It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Lana Del Rey remix…

… so here’s a pretty lush one from Seasfire, who will be performing on the BBC Introducing Stage at this years’ Reading and Leeds Festivals.

New Music: Glitches

If you like Friendly Fires then you’ll probably love this collective from Whitechapel, London. The track above is available for free download to celebrate the release of their new single ‘Leper’ on October 8th. Check out here.

Free Download: Freedom Fry ‘Jesse James’

Freedom Fry are celebrating the release of their new video for ‘Jesse James’ by giving the haunting, indie pop song away for free through the Soundcloud above.

Capital Cities do an amazing Prince cover

Capital Cities were featured on here last year and their cheeky, fresh blend of electropop has been used to make this pretty splendid cover of Prince’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U‘. It seems to be a free download too.

New Music: Colour of Bone

I don’t really know much about this, but it’s good pop/rock. Check out here.

New Music: Dear Prudence

This is all a bit a-ha but it’s a really fun listen. Check out here.

New Music: Arlissa

Nineteen and she’s managed to bag a track with Nas. No mean feat. Check out here.

New Music: Kristina Train

There are so many wonderful things happening with this song. It has a big sixties, subdued sound, but above all sounds so original and old fashioned yet still being fresh. Check out here.

New Music: Tom Hickox

It’s been a while since I heard something so beautiful and moving that it takes you to another level. It’s a very dramatic yet warming sound. Check out here.

New Music: Windsor Drive

One of my favourite tracks of the week, Windsor Drive hail from the US and have an awesome power pop sound. Check out here.

New Music: White Rhino

Gritty yet flawless sounding American rock and roll mixed with hip hop. The official description for the debut album by New York’s Julian Rhine (aka White Rhino) calls the sound ‘dripping wet with daring attitude, vicissitude, unorthodoxy, and rugged flow’, and to be honest I couldn’t describe it any better. Check out here.

New Music: Sissy & The Blisters

So this band seem to have been on the radar for some time but I’ve only just heard of them now- it’s hard not to get hyper when you hear this lot, it’s all guitars and echoey voices and stuff. Good. Check out here.

New Music: Yes Cadets

Fresh new indie pop from Belfast. The track is also available as a free download before it’s official release on the 20th August. Check out here.

New Music: I/O

The grandson of Grammy Award-Winning Nigerian drummer Babatunde Olatunji, I/O serves up some deep, stylish rnb cuts that stand well alongside Frank Ocean and some early Drake. Check out here.

Jens Lekman

I should really have written something about Jens Lekman in these last couple of the years. He ticks all the boxes for me, but I’ve never felt compelled to up until now. I remember seeing him live while working for a music venue back in 2006 and I thought he was brilliant and boring in equal measures, but six years later I think I’m finally growing to like his simple lyrics and catchy riffs.

This new Ellie Goulding track…

… it ain’t too bad. I like that she’s moved on from her debut sound, but still managed to keep those catchy choruses she’s so good at.

First Watch: Heart Machine Service ‘In An Ambulance’

Scandic pop up and comers Heart Machine Service are back with yet another brilliant track.

Free Download: Strangers ‘What Is Love’ (Haddaway cover)

I’ve made no secret of how much I like Strangers, but mix that with this completely unexpected working of Haddaway’s camptastic club classic ‘What is Love‘ and you get a very excited Alfie.

Free Download: Buffetlibre ‘The Sun In The Shade’ (Bonde Do Role Remix)

I heard this come through my inbox today from Buffetlibre and it’s so summery, so here you go.The remix is featured in the spanish duo new EP ‘The Sun in the Shade’ including vocals by The Spinto Band‘s frontman Nick Krill. Released July 15 on Subterfuge Records.