New Music: BeGun

begun music

Well crafted and cute chillwave from Spain. Check out here.


New Music: Hunter As A Horse

hunter as a horse

Think Bat for Lashes via Lana Del Rey and you get a hint of this sound. Check out here.

New Music: Billie Van

billie van

The catchiest thing you’ll listen to all day. Danish/ Norwegian indie pop with a friendly kick. Check out here.

First Listen: Chlöe Howl ‘Rumour’

Chlöe Howl

Great new pop from the angst-ridden Chlöe Howl.

First Watch: Vanbot ‘Hold This Moment’


I haven’t heard much from Vanbot lately so I was pleasantly surprised to see this new video. Good to see she’s still churning out that catchy Swedish electropop.

New Music: Kev Paris

kev paris

A new-soul rap sound with a very heavy 90’s influence. There’s potential there, it’ll be interesting to see how this develops. Check out here.

New Music: Knife Party

knife party

Australian electro from a duo that have over 700k likes on Facebook to get you ready for your evening. Check out here.

New Music: How To Destroy Angels

how to destroy angels

I like this. It’s a collective from LA who make some very interesting electro pop sounds that have a sense of soul around them. Check out here.

New Music: Bad Bad Hats

bad bad hats

Cute guitar pop from Minnesota. It’s harmless enough! Check out here.

New Music: Sexy Sushi

sexy sushi

French electropop. I have no idea what it’s about but it sounds catchy. Check out here.

New Music: Ki Yoshi

ki yoshi

Up and coming singer-songwriter from Camden. There’s a nice rawness to the voice. Check out here.

New Music: Dave Gerard & The Watchmen

dave gerard watchmen

Folk that’s so warm and easy to listen to it makes you feel like you’re in the company of old friends. Check out here.

Every Night

lane 8

This work from Lane 8 samples a Diana Ross & The Supremes classic (I’ll let you guess which one for yourselves), but it’s such a lovely remix that I have to share it with you all.

Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro

quantic alice russell

I don’t write much about Quantic because they’re a personal favourite and sometimes it’s nice to be selfish and keep some things to myself. Plus, they’ve been around for longer than I can remember. However, it is Friday and I feel really good, and I want you to as well. So enjoy these new visuals from Quantic and Alice Russell. 

Another good Frank Ocean cover…

seasick mama

… This time by Seasick Mama and Walking Shapes covering ‘Lost’. Download it for free here.

New Music: John Smith

john smith singer

This is the sort of think you’d want to listen to on a dark cold afternoon with a glass of neat scotch. The album drops March 25th. Check out here.

First Watch: Ms. Henrik ‘Doing It For The Man’

ms. henrik

The more I listen to Ms. Henrik the more compelled I become with him. This is the new video to his single, and it’s weird and awkward but seems to make sense. To me, anyway.

New Music: Nick Brewer

nick brewer

I don’t really read press releases that often (I don’t have the time), so I just go straight through to the links. When I looked at this guy’s photo on my email the last thing I thought he would be is a rapper from Ilford, but he is. And he sounds very promising. Check out here.