Disco + Little Red Riding Hood

So it’s Sunday night, I figured what better way to ease you in to a new week than by showing you a clip incorporating awful version of Little Red Riding Hood mixed in with some excellent laid back disco from Daniel Dexter and Nhan Solo.

New Music: Second Date

London-based talent who describes his sound as ‘balearic disco-step’. Perfect. Check out here.

New Music: Ashleigh Ashley

This is still very, very fresh – upcoming UK talent from Ashleigh Ashley, encompassing r’n’b, hip rock, & funky soul. Check out here.

New Music: Ryan McDermott

A bit of pop/ soul/ electro funk all thrown in here. Check out here.

The mighty return of Italo-Disco

This is my song of the week. It’s nothing short of being an ultimate banger and is a must for that pre-Friday boogie shuffle. Welcome back italo-disco!

First Watch: Filur ‘Concentrate!’

I don’t know much about Filur but they seem to be big in their native Denmark- I just love the song (when it kicks in at the 2:45 mark). Check out here.

Friday electro courtesy of Gesaffelstein

So it’s Friday, and it’s almost lunch time. Here’s some French electro by Gesaffelstein to keep you going through the next few hours! Best enjoyed with some big-ass speakers.

Live: Man Like Me at Relentless Garage

Firstly, sorry for the shit pics again. I think I’m just going to start getting press passes and risk it with my Sony NEX from now on…

I’ve just realised that I haven’t been to a proper gig in months. This scares me a bit as I usually go at least once a week to something. I guess I’ve just been either super busy or super skint. But anyway, Man Like Me are an amazing band and I was excited to catch them live tonight (to launch their new single, Peculiar’) because I just knew that they would blow the roof off. And they did. I don’t really know how to sum it all up other than there was lots of sweat, brass, face make-up and mad dancing.

Think Madness mixed with The Streets and you get Man Like Me. Biggest moment was ‘London Town‘ playing at the end, and the start and finish when the whole brass band raved it through crowds to get to the stage. I caught a bit of Caan who was playing support- amazing as always.

New Music: Azealia Banks

Be warned, don’t be tricked into thinking this is a cuddly song from the picture- this song is a bit filthy. If Missy Elliott was current, this is what she would sound like. There’s a very strong, fresh, dirty New York beat to this. Check out here.

New Music: Schlachthofbronx

I REALLY, REALLY, PROPERLY HATED THIS when I first heard it. It just looked like a bunch of bored twats raiding a cornershop trying to look cool. But I don’t know, somewhere down the 1:10 mark into the track I just switched. The beat is sick. So I take back what I said. This is annoyingly amazing. Check out here.

New Music: Elodie

Born in Sweden, raised in the US and now back in Stockholm, Elodie is your typical electro-pop. I still think there’s a long way to go before this sound gets to be perfect but it’s still good. Check out here.

New Music: CJ Holland

Right then, this one I’m predicting will blow up big time within the next year. Signed to Lava/Universal (the same label behind Jessie J), and with a random track featuring Lady Gaga titled ‘Luv U Sum’, CJ Holland is being primed to be the next Justin Timberlake (or something). And from experience, knowing how hard it is to currently track a decent picture of this guy, or a decent video tells me there’s some big bucks being thrown around behind the scenes. Which is exciting. Check out here.

New Music: Ben Willis

Promising London sounds from Ben Willis. Currently working on an EP. Check out here.

New Music: Bernhoft

Bernhoft is one of those ‘one-man-band’ types from Oslo who’s able to sound a whole song using his voice. It’s nothing short of amazing when I hear stuff like this. Check out here.