First Listen: Ed Drewett ‘Good Morning’

I’m a huge fan of this guy- he released a single a while back and was featured on here but he’s gone on to make a big success of himself writing tracks for, amongst others, The Wanted– who are now a household name pretty much all over the world. So it’s exciting to see more of Ed Drewett!



If this song doesn’t become the standout summer track of the year I don’t know what will! Check out here.

This is how the Swedes celebrate a win…

Check out the HUGE turnout for Loreen’s homecoming after winning Eurovision this year. Amazing!

New Music: Dombrance

French electropop at it’s very finest- I love this track a whole load. Check out here.

New Music: ISA

This is some seriously exciting up and coming Swedish talent. There’s not much out there on this little lady yet, but ISA will release her debutsingle “Bomb” on June 11th. Check out here.

First Watch: Agnes ‘One Last Time’

I haven’t blogged much about Swedish pop superstar Agnes before because I felt everyone else was writing so much about her that there wasn’t any point for another person to start doing it. But when I heard her new single, One Last Time, I just HAD to feature this- it’s so beautiful and is such a departure from her old, usual style.

The track is written by Agnes, Ana Diaz and Jonas Quant. The single is produced by Jonas Quant (Hurts, Leona Lewis, Kylie Minogue, No Doubt). The video is directed by Amir Chamdin (The Cardigans).

Take a preview of Florrie’s new EP

Bristol-born Florrie has spent the past nine months making this EP in the UK (Kent and Shoreditch) and the US (Portland and Los Angeles) and has also created more material for future release. Florrie felt that ‘Late’ was a very apt title for her EP which has been a long time coming, and it features four brand new tracks.

First Watch: Coco Morier ‘Ambulance’

Since releasing material earlier this year Coco Morier has gone from strength to strength- and is now signed to INGRID – the artist collective with Lykke Li, Peter, Bjorn & John etc. Check out this new video for the single ‘Ambulance’.

Elsie’s back with another cool video!

Elsie’s new single ‘London Town’ is backed by a hilarious interactive You Tube video which takes a cheeky swipe at our obsession with celebrity culture.
 Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Paris Hilton, via Kim Kardashian and Amy Childs gets a nod of the head as Elsie pokes fun at some of the biggest names in show business.

Some Friday beats

So, happy Friday! And if you’re in the UK, happy Jubilee! I’m not crazy over royalty but who can say no to an extra day off work? Anyway, this is a little track to get you going through the rest of the day by Wolfgang Gartner.

The Aston Shuffle

I haven’t heard any decent sounds coming out of Australia for a while until now- this house duo from Canberra’s new EP is so fresh to hear!

New Music: Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

Exciting new Swedish electropop Check out here.

New Music: Nova Delai

Cute new Swedish talent from the 17 year old Nova Delai. I can’t wait to hear more from this kid. Check out here.

New Music: Broken Hands

I’ve featured a band called ‘Broken Door’, and today it’s the turn of ‘Broken Hands’. Sounds painful but this is some very good indie pop which I’ve grown very fond of. Check out here.

New Music: Faye

I love this song a whole ton. It has that Swedish electro ballad style that just grabs you by the heart and leaves you a little breathless. Check out here.

First Watch: Jay James Picton ‘Play It By Heart’

This is the first single taken from his album due out in early Summer, and was recorded between Brooklyn and LA with a stellar group of session musicians from the hip hop & soul scenes.

The new Foxes single is rather good…

It’s a cross between Clare Maguire and Marina & The Diamonds but better, in my view.

Eric Solomon to release an EP

I’ve been a fan of Eric Solomon– previously featured on here back in 2010, things seem to finally be rolling! Check out this EP. More to come soon.