First Listen: Kymberley Kennedy ‘Wonderland’

This is a very sexy pop track from Kymberley Kennedy. Shame it’s only a clip because I’m pretty sure the full track sounds pretty interesting.

Slow Magic…

This Slow Magic remix of Swedish trio Simian Ghost’s ‘Wolf Girl’ is perfect Sunday evening listening.

Gracias ‘Night Shift’ (DJ Kridlokk Remix)

Gracias is a Finnish rapper and this remix of his track ‘Night Shift’ is stunning. Reading this short article by Finnish media site YLE shows that there’s a bit of a rise in Finnish rap. Looking forward to seeing where it leads to!

New Music: Kiesza

Canadian pop that’s so sugary it’ll probably rot your teeth. Check out here.

New Music: Jack Marz

New hip hop from Indiana.

Jack Marz began his journey of “seeing sounds” at an early age after being exposed to the southern blues from his grandmother and stealing hiphop tapes and CDs from his father. Around the age of 17 he decided to put his musical knowledge to use and began to create music out of his mother’s basement. Check out here.

New Music: IM5

The emergence of boybands continues. Now, Perez Hilton‘s having a stab at it with this group. I didn’t think much of it but upon a second listen it’s not bad for a debut. It doesn’t break any new pop ground, but it’s OK. Check out here.

Big Sean + J. Cole

Sexiest (and cutest) track of the week, I reckon. Which is weird because it’s a standard rap track by Big Sean and J. Cole.

First Listen: DEJA ‘Luststruck’

Gorgeous new single from DEJA that’s got sprinkles of 90’s trip hop but still feels really sexy and fresh.


I’m really over these 80’s collage videos to act as videos for songs, but this track by Capracara is just too good not to share for a Friday afternoon.

New Music: Luke Bingham

A promising up and coming British kid with a great track. Check out here.

New Music: Oddience

Friday morning. So it’s appropriate to hear something so fresh and crisp that it’ll make the next few hours at work a breeze. It’s free to download too, so there’s no excuse not to have this on repeat. This is very uplifting, easy to listen to hip-hop. Check out here.

First Listen: Eliza Doolittle ‘Don’t Call It Love’

Eliza’s back! A very different sound to what she had with her first album but then that’s always a good thing. Really looking forward to hearing more!

Richard Osborne – LNT

I featured Richard Osborne some time ago and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this new track, which is very much in the style of Ne-Yo but with a British edge- it’s showing loads of potential!

It’s almost Friday…

… So give this quirky mix a spin before your last proper night’s sleep for a couple of days. It’s a Yes Cadets track that’s been done up by the Guillemots.

New Music: Melody’s Echo Chamber

Dreamy, hazy French shoegaze. Check out here.

Interview: Quickfire with LeeLee

The promising pop princess from Vegas, LeeLee’s been making some impact online with her new track, ‘Ugly’, so I figured I would try and get a quickie interview before she (potentially) takes over the pop world.
So Ms LeeLee… What made you want to go down the pop route with your sound?
I love pop. I can add my rock edge to it or anything else I feel like adding it’s very versatile
Who are your influences and musical heroes?
Are you involved with writing your tracks? 
I’m absolutely involved, what inspires me is my life; what I go through and what I do.  With anything at all. and I think that’s what should inspire all songs because that’s what makes it real and that’s what makes people relate to them
You’re latest single ‘Ugly’ has been getting some pretty decent exposure on the blogs, how does that make you feel?
Fucking awesome.
What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Keep touring, keep sexing up the London stages, and keep showing people who LeeLee is. Also I’ve been working on a tan…
So there you have it. Look forward to hearing more from LeeLee soon!

New Music: Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes

Keeping with the theme of being late with music, I’ve been a bit slow to feature this one too… It’s one massive song that’s already shaken up 282k people on YouTube and a good few million people around the world because of this advert. Bad-ass retro with some serious attitude. Love it. Check out here.

I’m 13 years behind on this one…

They’re called Mando Diao, and from what I’ve read they’re popular in the continent. The song above is about three years old. Can’t go wrong with a bit of faux-60’s nostalgia, I say…


This is a very unusual teaming between David Byrne and St Vincent. I wouldn’t have thought I would like it but it’s just a little short of genius. They have a collaborative album  called “Love This Giant”, out September 10(UK) /11(US).