Live: Amanda Tenfjord at Ja Ja Ja

London’s biggest monthly showcase dedicated solely to Scandinavian music featured one of Norway’s most promising pop starlets last night, Amanda Tenfjord.

The amount of talent that has emerged from the country this year has been exceptional so I am keen to see what else is in store in 2019.

Sweden’s Orkid (channelling a sassy electro sound) and Denmark’s Luster (with a unique blend of power pop and rock) also played sets in the evening.


Want to be the next big thing? Here’s your chance…

I received an email from one of my favourite music bloggers (and general music guru), Jessica from This Must Be Pop.  She’s given me a heads-up on a casting call happening later this month. If you’re interested here’s the deets:

coopercasting and a major label are auditioning for new talent.

We are looking for charismatic and talented vocalists in all genres for a number of upcoming A&R projects.

Auditions to be held in London.

To be considered, please email a photo with a vocal sample / video and contact details to

Guessing the next big thing becomes a science

No new bands in this post but I just read up on this very cool article about scientists at Emory University predicting future hits through brain responses. I always thought there was a weird geeky way of working out what determines a song to be a hit or not:

The researchers usually could tell from the strength of brain activity alone which songs would later sell at least 20,000 copies, as tabulated by the Nielsen Company. Generally, 1 in 10 recordings turns a profit, but five songs in their neural top 10 sold more than 50,000 copies each. However, three songs that were not among the top 10 eventually became gold records, selling more than 500,000 copies.

Read up on the full article here.