New Music: Still Corners

Beautiful summery soft pop music, gives me the same shivers that melodic trip hop does. Check out here.


Whatever happened to Unklejam?

I was so excited when this band was around… I think I saw them live a couple of times before they just kind of vanished… I guess they got dropped by their label but that’s no excuse not to check them out if you haven’t already. Electropop with serious soul mixed with a load of attitude. I hope it all picks up again soon. Check out here.

First Listen: Kylie Minogue ‘Get Outta My Way’

Kylie’s second single from the amazing Aphrodite. This is probably my favourite track on the album, perfect pop pop pop. Next single will be Everything Is Beautiful I reckon… If I had my way!

New Music: The Count & Sinden feat Mystery Jets

This is really excellent and brilliant. Reminds you it’s summer (although the London clouds won’t let you think that).

Monarchy are dicks

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned Monarchy on my blog… I had a clip from one of their gigs on my Youtube and they sent the website one of those legal notices threatening me and taking it off. It even mentioned who was behind it- the guy with the curly pubey hair.

I wasn’t making any money off those videos, only to share with the world their music but whatever. First they cancel their own gig without refunds, and now this. I now look forward to receiving an email from WordPress telling me off for posting their picture on this post no doubt. So thanks Monarchy for making a fan feel like a criminal. Maybe sell some records before you get all high up on your internet threats yea?

New Music: Rai Knight

Rai Knight are getting a lot of buzz right now thanks to their single, ‘New New’. I love it. If you want to shake your bum around and smile like you’ve just been poked by a rainbow then check out here.

New Music: Clare Maguire

I stumbled across Clare Maguire’s Myspace sometime early last year, long before I had this blog. She had just one song up, called ‘Strangest Thing’, and it blew my mind away. It seems like she’s been signed up since then, as a new version of the same track is now online and her Myspace looks amazing. Check out here.

New Music: Mike Posner

OK, so Mike Posner might not be new news to some people, but I’ve realised that I really like him and  I haven’t featured him on this blog so I guess now is better than never… He mixes synthpop with hip hop and rnb, which might not be something new but he does it pretty well. Check out here.

How to make a Daft Punk helmet in 17 months

This is so cool it makes my head hurt.

Beach Boys – Will They? Won’t They?

All these rumours about the Beach Boys reuniting are getting my hopes up and squashing them right back down again. It’s like being in a bad relationship. This is one band with some seriously f***ed up history- but there’s no denying that their music is amazing and timeless and great. I think we all need to send them some good vibrations (gettit?). That might make them get back together for sure.

First Listen: Robyn ‘Hang With Me’

If you’ve listened to Robyn’s Body Talk Pt1 then you would have heard a ballad version of Hang With Me. This new remix acts as her next single, out in September, and will also be available in the next album (Body Talk Pt2). I like it. Dancey.

Body Talk Pt 2 Tracklist
01. In My Eyes
02. Iinclude Me Out
03. Hang with Me
04. Love Kills
05. We Dance to the Beat
06. Criminal Intent
07. U Should Know Better feat. Snoop Dogg
08. Indestructible (acoustic version)

New Music: The Sleeping Bags

If you’ve stumbled across this blog looking for actual sleeping bags- sorry. I refer to a new band that make a really good sound. Check out here.

New Music: Rosanna

Carrying along in the same vein as Ellie Goulding, Rosanna (signed up by the web’s greatest blog PopJustice’ new label, HiFi), has that trademark Swedish sombre vibe mixed with an amazingly uplifting kind of beat. Check out here.

Wiley’s giving away 100 songs to you for free!

Yea, I think he’s lost his marbles. If you like Wiley, then click here to download all 100 songs that he’s decided to give away for free- I’m not sure I can deal with all that much Wiley! For those of you outside of the UK, Wiley is one of the masters of Grime music: you either love it or you hate it. Zip file 3 has a new song featuring The Streets called ‘Don’t Hide Away’ which I kinda like.

New Music: Monarchy

If you are clued up on your new music, you’ll know that Monarchy have caused havoc on the blogs for months now- but seeing as this blog is still a little baby, I forget to mention some bands from the past who will no doubt be big in the future.

Monarchy launched their sound with a mysterious image around them- no one knew who they were or what they were doing. Their songs were out of this world, and eventually, they were revealed to be a repackaged version of Milke. They cancelled their first proper gig ages ago and since then I’ve been a bit frowny with Monarchy, just because I got so excited when I found out about them and it seemed like they were just… being a bit strange.

But I’m over it now, and I’m totally loving their debut video (which is actually an old Milke track). I always felt that Milke never had the break they deserved, and rebranding as Monarchy seems to have done the trick, with them now getting a big record deal. Check out here.

Kylie is number 1!

In the UK, Kylie’s new album Aphrodite is number 1 this week. Woo! It’s a really, really good album folks- get to your record store and buy it!

New Music: Portecho

I’ve been asked to feature this band by a reader in Turkey… Portecho are sort of mellow, and their stuff is pretty easy to listen to. It’s kind of electro but rocky as well, I don’t really know how to describe it. Check out here.

New Music: PURPL PoP

Just when you thought Swedish pop was too cool to be silly, PURPL PoP come along. I don’t know how to feel about them, but I’m drawn to it. Make your own mind up…

New Music: Olly Murs

Yes, Olly Murs from X Factor fame. Check out here.

I hope she cheats on you

You know how there’s some things you really like, but never make enough time to enjoy? Floetry is one of those things, and it took me to hear this track by Marsha Ambrosius (one half of Floetry) to force me to indulge in some more Floetry. Check out here.