First Listen: Icona Pop ‘We Got The World’

Another new electropop gem from those cheeky Swedes.


First Listen: Josefina Stanner ‘Clock Stands Still’

This might be the happiest bit of indie you might hear all week. It’s the new single from Swedish indie pop newcomer Josefina Sanner.

First Listen: Frida Sundemo ‘Indigo’

Frida Sundemo is one of my favourite Scandinavian artists, period. And yet she’s still so new I don’t know anyone to share this love of her with. Anyway, it looks like things are finally picking up for this talented Swede as this new track sounds super polished and ready for global domination. About time.

First Listen: Frankmusik ‘Fast As I Can’

Ive always been a fan of Frankmusik– and of late Im not really sure what his story is, but this new track has emerged and it’s pop brilliance.

First Listen: Amelia Lily ‘Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)’

I must admit, I really wasn’t much of a fan of Amelia Lily. And come to think of it, I still don’t think I am. However, this new offering from the X Factor UK almuni is pretty spectacular.

First Listen: Lovelife ‘Heaven’

Record of the week. New icy-cold, synthy pop gem from Lovelife. The new EP, ‘The Fourth Floor’ is out December 10th.

First Listen: Jessie J ‘Silver Lining’

What do we think with this new Jessie J track? Hard to believe she was featured here as a new artist just two years ago to the month.

First Listen: Richard Osborne ‘Better’

New cut from Richard Osborne that’s reminiscent of old-school N*E*R*D.

First Listen: Rebel Rebel ‘Project Runway’

Dreamy, synthy single from Sweden’s new disco pop outfit Rebel Rebel.

First Listen: Katy Tiz ‘Famous’

Katy Tiz has been on my radar for some time, and it’s nice to see that her debut is a pretty decent pop track. Where it leads to I’m not sure- I think it’s a bit premature writing up a song about fame from a newcomer (although it does end in a ‘Im not famous anyway’ line), but it’s good nonetheless.

First Listen: Swiss Lips ‘Something In The Water’

A little Saturday afternoon disco courtesy of Swiss Lips.

First Listen: Fenech-Soler ‘All I Know’

I’ve always been a bit on the fence with Fenech-Soler, but this song is close to brilliance.

First Listen: Soso ‘The Girl And You’

This is so different and brilliant, I just have to share it with you. Swedish Soso is back with a new track that is indescribably quirky and cool at the same time.

First Listen: Holy Ghost! ‘It Gets Dark’

One of my favourite electro duo’s of the year have come up with another stomper of a track.

First Listen: Icona Pop ‘Good For You’

New music from Icona Pop! How can you not love these two cute Swedes? Anyway, Iconic EP is out now.

First Listen: Rudimental feat Alex Clare ‘Not Giving In’

So another week begins, and there’s nothing more motivating to start the day than with an epic bit of noise by Rudimental and Alfitude favourite, Alex Clare. Happy Monday.

First Listen: Lulu James ‘Be Safe’


Something slow and gorgeous to end the week with. I’m a big fan of Lulu James so it’s exciting to hear a new song.

First Listen: Fleur ‘Turn The Lights On’

I’m a little bit of a fan of this lady. Fleur has a new single co-written and produced by Culture Shock which is pretty decent!

First Listen: Olly Murs ‘Troublemaker’

One of the UK’s most harmless pop stars, Olly Murs, is back with a new track with Flo Rida (who I’m personally SICK OF), but the song is catchy as hell. Out November 18th.

First Listen: Loreen ‘Crying Out Your Name’

I nearly wet myself when I found out that Loreen released a new track- out October 8th. This lady only has a handful of tracks out on the web despite her enormous win at Eurovision 2012. Anyway, enjoy. Can’t wait for the album, Heal. The tracklist is as follows:

01. In My Head
02. My Heart Is Refusing Me
03. Everytime
04. Euphoria
05. Crying Out ​​Your Name
06. Do We Even Matter
07. Sidewalk
08. Sober
09. If She’s The One
10. Breaking Robotic
11. See You Again
12. Heal (feat. Blanks)