New Music: Minnie-Oh


Norwegian electro pop. Check out here.


A good Loreen remix

kleerup loreen

This Prins Thomas remix of Loreen and Kleerup’s ‘Requiem Solution’ is bliss.

New Music: Linnea Dale

Linnea Dale

Norway’s coming out with some really strong indie pop of late- and this is no exception. Check out here.

New Music: Alida


Track of the week. Norwegian pop. Check out here.

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Scandinavia!

rock n roll scandinavia american express alfitude

A few weeks ago I suggested some tracks for American Express to feature on their pages, and they’ve come up with a really quite brilliant playlist of emerging Scandinavian artists.

Best of all, it’s all free to download, and features some of my absolute favourites like Johan Reinhold and Fallulah!

My favourite music video this month…

young dreams

… is one for Young Dream’s new single. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to the story behind this, I just think it grips you in to a different world.

New Music: Nosizwe


Eclectic and stylish Norwegian pop that would sound perfect in a dark and hot club somewhere late at night. Check out here.

New Music: Subshine

Subshine Ole Gunnar Gundersen (photo by Gisli)

The singer behind Norwegian epic-pop group Blackroom has launched his own project under the name of Subshine. It plays on the clubby 80s and 90s UK sound but still manages to hit a current vibe. Check out here.

New Music: Truls


Truls is another example of the recent wave of great new Norwegian indie pop. Check out here.

Norway’s done good.

Margaret Berger

This is the song going through to represent Norway at this year’s Eurovision. I’m a little shocked at how good it is; not all the songs from the other countries have been chosen yet but this is already getting my vote. Something out of this world would have to happen for me to change my mind. Go Margaret Berger.

New Music: Billie Van

billie van

The catchiest thing you’ll listen to all day. Danish/ Norwegian indie pop with a friendly kick. Check out here.

Ask Embla

ask embla

I had no idea that this Scandinavian duo were behind Shontelle’s ‘Impossible’. I learn something new on Scandipop every time I go on there. Anyway, their new track is brilliant.

New Music: Disaster In The Universe

disaster in the universe

An alternative electro rock sound from Norway. Check out here.

New Music: Heyerdahl


The last twelve months have shown a really strong emergence fantastic indie pop to come out of Norway. Norwegian acts  seem to be mastering the skill of blending folk with very edgy, dark beats to create something pretty intense that still somehow manages to sound… cute… This band does just that. Check out here.