Shura – Indecision (Jungle Remix)


Jungle play with this Shura song and something beautiful happens.


Listen: Clarence Clarity ‘Those Who Can’t, Cheat’

Clarence Clarity

Having been featured back in 2013, Clarence Clarity’s sound still confuses the life out of me. But it’s fun to listen to and there’s a sense of genius behind this…

Listen: RA ‘Prism’ (Trentemøller Remix)

ra malmo

Probably a little more on the hardcore of what’s usually featured on here but it’s reflective of the Monday I’ve had. Remix by Trentmøller for a RA track.

Listen: Eternal Death ‘Cry’

eternal death

It’s a bizarre sensation listening to Eternal Death. On the one hand you expect the morbid, but then you realise it’s pretty sparky.