New Music: The Zolas

the zolas

Great new progressive rock from Canada. Check out here.

New Music: ColorKaleido


Track of the week. It’s a bit strange, but this has been a very strange week anyway so this fits well. It’s very cute Danish indie that keeps you hooked right to the end. Check out here.

New Music: Death In The Afternoon

death in the afternoon

Lots of  great dream pop coming in this week, and this is no exception from Swedish group Death In The Afternoon. Check out here.

New Music: Pony Pony Run Run

pony pony run run

Very cool French electro pop. Check out here.

New Music: Julia Vero

julia vero

Track of the week. A huge, epic and raw electro sound from Sweden. Check out here.

First Watch: Caligola ‘I Want You’


One of the quirkier bands to come out of Sweden this year, this new clip by Caligola is drenched in 90’s funk.

The song that keeps growing…

josh kumra

Im really expecting this track by Josh Kumra to blow up next year, and this live version filmed at the Shepherds Bush Empire down the road from me is proof.

First Listen: Dancing Heals ‘Charlie Brown’

dancing heals

Some chilled soft shoegaze from one of my favourite new Australian bands- Dancing Heals.

New Music: Sam Callahan

sam callahan

Fresh new bubblegum pop from a Sylvia Young School alumni. Aside from the fact that I can see a whole load of teenage girls falling for this act, there is potential in there. Check out here.

New Music: State Of Drama

state of drama

Swedish radio pop. Check out here.

New Music: Sandra Kolstad

sandra kolstad

This took a couple of listens to get in to but there’s no denying that the voice is pretty special. Check out here.

1/4 Million

250 000

Today marks the 250,000th visit to Alfitude this year. For a blog that features music that most people haven’t heard before, that makes it immense for me. Thank you.

Keep coming, because I love sharing all of this with you.

First Watch: Elliphant ‘Down On Life’


Cool new video from Sweden’s most promising new musical hipster of late, Elliphant.

New Music: The Invincible Summer

the invincible summer

Living in London I know all about invincible summers… Anyway, I don’t think you could listen to this without breaking into a smile. Happy pop. Check out here.

Free Download: Team Me ‘Sixteen Steps’

team me female lead

Norway’s biggest indie band (and one of my personal favourites) Team Me are releasing a new EP entitled ‘Female Lead’, out now. Check out this track from the record!

Swedish hip hop

lilla namo

Do I understand it? No. Does that take away from it’s fierceness? No. This is Lilla Namo.

First Watch: Mr Bubblehead ‘Burgers N Fries’

mr bubblehead

Ah the Swedes… I don’t know what else to say. I would usually run away from tracks with titles like these but this is actually a pretty good bit of disco by Mr Bubblehead, and the video’s cool! The EP is out now.