First Listen: Woodkid ‘I Love You’

woodkid i love you

Finally, a new single from Woodkid! Epic and splendid just like everything else this man touches.


First Listen: Crystal Castles ‘Sad Eyes’

crystal castles

Even though Crystal Castles have been around for a lifetime, I quite like this new track, so here you go.

First Listen: Man Like Me ‘Wallow’

man like me pillow talk

New track from Man Like Me, featured in their upcoming ‘Pillow Talk’ album out March 4th.

First Listen: MAUSI ‘MOVE’

mausi move

Wow! This lot have a come a long way since first being featured on here. They’ve perfected their sound with this new track. So fresh!

First Listen: Miriam Bryant ‘Push Play’

miriam bryant push play

What a long way Miriam Bryant’s come from being featured what only seems like yesterday. She’s been touted as “Sweden’s biggest breakthrough artist of 2013” by Sweden’s biggest magazine Aftonbladet, as well as landing top 40 on the German airplay chart’s and #11 on the club-charts with her debut single “Finders Keepers”.

Now she’s got a new single and it’s predictably brilliant. It’s already out in Scandinavia and I’m pretty sure it’ll be out worldwide soon. I’m so excited with this lady…

First Listen: The Deer Tracks ‘Lazarus’

the deer tracks

Track of the week. Alfitude wouldn’t be the same without this kind of music being featured. Brilliant, uplifting Swedish electropop. Check out The Deer Tracks.

First Listen: The Fiery Paino ‘Scene From A Science Fictional Love Story’

the fiery piano

A pleasant enough poppy indie track from Sweden’s The Fiery Piano, who were first featured back in September 2011. Long time!

First Listen: Masters in France ‘Flexin’

masters in france

This is one of those tracks that eats away at you til you realise you’ve had it on loop for a good while. I can’t figure if it’s disco or indie or just plain old geeky electro, but whatever it is it’s pretty addictive. Out March 4th.Find out more here.

First Listen: Justin Timberlake ‘Suit & Tie’

justin timberlake suit tie

I wondered why Timbaland went all quiet on the world for some time. He’s been working on Justin Timberlake‘s comeback, and this is the first solo single since 2007’s ‘Lovestoned’, featuring featuring Jay-Z. Personally, I doubt this song would have got a chance had it not been Justin’s, although it’s sleek enough.

But it does get more infectious with every play (minus the outdated Timbaland indulgence that doesn’t end til forty seconds into the song). His third album will be out later in the year and is titled ‘The 20/20 Experience’.

All Men Are Pigs

studio killers

Studio Killers are a bit of a sinful pleasure for me. I don’t know what draws me to them but I just keep wanting more and more. This is their new track and is as equally as bitchy as the one about bouncers.

First Listen: Ofei ‘Fate’


I don’t know how to describe this new track from Ofei but I think it’s brilliant. You just can’t expect what the next chords will be throughout the whole song.

First Listen: Ed Drewett ‘Drunk Dial’

ed drewett

A while back I posted a video for this song, which at the time had no mention of who the artist behind it was. It’s come to light that it’s actually a new track from one of pop’s brightest new writers, Ed Drewett.

If you think it sounds a bit like something from The Wanted then you’d not be far off- Ed’s one of the forces behind some of their biggest hits. Single’s out 10th March 2013 on BAER MUSIC.

First Listen: Azekel ‘Get It On’


Listen to the dark, sultry, sexy track above by Azekel. You wouldn’t think that it’s actually a cover of the original ‘Get It On’ from 70’s glam rockers T Rex mashed up with the too-cool-for-school lo-fi act XXYYXX. And that friends, is what I call brilliance. See for yourself…

First Listen: BeBe Black ‘Deathwish EP’

bebe black


BeBe Black was featured here back in October and it’s great to see that there’s finally some official releases coming out from her camp. ‘Deathwish EP’ will be released through Columbia Records on 21st January. All I can say is that it’s a pretty well polished production for someone so new, and that’s a very special thing. Expect sinister, epic and broody pop from this talented lady.

First Listen: Mutya Keisha Siobhan ‘Boys’

Mutya Keisha Siobhan

I am insanely EXCITED! The original Sugababes have finally putt this acappella teaser out for their new material. This is just a sign of what’s to come.

First Listen: Hurts ‘Miracle’

hurts exile

So this is Hurt’s new single, which had it’s debut this morning on BBC Radio 1. It’s got that trademark broody, atmospheric sound which isn’t a bad thing. Out March 10th.

First Listen: Mike Delinquent Project ft KCAT & Mikill Pane ‘Mama Said’

Mike Delinquent Project

So you’ve managed to get through your first working week of 2013. Personally, 2012 seems like a lifetime ago already. This new track from Mike Delinquent Project is just too chirpy not to share for a Friday morning.

First Listen: Jarell Perry ‘Whiskey a Go Go’

jarell perrt whiskey

One of the more unique RnB finds from last year, this is Jarell Perry’s new track. A new LP is out later in the year.

First Listen: Orion ‘Only Us’ (feat. The Emotion)

orion band

Orion make the kind of music that’s so airy and innocent it just makes anyone listening feel like a dirty sinner.

First Listen: Charli XCX ‘You Ha Ha Ha’

Charli XCX

Loving this new track from Charli XCX. The next twelve months should be interesting to hear from this lady.