Weekend Warrior

Norwegian pop from Lise Karlsnes.


New Music: Margaret Berger

This is very classy pop from Norway. It won’t be a hit on the radio without a big remix but it’s worth listening to. Check out here.

Free Download: Team Me ‘Show Me’

I mentioned this track a couple of weeks ago and it’s one of my fave tracks from the month. Now Team Me have gone and given it as a free download- woo!

MP3: Team Me – Show Me

First Watch: Team Me ‘Show Me’

My favourite Norwegian indie band have debuted a new music video and it’s as cute as the track. So wonderfully uplifting and anthemic.

Free Download: Team Me ‘With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Have a Look At You Now’

That really is the title to this free download from Norway’s ‘Team Me‘. I must admit this took me a couple of listens to get in to but I would describe it as indie pop with a breezy vibe that you get out of these Scandinavian bands. Sounds sort of magical in a weird, indescribable way.

MP3: Team Me – With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look At You Now

New Music: Lemâitre

I see this as the new Röyksopp. Sweetly addictive Norwegian electropop. Check out here

New Music: Young Dreams

Hailing from Norway, this is cute indie pop. Check out here.

New Music: Bernhoft

Bernhoft is one of those ‘one-man-band’ types from Oslo who’s able to sound a whole song using his voice. It’s nothing short of amazing when I hear stuff like this. Check out here.

New Music: Frost

Norwegian duo Frost make cool synth-pop with analogue warmth, and songs about life, love and changing the world.  ‘The Woods’ is released on October 17th via FrostWorld Recordings. Check out here.

New Music: HandS

This Norwegian pop duo have made a massive splash on the web with this track. It’s like a mix of all the sounds that made Scandinavian music so huge across the world. Absolutely love love love this. Check out here.

First Listen: Blackroom ‘Control’

I mentioned this Norwegian group some time ago and this is their new single. I don’t think you can find any flaws in this perfect piece or electropop with a big throwback to trip hop.

Free Download: Ten tracks by Ungdomskulen

Norwegian trio Ungdomskulen are back with ten free tracks – part of a new campaign they’re calling GIMME TEN, the band are releasing 10 one-minute tracks for free, every Monday and Friday, until June 3rd. From June 6th the tracks will be available as a vinyl mini LP. Each track has a video to accompany it, courtesy of Berlin based arts collective Blank Blank. Watch it all unfold here