Cape Lion – Deceiving

Cape Lion


John Splithoff – Like You Talk To Me

“I wrote ‘Like You Talk to Me’ in the middle of winter in NYC while anticipating warmer weather. I felt the need to make something that would feel good to hear outdoors. Since the words describe a helpless, blissful feeling of being enamoured by someone, I wanted the romantic lyrics and track to focus more on creating a mood rather than telling a specific story.”

John Splithoff

Doja Cat – Say So

Track of the week. This queen is back with some of her strongest tracks to date, including this mix of disco and rap. Somehow it doesn’t sound cheesy, but rather infectious and fun!

Doja Cat

Jack Peñate – Murder

I feel like this song hasn’t had as much love as it deserves since it’s release a few weeks ago, so I’m sharing it even though it’s not from a newbie…

After ten years (!) we see the return of Jack Peñate with a softly pulsating electro sound, brimming with drama. I can safely say that I haven’t heard anything quite like this before.