First Listen: Jack Peñate ‘No One Lied’

The beautiful return. No gimmicks, just a voice and a guitar.


First Listen: Electric Guest ‘This Head I Hold’

Produced by Danger Mouse, check out this new amazingness by Electric Guest.

First Watch: Estelle ‘Thank You’

Estelle’s back on form with this new track. Gorgeous and stunning and heart breaking and beautiful.

Lykke Li and Miike Snow make a song together.

Two Swedish heavyweights making one epic track. So excited for Miike Snow’s upcoming record.


New Music: Oberhofer

This is the sort of music that makes travelling on the tube turn magical (if you had this on your headphones). It’s flawless, rich pop. Check out here.

New Music: Ilia Darlin

You know what, this is the first new pop song I’ve wanted to listen to twice in a row for a while. She’s from Greece and her music is mental. I really hope it takes off in the UK. Check out here.

New Music: Kymberley Kennedy

I really like it when someone gets in touch and sends me some music that takes me by surprise. This is a very unique sound and one which I’m sure will take off. Check out here.

First Listen: Rebecca Ferguson ‘Too Good To Lose (Seamus Haji Remix)’

I absolutely love this remix of Rebecca Ferguson‘s new single. Definitely an improvement from her debut (in my opinion). This is some neo Chaka Khan shit right here. Enjoy.

New Music: Kids On Bridges

The band’s debut single Check Your Head flips the switch from agro to disco in two taps of a high hat, the street-tough demeanour fading, in and out with vocoders and falsetto. Check out here.

New Music: Ugly Kids Club

A rock band that delves into synth-pop every now and again. Seems to be a trend in America right now, will be interesting to see what becomes of it. Check out here.

New Music: The Slytest

Swedish indie pop. The Slytest, consisting of young Swedes Dan Axelsson and Simon Larsson has had a fascination for American music since birth. The band manage to put some local colour to the recording with what in Sweden is considered “the Gothenburg sound” – indie choirs and vibrant distorted guitar melody lines in the vein of Broder Daniel and Håkan Hellström – two of Sweden’s major underground pop stars. Check out here.

First Listen: Jack Robert Hardman ‘Famous’

Featured last summer, it’s nice to hear some new stuff from this chap. This cute and simple track is set for release on the 6th February 2012, through Pleasant Pursuits / Essential Music (Cooking Vinyl).

New Music: Pavlov

Yes, it’s in Swedish. But it’s such a great song I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Carries along the same veins as Oskar Linnros and Daniel Adams-Ray. Check out here.

Matthew McConaughey’s turning to a pop star

This is the new video for Butch Walker And The Black Widows‘ song ‘Synthesizers’. With Matthew McConaughey. It’s the sort of song that makes fun of the current pop industry without sounding too angry. It’s pretty funny.

New Music: Mashrou Leila

I don’t usually post music by Arabic bands, but when someone told me about Mashrou’ Leila I now feel the need to hunt for some more stuff from the Middle East. They’re from Lebanon and they’re causing a stir for carrying a sound that supports free-thinking, religious freedom and gay rights (from what I’ve read). Makes a change from the usual sound coming out of the area.

Also check out that remix by Électro Valentíno (on the Soundcloud above) which gives their sound a whole new, fierce spin. It’s all very cool.