First Watch: La Puma ‘Hotter’

I mentioned La Puma in June 2010 and patiently waited for their camp Swedish electropop to take over the world. It hasn’t yet, but in the meantime we have this wonderful piece of video to enjoy.


Niki & The Dove come in fifth on BBC Sound of 2012

BBC announced today Swedish electro duo Niki & The Dove have come in 5th in the Sound of 2012. Impressive!

Party Swedish Style

This has been around for a really long time in Sweden but I notice I’ve never mentioned it on here. Anyway, enjoy the last Friday of 2011!

Christmas with Niki & The Dove

This is so so so cute! It’s Niki and the Dove covering Nat King Cole’s ‘The Christmas Song’. Whatever you’re doing today, and whoever it’s with- whether you’re happy or sad, worried or relaxed… Merry Christmas.

Free Download: Johan Reinhold ‘Shoot Me Down (Owsey Remix)’

One of my favourite exports from Sweden this year, Johan Reinhold, has released an exclusive remix of his viral hit ‘Shoot Me Down’ courtesy of UK producer Owsey. Looking forward to Johan’s ‘Rework’ EP out January 20th 2012! Listen to the original version of ‘Shoot Me Down’ here.

MP3: Johan Reinhold – Shoot Me Down (Owsey Remix)

Free Download: Lykke Li ‘The Lost Sessions Vol. 1’ EP

Lykke Li has released an EP which you can download for free by clicking here.

New Music: The Concept

A Swedish band consisting of former band members for Robyn, Tove Styrke, MRTN and Veronica Maggio (all Swedish pop institutions). Check out here.

First Listen: Fibes Oh Fibes! ‘Cerahtonia’

I’ve been waiting for these guys to come out with new music for what seems like a lifetime! Cute and quirky Swedish pop. What’s more exciting is their upcoming album is produced by Miike Snow‘s Pontus Winnberg. Check out here.

New Music: Coco

This lady used to be in a Swedish band called Love Generation who tried to get to this year’s Eurovision through RedOne (the chap that does Lady Gaga’s tracks). They didn’t manage it, and Coco decided to leave and launch her own career. This is the first single. Check out here.

New Music: Beatrice Eli

This is quietly powerful pop that picks you up on the chorus and drops you back down again using some trademark Scandinavian beats. Love it. Check out here.

First Listen: Miike Snow ‘Devils Work’

The Swedish supergroup are back with an epic track and it’s nothing short of flawless.

New Music: Peo De Pitte

Earlier this year, he topped the charts with the trouser-shaking subsonic wobble of ‘Burning Up’ (which enjoyed support from Bloody Beetroots, Plump DJ’s, Silvio Berlusconi and many more). Check out here.

Nights Like Bonita

Mix some Icona Pop with Madonna and you get this fresh sounding bit of naughty-but-nice pop.

New Music: Daniel Oliver

Swedish pop from an Icelandic hunk in the making. Check out here.

New Music: Mercedes and I

It feels like a lifetime since I blogged about any Swedish stuff- this is fantastic new dark pop from Mercedes and I. Check out here.

New Music: Rob & Nino

Nothing out of the ordinary from this bit of Swedish pop. It’s just fun. Check out here.

Free Download: The Knocks ‘Brightside (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)’

Everyone loves The Sound of Arrows. This Swedish electropop duo have been causing huge stir since dropping their debut album earlier this month. This is them putting their own magic touch to The Know’s ‘Brightside’, and as expected, it cheers you up to no end.

MP3: The Knocks – Brightside (The Sound of Arrows Remix)

New Music: Dinner for Dinosaurs

Swedish pop/ funk that’s really easy to listen to and really easy to like. Check out their little bi-lingual video clip. The singer’s got a killer smooth voice. Check out here.