Listen to Drake’s ‘Fall For Your Type’… in Danish. If you like.

It’s kinda sexy.


New Music: Vanbot

If you like Robyn then you’ll probably love Vanbot. Makes me wanna go back to Stockholm so bad. Check out here.

New Music: Frida Sundemo

This is just so beautiful and fragile and cute. New electro synth from Sweden. I can’t wait to put this on my iTouch to ease the pain of travelling to work tomorrow at 6am! You can download a couple of tracks for free here, and check out her myspace here.

New Music: Ayah Marar

You’ve probably heard Ayah Marar on tracks by Calvin HarrisToddla T and Jack Penate. Her solo effort, ‘Follow You’ is so good- the Yogi remix is immense. Check out here.

New Music: Tim & Jean

Unusually for ones so young, Tim & Jean don’t listen to much contemporary music, instead citing the likes of Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, and Fleetwood Mac as their musical heroes. Check out here.

New Music: Aaron Wright

I love it when you get home from a really bad day at work, open your emails and get introduced to something that just lifts you up in three minutes… Aaron Wright is some colourful and charming pop. Soon to be supporting The Charlatans and Eliza Doolittle on tour (not at the same time, obviously). Check out here.

New Music: Left Step Band

This four piece band including BBC Radio 1’s – Dev have been doing the rounds live wise. Pretty good- they look like they make good gigs! Check out here.

New Music: Calais

Calais present a sound influenced by the likes of ColdplayOne Republic and The Killers. Check out here.

Live: Patrick Wolf at Koko

The last time I saw Patrick Wolf live was at London’s Astoria before it got demolished to make way for an evil new train route. That was what, maybe three years ago? Maybe four… It was when he’d just released his ‘Magic Position’ album. That show was ridiculously over the top but very fun. Tonight I saw a different show though. There weren’t as many outfit changes or stage antics- just beautiful, colourful songs that have an optimistic vibe around them. Maybe it’s because he’s fallen in love, or maybe he’s just getting better the older the gets, but whatever it is, Patrick Wolf is super gifted.

Live: Alex Clare at The Lexington

One of my favourite new artists of recent months, Alex Clare played The Lexington tonight in London and was really good. Championed by Diplo, every song played tonight was crafted with precision and Clare’s rough, soulful voice gives it an edge that’s just so cool right now. I didn’t expect him to be so shy, and the way he smiled kept reminding me of an old friend. I want more. Again, apologies for the shit quality of the pics- I think it’s time for a new camera…

New Music: Oh Land

Right, I must confess that I thought I’d already written about Oh Land but scrolling through some of my stuff on here I realise I haven’t and it’s slightly embarrassing. Since first hearing her fantastic song ‘Sun Of A Gun’, she’s gone on to raid American TV shows while causing a crazy stir on the web. So actually, it’s not very new at all but it’s still exciting. Quirky, inventive and very well done Danish pop. She’s coming to London in May and I can’t wait for it. Check out here.

New Music: Jasmin

The Danish pop invasion continues. This tune by Jasmin, roughly translating to ‘My element’ is very infectious. Check out here.

First Listen: Friendly Fires ‘Live Those Days Tonight’

First single from my favourite band’s second album, out in May, called Pala. Nothing Friendly Fires does is wrong right now. So good. So good. Much as I love my job I was GUTTED to have missed out on pre-sale tickets for their comeback gig later in the year when I couldn’t get near to a computer. Anyone wanna be a lovey and give me a ticket?

Free Download: The Weeknd ‘House Of Balloons’

Click here to download The Weeknd for free- it’s very good. Lo-fi RNB from an as yet unidentified artist. Drake himself approves.

New Music: Blackroom

Hugely amazing Norwegian electro pop band. Gets my hurt pulsing like mad, and it’s a very sexy video too. Check out here.

New Music: Peter and Kerry

Each primarily a solo artist, Peter and Kerry have joined under the auspices of boutique label Tape Club Records to release ‘Clothes, Friends, Photos’ (out 4 April). Youtube videos of Kerry’s solo tracks came to the attention of Tape Club’s founder, and her subsequent signing to the label brought her into contact with stablemate Peter Lyons. Something of a musical odd couple on paper- she, motivated by influences as eclectic as Erykah Badu and Why?, and him a producer gun for hire with a tendency towards samples and loops- their collaboration took form over a startlingly short few days of sessions in the modest surrounds of Peter’s bedroom. Check out here.