did on Alfitude, and he’s out with his first album in the UK today so I feel obliged to mention it. Go out and buy it, it’s great!