JIM OUMA – Kids (feat. Dear Sara + Alicaì Harley)

There’s a lot of interesting back story with this track. JIM OUMA is an outfit who have already crafted songs for likes of Tove Lo, Madonna and Maroon 5, while also behind the band NONONO (who I have featured countless times on here since they are so damn awesome).

They have now collaborated with British dance hall queen Alicaì Harley and newcomer Dear Sara to create a song which immediately grabs your attention; a blend of indie and soft dance-pop that is an instantly loveable sound.

This song is our reflection of the crazy times that we are living in right now. The sample kick-started the beat and from there everything just fell into place. We feel blessed to have the amazing Dear Sara and Alicaì Harley put their vibe on the track. – JIM OUMA

JIM OUMA | Dear Sara | Alicaì Harley

Zac Pajak – Southern Comfort

It’s been just under a year since I first experienced Zac Pajak’s sound, and the evolution of his sound has truly been phenomenal. This kid is undoubtedly one of London’s brightest indie-folk prospects.

“‘Southern Comfort’ is about the importance of having family and friends around you to keep you grounded and get you through the tough times. I wrote the song some time ago, but it resurfaced recently, and I decided to re-record it in my home studio during lockdown.”

Zac Pajak

Navvy – Pieces

New Zealand talent Navvy returns with an infectious slice of pop that plays a perfect balance between being dark and playful at the same time.


The Hara – Until It Happens

If you had a rough day, week, or year (as we all have, let’s face it), then this song is the perfect outlet to vent those feelings out on. Just an absolutely massive, loud, crazy, insane, awesome release from The Hara.

Taken from the EP ‘Play Dead’ which is out now.

The Hara

Limón Limón – Long Distance

A beautifully subtle and melodic track that blends retrowave and futuresynth with indie-pop. A sound that feels old-school but still sharp and future-forward.

Limón Limón

Dead Emerson – Sucker Punch

One of my favourite indie-pop releases of the week, from one of the brightest talents to emerge from LA over the past year.

“My desire for independence in both friend and romantic relationships overtook my willingness to foster interdependence. And while I agree people in relationships should be autonomous, I can’t help but wonder if I have taken that sentiment too far. Sometimes it feels like the only thing that could wake me up is if romance materialised out of thin air and, quite literally, socked me in the face.”

Dead Emerson

Ant Saunders – Effortless

We knew this wouldn’t be effortless
But that don’t affect my preference
No way I could think different
It’s always gonna be this way

Ant Saunders

James Blake – Godspeed

“This song has always been special to me, but I wasn’t expecting the response it’s gotten. Love to everyone who willed the full recording into existence.”

James Blake

Luca Fogale – Slow Correction

“‘Slow Correction’ is a song full of questions about how to change things for the better, as well as the hope that patience and trust can help us transcend the worst of times.”

Taken from the upcoming sophomore album ‘Nothing is Lost’ which is out on 18th September via Amelia Recordings.

Luca Fogale

Khamari – That Girl

I’ve seen very few RnB artists gain as much traction as Khamari has had this year, and it’s deservedly so. This talent brings a refreshingly stripped-down approach to RnB that allows you to focus on the melody and lyricism.

 The debut EP ‘Eldorado’ is released on 23rd October.


Bathsheba – Lost Your Mind

The Danish starlet returns with a punchy, sassy slice of RnB-pop, just in time for the weekend.


Johnny Orlando – Everybody Wants You

“‘Everybody Wants You’ is the first real taste of my upcoming EP, which I have been working on for over the last year. This track really shows my growth as both an artist and an individual. I feel like I have finally found myself artistically in terms of the direction I want to go sonically, and what I want my music to represent. I know my fans have been eagerly anticipating new music, so I am so excited to finally share ‘Everybody Wants You’ with the world!”

Johnny Orlando


As far as song titles go, this has to be one of the best from 2020 so far…

I have always been a fan of Liza Owen and it’s so good to see that her unique take on RnB and pop continues to evolve into gems like this track.

Liza Owen

Omar Apollo – Kamikaze

“’Kamikaze’ is a song that taps into my old emotions, taking it back to when I was younger. When I made ‘Kamikaze’ I was reminiscing on how I used to feel for someone and realising those feelings are lost and we’re left with nothing. It feels good to hold on to the memories without the feelings it gave me.”

Omar Apollo