Jack Hawitt – Run Away

Consistently creating pop masterpieces, Jack Hawitt returns today with an epic track that echoes the sounds of Emily Sandé and Beyoncé.

To date, Jack has been streamed over 20 million times on Spotify alone as a featured artist with Embody and DJ Licious.

Jack Hawitt

Jordan Comolli – BLAME (feat. dzyre)

A dark blend of electronica and pop from one of the UK’s most promising producers, with vocals by Canadian talent dzyre.

Jordan Comolli


Now signed to Sire Records, PRETTYMUCH are back with a new single, along with their label debut EP ‘Smackables’ which is out now.


The Naked Eye – Brave Hope

Easing in to the middle of the week with some sensationally smooth nu-jazz, courtesy of French/ English artist The Naked Eye (who’s also part of the fantastic collective Her Songs).

The track has been described as a ‘hopeful love song’ with lyrics that ‘celebrate the lessons and flaws with new eyes and brave hope’.

Taken from the upcoming ‘New Eyes’ EP, which will be released on 17th March 2021.

The Naked Eye | Ruby Wood | Femi Temowo

Chloe Tang – Walk You Out

One of my favourite pop talents in recent months, Chloe Tang is back with another punchy release which continues to confirm my suspicions that this could be one huge name to watch out for.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘E-PITY-ME’ which is due 12th March.

Chloe Tang

Zara Larsson – Look What You’ve Done

Swedish power-pop at it’s finest from the superb Zara Larsson. It’s a little retro, a little kitsch, a little camp, and totally fabulous.

“I love this song so much. I wanted to write about heartbreak, but in a way that was also empowering and positive. In my world being vulnerable is being strong, but on this one I’m saying ‘just LOOK at what you’ve done – I’m shining! You look like a piece of shit! It was important for me to have a song like this on ‘Poster Girl’.”

Zara will play an exclusive online concert on International Women’s Day (March 8th) in association with Ikea. Find out more here.

Zara Larsson

mehro – chance with you

Track of the week. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I come across a song so powerful that I find myself having to hold back the tears when it plays.

This release from LA singer-songwriter mehro is a prime example of just that; it’s music at it’s purest, deepest and most meaningful.

“When I wrote ‘Chance With You’, it was an acknowledgement that I let something slip through my fingers. I let fear overpower my desires, and I won’t let that happen again.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘sky on fire’ which is due on 25th March.


R.A.E – Not Your Love

London-based rapper and singer-songwriter R.A.E is serving us 90’s nostalgia in all it’s glory with the release of ‘Not Your Love’.

“’Not Your Love’ is about the complications within a situationship. For those that have been in one before you’ll know sometimes its up and sometimes it’s down, but it’s all about not allowing the negatives distract you from chasing the bag and focusing own your goals – we gotta get this money sis!”


Pink Sweat$ – Heaven

Castle on a hill
Let’s build it out of steel
Girl, I know that this love, it will last
Let’s journey up the road
Ain’t gotta take it slow
You know that I don’t want no one else

Pink Sweat$

ALITA – I’m Not Your Mother

Washington-native ALITA has unleashed one of the finest slices of pop-RnB that I’ve head the pleasure of listening to all week.

The track flows with a cinematic flair that gives us a sense of nostalgia, which contrasts beautifully against the refreshingly bold lyricism.

“A song about resistance and self-discovery in the face of modern romance; it explores the implicit and explicit expectations placed on women throughout history. And how empowering it feels to set yourself free from carrying someone else’s emotions on your back.” 


Fly By Midnight – Diamond Eyes (feat. Cailin Russo)

New York based pop duo Fly By Midnight have already racked up over 30 million streams across platforms from their previous releases.

Now they’re back again with an almighty banger of a disco track that features vocals from Cailin Russo.

Taken from the all-collaborative EP ‘Plus One‘ which also features Clara Mae, Shoffy and Jake Miller.

Fly By Midnight | Cailin Russo

KOPS – If Not You Then Who (with Emelie Hollow)

This gorgeous new collaboration from Danish talent KOPS and Norwegian songstress Emelie Hollow is a truly Scandinavian affair. It was written in Stockholm, taken to Oslo for Emelie’s contribution and finally finished in Copenhagen.

“This is a song about that one person in your life who can’t be replaced. Your mom or dad, an ex, a good old drinking buddy, your math teacher in high school or the guy at the grocery store – that special someone, who eventually came into your life and changed it. If this song was a movie, I guess it’d be a proper tear jerker! Well, at least, I got emotional writing it and having Emelie singing the words with me literally made it the emotional pop anthem, I think we both hoped it would be.” – KOPS

KOPS | Emelie Hollow

Keir – Paranoid

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful musical voices emerging from the UK right now, Keir returns with a new song today that encapsulates the feelings we all have when entering into a relationship.

“I think we are searching for something real, and often that search can feel quite reckless. There are moments when you feel you can maybe give yourself deeply to someone else. And those moments are scary. It’s like a big, beautiful abyss you want to dive into.”


Aaron Taos – Loving Someone

A deeply moving release from Aaron Taos, this song is part of a special EP which he wrote for his father, who passed away earlier this year.

“This project is meant as a celebration of everything he meant to me as well as the difficult process of losing him. Although this is a release for my father, I hope others will connect with the emotion and experience of these songs.”

Aaron Taos

Ryan Innes – Creature

If there’s ever a genre called ‘majestic pop’, this would be it. Beautifully cinematic sounds with a refined approach to instrumentation, ‘Creature‘ is a track that transports you to a whole other world and shows how fantastically powerful and moving music can be.

Ryan Innes

Isak Danielson – If You Ever Forget That You Love Me

The 23-year-old Swedish artist continues to show a level of emotional depth in his music that really is quite phenomenal.

Now on the cusp of his third album, Isak Danielson releases a song that defines the theme of the new record – a softer sound dominated by richly-detailed, graceful, balladic pop, stitched together from a pallet of acoustic guitar and piano.

“I think that’s how life works, you grow up and you become new things, and you change all the time.”

Taken from the new album ‘Tomorrow Never Came’ which is due on 5th March.

Isak Danielson

Richie Quake – Sensitive

Brooklyn talent Richie Quake returns today with a shimmering slice of melodic indie-RnB and some beautiful heartfelt lyricism.

“‘Sensitive’ is about being in love with someone but still feeling like they don’t really understand your needs. Despite being very in love and having many beautiful moments with my ex girlfriend, I often felt like she wouldn’t listen to my feelings or be considerate of my emotions. This song is basically the conversation that I wish I’d been able to have with her when we were together.”

Richie Quake

Drew Sycamore – 45 Fahrenheit Girl

With over 360k monthly listeners on Spotify, Drew Sycamore is well on her way to becoming one of the next big names to emerge from Denmark.

Drew Sycamore

Surf Mesa – Carried Away (with Madison Beer)

It’s like suddenly all that’s important is in front of me
Already know what we’re gonna be
You look so good in this light

Surf Mesa | Madison Beer