New Music: Icona Pop

Icona Pop has been causing a bit of a fuss on the web for a while yet I never featured them on here. Edgy Swedish pop. “The two DJ’s decided one neon lit night to write songs about dark feelings and happy moments. The heartbroken soul and the frustrated mind combined their efforts and Icona Pop was born. These girls speak their minds and want everybody to sing along.” Check out here.

New Music: Talking Pictures

Moody but catchy electropop. Check out here or download a free Is Tropical remix here!

BENI- It’s a Bubble

This music video by BENI made me smile. I don’t even know if it’s a spoof. Its so cool but so funny at the same time. Follow Alfitude on Facebook and Twitter!

New Music: Chet Faker

File this under Active Child, Washed Out and Million Young– well crafted, downtempo music. I love his version of ‘No Diggity’. Hot. Check out here.

New Music: Set Fire Run

This is so new it’s not even ready… Swedish trio that makes some very good, very catchy powerpop. Check out here.

New Music: Graffiti 6

This is new, summery ‘Psychedelic northern soul folk’. Check out here.

First Watch: Penguin Prison ‘Fair Warning’

Booming, shimmering synths from the fantastic new Penguin Prison single. Mixed by Chris Glover (Penguin Prison) and Dan Grech-Marguerat (Radiohead, Scissor Sisters). A download bundle of selected remixes will be released on August 22, two weeks before the album finally drops. Follow Alfitude on Facebook and Twitter!

First Listen: Blink-182 ‘Up All Night’

They’re back! A darker sound to their usual stuff- it’s been eight years since Blink-182 released a single and this is a welcome return!

New Music: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I love this. This is The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s new single. “A daydream like childhood memory soundtracked by a blissful sound wall of jaded guitars and jewel-like synths.” Check out here.

Listen to Get People’s EP in full here!

Get People are one of my favourite bands this year. “Picking up where last year’s Careless/Odyssey double A-side left off, Get People’s sophomore EP release Rain Tears is another slice of infectious, intelligent pop music. Rain Tears will be released on Friends vs Records on July 11th 2011.”

Live: Waylayers at Macbeth

I mentioned Waylayers  last month on here, although I had seen them once before in a line-up supporting Yelle at Electrowerkz back in March. I like their indie/electro/pop fusion thing they’ve got going on- and it works well live too. Considering they haven’t been around for long they look to be very promising.

And apologies about the pictures. I brought a new camera but it’s turned out worse than the older one. But on the bright side it looks a lot sexier. I think I’m doomed with cameras…

New single from Left Step Band

Previously mentioned back in March, Left Step Band are back with a fresh new single. It sort of sounds like a grown up Gym Glass Heroes. Check out their Bandcamp.

Live: The Kill Van Kulls at Social

First featured on here back in May, I saw Kill Van Kulls tonight in London’s tiny Social, off Oxford Street. They had such a big sound for a venue so small which was fun to see. Their sound is sort of epic, anthemic British indie, but in my view it really kicks off when they experiment with their beats and percussions. Sort of ‘The Hurts‘ but with balls. Highlights were their new single, ‘Lost and Found’, as well as ‘Wooden Heart’ and ‘Impossible Man’. Try to see them if you can- they’re good.

First Listen: Will Young ‘Jealousy’

Excellent come back from the original Mr Pop Idol. He’s come such a long way since that awful ‘Evergreen’ song! The new single from Will Young‘s forthcoming album, “Echoes”. Single released Aug 21st, album released Aug 22nd. Check out the video here.

New Music: Willy Moon

What do you get when you mix Timbaland with 50’s rhythm and blues and some rock and roll? You get this guy. Suddenly there’s very little on the web for Willy Moon, and from experience that probably means he’s gearing up to take over the world with the help of some clever label. Check out here.