First Watch: Voltaire Twins ‘Solaris’

Warning: This video is a little naughty…

Indie/ synth duo Voltaire Twins release a new EP, ‘Apollo’, with this track and very sexy video.


First Watch: Moya ‘Making Me Fall’

Featured on here some time back, this is the brilliant new single from Moya. 

First Watch: Archeo ‘The Payback’

There’s been considerable buzz around the 21 year old Archeo, with many predicting him to shortly be taking over the pop world. We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime this single’s out September 23rd.

First Watch: Heart Machine Service ‘In An Ambulance’

Scandic pop up and comers Heart Machine Service are back with yet another brilliant track.

First Watch: A Silent Film ‘This Stage is Your Life’

On August 6th 2012, A Silent Film will release their new EP, “This Stage Is Your Life”. Conceived in a makeshift recording studio in Cave Creek Arizona, the EP also features a soaring piano version of ‘Danny Dakota and the Wishing Well’, which is set to appear on the new album “Sand & Snow” released early next year.

First Watch: Scarlett’s Roses ‘Truth Be Told’

How can you not smile when you hear this?! I featured these guys some time ago, and it’s great to see some new stuff coming out. You really have to give this band a listen– they’re fun!

First Watch: Cinnamon Girl ‘Devil In Me’

Im really loving this new single from Cinnamon Girl– hope it brightens your Monday afternoon! You can download the track for free here.

First Watch: No Doubt ‘Settle Down’

No Doubt played a big part in the soundtrack to my teenage years, and it’s so nice to see them back together. This video’s been out for almost a week and already watched by more than two million, but better late than never. I really like it. I hope you do too.

First Watch: Strangers ‘Safe/Pain’

I’m such a fan of these guys. Strangers return with their second single of 2012. Following on from April’s ‘Shine On You’ the 3 piece dark synth pop sorcerers release ‘Safe / Pain’ via Stranger Sounds on August 20th.

First Watch: Hi Fashion ‘Special Delivery Love’

New, delicious video from the loveable Hi Fashion. The duo (Jen DM – vocals, Rick Gradone – everything else you hear), are not content with just crafting infectious and delicious ElectroPop songs, but they create their entire world, sculpting the landscape with a dozen dancers’ bodies at live performances as videos projected on venue walls provide the horizon. As they appeal to all of your senses at each show, Hi-Fashion invites you to seek residence in their world. So there you go.

First Watch: Freedom Fry ‘Summer in the City’

Summer? What Summer? In case you aren’t aware, London hasn’t had one single day in the last month without rain… But hey, let’s watch Freedom Fry enjoy their summer instead.

First Watch: Moya ‘Lost & Found’

Featured late last year, this is the cute new single from 21-year old Moya. It’s got a bit of a 90’s indie feel to it.

Just in case you missed Aiden Grimshaw’s new music video…

… here it is. It was revealed earlier this week. Curtain Call is released on the 12th of August through RCA and debut album ‘Misty Eye’ follows on the 20th of August.

First Watch: Sebastien Tellier ‘Russian Attractions’

The great Sebastien Tellier returns with a gorgeous, piece of musical sex, like only he does best.

First Watch: Heart Machine Service ‘Street Lights’

A beautiful little video for a beautiful little song by one of my new favourite artists.

First Watch: Loreen ‘Euphoria’

Winner of this Eurovision- and finally with a proper, official video.  I love Loreen but Im a bit terrified. Still brilliant though.

First Watch: Toddla T & Shola Ama ‘Alive’

A while back these two got together and made an amazing track. They’ve joined forces again and, once again, they’ve created another stormer of a tune.

First Watch: Tanya Lacey ft Kano ‘Greatness’

I really can’t wait for the world to discover this lady– so much talent and she’s not even trying hard! This is the lead single to upcoming EP, ‘Head Chef’.