New Music: Ulrik Munther

Swedish 17 year old kid who’s made a buzz for himself for winning a talent show in Sweden and also doing a pretty decent cover of Gaga’s Born This Way. Album’s due out later this month in Scandinavia. The track above isn’t a lead single but I love it. Beats Justin Bieber to a pulp. Check out here.


New Music: Newkid

You don’t need to understand Swedish to like this: this kid has something very special in him. Since June this year the clip you’re watching’s been viewed nearly 400,00 times. Check out here.

Some Swedish tracks for a sunny Saturday

The weather in London has been psycho this week. Heavy rain on Thursday, and then clear sunshine yesterday and today. I had a bit of a blitz on my radio last night- if you don’t have a account you really should get one. It’s like iTunes’ Ping only ten times better. I’ve discovered so many artists through it. These three seem to have been around for a while in Sweden so just thought I’d share. They’re all a bit sombre with a bit of a pick up, but that’s sort of how I feel in bed today. You’ve got some Monty, Daniel Ray-Adams, and Albin Gromer.

New Music: The Kixx

Electropop boyband who are singing a song originally written by the amazing Erik Hassle, who happens to be one of my absolute favourite artists.

I don’t know how I feel about them taking this song for themselves to be honest. It doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as the original but anything to raise Erik’s profile is good with me. Check out here.

New Music: Katharina Nuttall

Based in Sweden but hailing from Norway, Katharina Nuttall has been around for a few years but I only found out about her this last week. It’s not the usual Scandi music I feature on here; it’s a lot darker but is good to listen to! Check out here.

First Watch: Oh Land ‘White Nights’

Here’s a first watch for Oh Land’s new single, White Nights. Quirky, eclectic, stylish, cool… etc…

Mads Langer

The Danish pop stud that is Mads Langer was one of the first posts I did on Alfitude, and he’s out with his first album in the UK today so I feel obliged to mention it. Go out and buy it, it’s great!

Funny video cover of Robyn

Few clips make me giggle out loud, and this is one of them. Check out Radio 1‘s Greg James  do a better than expected version of Robyn’s video to ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Spot the difference, eh!

New Music: Ola

The Swedish summer invasion continues. Ola is a recent Swedish pop institution- he’s been a staple at Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s biggest TV show) for some years and he’s now bringing his sound to the UK with the release of ‘All Over The World’ later in August. Check out here.

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New Music: Chris Mhina

Chris Mhina will be massive, you just know it whether you like him or not. Think Chris Brown before he went crazy on Rihanna. I really like this song. Check out here.

Robyn covers Coldplay’s ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’

Last week it was Friendly Fires making good noise with a Lady Gaga track, this week it’s Robyn covering what is in my view one of the best pop songs of 2011 by Coldplay. It’s got that minimal, cold Scandi vibe Robyn does so well.

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New Music: Manna

Born in Paris to a Finnish mother and Algerian father, Manna resides in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, where she’s been crafting an experimental and hauntingly beautiful sound. ‘Lead Me’, out on 14th September, is the debut track from album Shackles, carries a mixture of heavy grooves, beautiful melodies and haunting yet equally uplifting vocals. Check out here.

New Music: Grenades for the Wall

More cute new Swedish musical goodness here. I haven’t really heard anything like this before; it’s sort of laid back catchy electro pop. Definitely some potential there!  Check out here.

New Music: Bluey Robinson

Oh my God. I thought I mentioned this guy a while back but it seems I haven’t. Swedish born, London raised Blue Robinson’s got a neo-soul kinda vibe. If Stevie Wonder did sexy, this would be it. Check out here.

New Music: Sameblod

Amidst the 100’s of tracks I hear every week, something little just stands out and makes you think ‘yea!’. Sameblod did this to me this week. They’re an electropop duo from Stockholm who make friendly sounds that kinda wanna hug you and dance with you at the same time. Their remix of Lykke Li’s ‘Dance Dance Dance’ is fun. Check out here.

Fancy some catchy Danish rock?

Danish music has been making a massive push since last year, and this band in particular have made a bit of a splash in the States. They make rock that’s catchy as hell. To the point where I just have to blog it… Check New Politics out here!

First Watch: Adrian Lux feat Rebecca & Fiona ‘Boy’

The Rebecca & Fiona invasion continues. This is the new video for Adrian Lux featuring the girls and lots of… boys. I guess there’s nothing edgy here, but enjoy it for the camp factor.

New Music: Icona Pop

Icona Pop has been causing a bit of a fuss on the web for a while yet I never featured them on here. Edgy Swedish pop. “The two DJ’s decided one neon lit night to write songs about dark feelings and happy moments. The heartbroken soul and the frustrated mind combined their efforts and Icona Pop was born. These girls speak their minds and want everybody to sing along.” Check out here.

New Music: Set Fire Run

This is so new it’s not even ready… Swedish trio that makes some very good, very catchy powerpop. Check out here.

Make Believe

Three of Sony Music’s most exciting rising stars (and personal favourites)- Oh Land, Mads Langer and Loick Essien, talk about how their lives have been shaped by music and how they have turned their dreams into reality with the help of Sony. Bit of a shameless plug but it’s a fun clip to watch that makes you get up and do something for yourself. There’s also a competition by Sony where you have to create a remix using Bob Dylan & Ting Tings samples. Check out here.