New Music: BIGKids

Infectious new pop from London. Check out here.


Kick to the weekend with Terranova

This starts really slow and hazy, then picks up and makes you look forward to more at the end. Kind of like how this week’s been. Happy Friday!

New Music: The Park

I’m not sure what this is- it’s kinda funk, isn’t it? Check out here.

New Music: Sol

It’s a good week for new Swedish music. This is Sol. I don’t really understand what he’s singing about, but it’s really nice to listen to. So here it is. Check out here.

New Music: Niklas von Arnold

Songs like this are the reason I sit for hours every week going through music to put up on here. This song got me a bit teary. Which is something rare. Amazing Swedish soul. Check out here.

Kittens make for good beats

I was meaning to show this video last week but I didn’t get the chance to. Cute Swedish beats matched to a very, very fluffy kitty.

New Music: Kitty Clementine

There’s a certain whiff of Amy Winehouse in this, which makes it very enjoyable. Check out here.

Why isn’t Hervé big yet?

Hervé’s been around for what seems like ages now, and his tunes have been world class right from the start. I don’t understand why he isn’t a household name yet. Anyway, enjoy this.

New Music: Alpines

Alpines make that level of pop that’s just pure class. Check out here.

New Music: Milano Sun

Beautiful, cute, simple Swedish pop. Check out here.

Hoodlums & CocknBullKid make a song together

And it’s sort of amazing. I wish the sound quality was better. Hoodlums are a new band already championed by the likes of Q Magazine and BBC 6Music due to their gloriously unpredictable live shows.

New Music: Discopolis

Evocative of the finest moments of Friendly Fires’ output, fused with the sonic majesty of M83 and perhaps even reminiscent of early Orbital. Check out here.