New Music: Indians

Dreamy Danish, lo-fi synthy pop. Check out here.


Private are back!

Danish music is on top form these days. Exciting stuff. This is some high-grade electropop for you from a band that’s been hiding for a few years and is back. Check out here.

A Danish song that blows others out of the water

Danish pop lady Clara Sofie has outdone herself with this 90’s throwback track that sounds like a mesh between Emeli Sande and some good old Massive Attack. I hope she does an English version, because it’s great.

Free Download: Cinnamon Girl ‘Devil In Me’ (Noosa Remix)

Noosa take’s on Cinnamon Girl’s amazing ‘Devil In Me’ and makes it sound so lush.

My favourite Danish pop man is back…

… and he’s back with a big clubby track. Yes, it’s in Danish, as are all of Thomas Holm’s releases but who cares- I love it!

New Music: SLOWOLF

I can’t explain to you how excited I got when I heard this track by Copenhagen native SLOWOLF- the song’s already topped the Danish iTunes Electronic Song Chart and chosen as Pick of the Week on Danish National Radio (equivalent to BBC Radio One). This is epic on so many levels. Check out here.

First Watch: Cinnamon Girl ‘Devil In Me’

Im really loving this new single from Cinnamon Girl– hope it brightens your Monday afternoon! You can download the track for free here.

New Music: Shanghai

Copenhagen-based duo with a dreamy, synthy sound which they describe as ‘Arabesque Pop’. Check out here.

New Music: WhoMadeWho

This band have been around since 2003 but I’ve just learnt of them, so they’re new to me! Quirky Danish pop that has a nice epic feel to it. Check out here.

This needs to be in English…

Further proof of just how diverse Denmark is with it’s recent pop offerings, this track by Jeffrey is catchy as hell and brilliant. In my opinion.

New Music: Kirsten & Marie

Brilliantly catchy indie pop from Denmark that has a very distinct 90’s vibe around it. It’s impossible not to smile when you listen to this! Check out here.

Free Download: Giana Factory ‘Dive’

Giana Factory are giving away a rather fabulous un-released album track from their forthcoming debut ‘Save The Youth’. The track is called ‘Dive’ and is perfect for fans of dark synth-pop with beautifully icy female vocals from the Danish trio.

New Music: Rosemary

I wanted to cry when I watched this video because it is terrifying and just plain weird. But I can’t deny the beats are immense. Check out here.

New Music: Marie Dahlstrøm

Scandinavian soul. If you’re in London you can catch her residency at the Native Tongue in Barbican. Check out here.

New Music: Thulebasen

This is best listened to on some loud speakers. There’s so much going on in this track that it makes you want to keep listening to the very end. Very special stuff. Check out here.

A Danish song that will make you shake your booty

I sort of really wish Ida Corr (does the name sound familiar to you?) did an English version of this, but on the other hand it’s fun guessing what she’s on about and making up your own lyrics. And the beats that hit the last minute are deliciously filthy. Anyway, shake away!