New Music: Elise Vatsvaag

Norwegian acoustic pop. Check out here.

First Listen: Erik Hassle ‘Stay’

He’s back he’s back he’s back! So excited! One of my favourite artists of recent years, Erik Hassle is back with a beautiful track that gets catchier as the track goes by- much like ‘Hurful’ was. I really can’t wait to hear more.

New Music: Miriam Bryant

This has to be the one of the best songs I’ve heard probably all year- its so intense and epic and thrilling all at the same time. English born and Swedish raised Miriam Bryant, 21, found herself secretly visiting the remains of her family’s burnt down house a couple of years ago. Singing herself thrilled by the moody environment, and reminiscing a childhood with constant presence of music, this was when and where she realized she would spend the rest of her life expressing herself through singing and performing.

Over the next years Miriam will have to overcome her aerophobia when being welcomed to the bigger stages.

With childhood friend Victor Rådström, 20, writer & producer, Miriam is now releasing her debut single, “Finders, Keepers”. Check out here.

New Music: Mr Little Jeans

Soft, dark Norwegian electro. Check out here.

New Music: Jonas Oakland

I’ve been meaning to feature Jonas Oakland for some time, so I guess now’s as good a time as any! Keeping the proof that Swedes so electropop best, this song goes crazy when the bridge kicks in. Check out here.

Free Download: Todd Terje ‘Happy Together’

A reworking by Oslo-based Todd Terje.

Call Your Girlfriend French

A French re-working of Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ by Marie-Mai. It’s nice.

Free Download: Soso ‘T.T.I.D.S.D.I.E.U.I.C. (Full Album)’

Swedish electro newcomer Soso has released her entire debut album for all to hear. I’d have paid to get this album so I’m crazy happy she’s decided to give it away for free. Download it and listen to it because it is amazing.

New Music: Nina Nesbitt

This 17-year old half swedish and half scottish girl has already been playing in front of stadium sized crowds supporting Example and Ed Sheeran. Check out here.

New Music: Jonas Schwartz

Swedish indie mixed with some slow disco and broody folk. Check out here.

A personal piece of excitement I would like to share…

Fibes, Oh Fibes! (one of my absolute favourite bands coming out of Sweden) are releasing their new record later in the month. This is one of the singles.

New Music: Of Monsters and Men

You’ve probably heard this track already- it’s pretty huge right now. Icelandic folk/pop. Check out here.

First Listen: Sameblod ‘UR Road’

What a grim day it is in London today! Hopefully this new track from one of my favourite electropop newcomers will cheer things up. April 20th is the date of the release of their debut album on Riot Factory.

New Music: Lotti & The Mizuna Greens

I heard this from Scandipop and fell in love. Swedish indie. Check out here.

New Music: The Products

Don’t play this video if you’ve just had your dinner!

This is filthy but I love it and it’s sure to go viral quicker than you can say ‘gonorrhea’. It’s by Norwegian duo ‘The Products’. Check out here.

New Music: Wild At Heart

This Swedish synth is so airy and nice to listen to. Check out here.


I love it when a song takes you by surprise half way through. This is a dancey track by Michael Feiner. With horns! I know it doesn’t sound that exciting but it’s so much fun!

New Music: Marie Dahlstrøm

Scandinavian soul. If you’re in London you can catch her residency at the Native Tongue in Barbican. Check out here.

Another week, another amazing Lana Del Rey cover

She seems to make songs that inspire some pretty incredible reworkings, doesn’t she? This one is by one of my favourite up and coming kids from Sweden, Andreas Moe.