Flashback: Amy Winehouse (Manchester 2004)

From a gig she played in 2004 at the Manchester Academy while on her first album – Frank, with support from Tyler James. This was the first time I saw her live, and it was the first proper gig I ever brought tickets for.

I nicked a poster for this gig when I was at uni and it’s been on my walls ever since. A few years later, Back to Black was released and well… rest is history!


New Music: Teachers

AKA Benjamin Bronfman (the man engaged to M.I.A), this is an eclectic bit of music that’s edgy and interesting at the same time. It’s been around since last autumn but I only got round to appreciating it properly tonight. Really good. Check out here.

New Music: The Jezabels

I’ve mentioned what, maybe six or seven new acts today – all of which are pretty good. But nothing tops finding a band at the end of the day who completely blow you away. These are The Jezabels: and their songs are just about as close to perfection as they can get. Full of big, epic rifts and emotion. Just outstanding! Check out here.

New Music: Airbird

Edgy and airy sounds. Obviously done with a lot of computer work but you forget that once you immerse yourself in it. One to watch for sure. Check out here.

Good Swedish Hip Hop: Alexis Weak – Släpp Taget

You don’t need to understand it, just give it a go. Check out more Alexis Weak here.

New Music: James Pants

If I ever went to a fancy dress party dressed like Jamie Lidell (which will probably never happen), I’d probably end up looking like James Pants.  You could either see his stuff as ultra cool or ultra rubbish, but either way I think it’s alright. And I love the name. Check out here.

New Music: Marcus Foster

I won’t lie to you, I find Marcus Foster’s sound and image a bit attractive. Moody, raw guitar rifts take you to a dark bar somewhere rural and American. Check out here.

New Music: Unouomedude

Make sure you listen to this on some decent speakers. There’s nothing out of the ordinary with this guy, but the sounds he make scream youth. It’s easy to listen to, and lifts you up a bit. Check out here.

New Music: Ed Sheeran

A sexy, soulful voice with a massive online following. File beside James Blake and Jamie Woon. Check out here.

New Music: Foe

Tipped to be huge later in the year, Foe is a throwback to that 90’s, dark/ dirty power sound. It took a couple of listens to get into this, but I can see the appeal. Fresh. Check out here.

New Music: Craft Spells

I’m really a big fan of this band. It’s sort of polished, bright shoegaze. The track above makes my heart melt a little. It reminds me of Madonna’s ‘Get Into The Groove’. Weird, I know. Maybe it’s the drums. Check out here.

New Music: Down With Webster

Pop rap from Canada along the lines of 3OH!3 and Asher Roth. Fun to listen to. Check out here.

New Music: Austra

Already getting loads of buzz, this is sort of Florence & The Machine but with a more chilled electro vibe to it. Check out here.

New Music: Asking Alexandria

You know that type of rock where the singer makes really angry growly noises? It’s really hard core. Anyway, this band mixes that but changes gear to more mainstream rock when it all gets a bit too much. Check out here.

New Music: Fibes, Oh Fibes!

This band isn’t actually new – they’ve been around for a few years now, and have already released a couple of albums in native Sweden. It’s happy soul-pop with a harmless rock edge to it. Check out here.

Free Download: Get People ‘Away’

Download the first release off the new Get People’s ‘Rain Tears’ EP. The track is called ‘Away’ it’s being released on June 6th and it’s a slice of infectious, intelligent pop music. The London trio have only been around for a year, and make tribal-infused, dance pop music.

MP3: Get People ‘Away’

Free Download: Talking Pictures ‘Mirrors’ (Is Tropical remix)

‘Mirrors’ is the new single from Talking Pictures, released May 30th through Split Records. They’ve got Kitsune hotties Is Tropical to do a nice mix of the track, which you can download here for free!

MP3: Talking Pictures – Mirrors (Is Tropical Mix)

Penguin Prison releases new single and gives away free downloads!

It’s been a while, but now he’s back! Penguin Prison returns with new single, “Multi-Millionaire Remixes” on Stranger Records on June 5th. In the meantime he’s offering a host of free downloads!

Since his last release, “Golden Train” late last year, Penguin Prison has spent a lot of 2011 so far touring the US and Europe, picking up a new army of fans along the way. As it’s taken so long to release a new single, there will be two free downloads each week in the lead up to the release of “Multi-Millionaire Remixes”.

The downloads will be available every Friday for one week only via the Penguin Prison Facebook.