First Listen: Smith & Thell ‘Illusion’

smith thell

Brand new Swedish electropop from Smith & Thell.


First Listen: Eddie Gomez ‘No’ EP

eddie gomez

One of the most anticipated EP’s in my summer, Eddie Gomez is finally out with a collection of tracks for his ‘No’ EP.

First Listen: Ghetts ft. Kano & MYKL ‘Party Animal’


Ghetts teams up with Kano to create with one of the freshest tracks I’ve heard all month.¬†It’s set for release on 20 October 2013 via Disrupt.

First Listen: Admirers ‘Return’

admirers band

I think it’s pretty hard not to enjoy this track from Admirers. It’s as catchy as pop gets and has a pretty camp undertone which is fun.

First Listen: Bo Saris ‘The Addict’

bo saris

I’m a sucker for this kind of soul. Bo Saris is back with a new track, out September 16th.

First Listen: Alex Clare ‘Where Is The Heart’

alex clare 1

Alex Clare is one of those stories that makes me happy. So much talent and completely unrecognised, right up until this ad came out and turned him from a quiet star into someone amassing over 300k likes on Facebook.

First Listen: Club Smith ‘The Green Room (Dave Bascombe/ Lance Thomas Mix)’

club smith

Indie rock and electro serve as the base for this version of Club Smith’s new track.

First Listen: Raleigh Ritchie ‘Stay Inside’

raleigh ritchie

After causing a storm on the blogs earlier this year, Raleigh Ritchie delivers with another slice of RnB pop perfection.

First Listen: Fabienne ‘Taxi’


Loving this slice of RnB bliss from Fabienne! Sets me off on some Amy Winehouse reminiscences.

First Listen: Strangers ‘No Longer Lost’

strangers band

I’ve frequently featured Strangers on here, and that’s because they always come up with some big pop show stoppers like this one.

First Listen: Daniel James ‘A Lonely Man’

daniel james singer

Daniel James‘ new track plays with a mix of indie, folk and gospel. Really interesting and nice sound.

First Listen: MDNGHT ‘Into The Night EP’


One of my favourite bands out of 2013 have been streaming their new EP on the web since yesterday and it’s delicious. The release is on the 29th September. This will blow your mind.

First Listen: Saint Motel ‘Just My Type’

saint motel

I blogged about this band back in February 2012 and haven’t really heard much since, probably due to my own ignorance. Anyway, they’re looking to go big in the UK, and with a track like this, it might just take off… They are heading over for a a tour in September.