Gabrielle Current – Sun Will Find You

A song that reminds you to look at the better things in life, no matter how hard it gets. And suitably so, the track is a stunning piece of escapism and hope.

“The heavy moments are often filled with pessimism and it’s easy to miss the surrounding beauty, but beauty is still there. Just like the sun. It’s always there. It never leaves.”

Gabrielle Current


James Blake – Are You Even Real

This beauty was co-written by Starrah, Ali Tamposi and Blake. The song is featured as part of Apple’s ‘Behind The Mac’ campaign.

James Blake

Sophia Messa – Ice Cream & Cigarettes

“’Ice Cream & Cigarettes’ was written at a time in my life when I was trying to distance myself from someone close to me. It was hard for me to separate from this person because they would bring me a temporary feeling of happiness. I knew the feeling would run out, and it was slowly killing me, but I was addicted to the happiness I felt when they were around.”

Sophia Messa

lennixx – Bold Me

I’ve always sensed something special about Swedish soul-pop dup lennix; and this release has really finally gained the momentum they rightfully deserve. This track is a slice of audio heaven.


Daniel Blume – Heartbreaker (Michael Calfan Remix)

With the original track already approaching half a million streams, Daniel Blume has recruited one of French disco’s biggest names of late to work on a remix… and it’s as epic as you’d imagine.

Daniel Blume | Michael Calfan

keaton dekker – ITYK

Today sees the release of keaton dekker’s follow-up to his much hyped debut back in April. This track has more of a mellow, introspective essence that shows another side to this kid’s unique sound.

“The song addresses miscommunication, and how it can create a huge misjudgement of character. The twists and turns of being in a friendship that isn’t 100% open and honest.”

keaton dekker

St Lundi – Learn To Let Go

Now signed to Propellor Records (one of the most established labels to have helped propel the likes of Au/Ra and Yungblud into the limelight), St Lundi returns today with another dreamy pop ballad to enjoy.

“I feel like sometimes when falling in love it’s natural to want to spend every minute with one another. But there comes a point in time where you need to take a step back and remember the world still exists around you. It can make you feel like you’re moving in the wrong direction for a moment but you know deep down you need to ‘Learn To Let Go’ for the relationship to last.”

Taken from the upcoming EP, ‘Heavy Words’ out 24th July.

St Lundi

Anthony Dircson x ISA – Know Me Better

Some of the catchiest EDM pop you’ll likely hear this week, courtesy of the 21-year old Dutch DJ & producer Anthony Dircson, and vocals from Swedish mega talent ISA.

“‘Know Me Better’ is about after a break up when your ex still is keeping you on a leash, letting you close when they feel like it, and abandoning you the other day. You’ve come to a point where it doesn’t matter what lies this person throws at you. You know you deserve better and that you’ll be fine on your own.”

Anthony Dircson | ISA