New Music: Mike Hough

Still just a teenager but this Londoner is getting a big reputation for being ‘the white boy with soul’. His new single ‘Nothing To Lose’, is the sort of song that makes strong minded people keep faith in what they want to achieve. Check out here.

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New Music: Scotty James

I can see this being played on American radio, it’s harmless teen pop that’s easy on the ears. I don’t think he’s signed by any labels yet but it’s only a matter of time. Check out here.

New Music: Eli Lieb

Amazing, beautiful talent from Eli Lieb. I haven’t heard much about this kid but am so very impressed with what I’ve seen and heard so far. Just makes your heart melt. Check out here. He’s also got some amazing covers on his YouTube which you definitely have to see.

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New Music: Spiro

This is very new. Currently unsigned, Brighton-based Spiro mixes soul, dance and electro together, with lots of potential! His song ‘Faster’ reminds me of Seal’s big track, ‘Killer‘ (I can’t explain why)…

The video up here is a more acoustic version of ‘Faster’- I really recommend you listen to the electro version on Spiro’s Myspace page. Check out here.

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New Music: Wolfette

Pop with a rock/ electro edge, the sound is very current and Wolfette does it well. I enjoyed listening to all the tracks she had on her Myspace. Check out here.

New Music: T. Mills

This guy just got signed to Colombia Records. It’s rap with attitude but I like the different spin he takes on things. I reckon T. Mills will be huge very soon. Check out here.

New Music: Arrange

This is just pure, well crafted, stunning lo-fi. I can’t fault this at all. The album’s available for free on their BandCamp. I downloaded it, and will be listening to it in the dark with some candles and a bit of star gazing. If London skies allow me. Check out here.

New Music: Ola

The Swedish summer invasion continues. Ola is a recent Swedish pop institution- he’s been a staple at Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s biggest TV show) for some years and he’s now bringing his sound to the UK with the release of ‘All Over The World’ later in August. Check out here.

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New Music: Childish Gambino

If there’s only one song you have time to listen to today, please let it be this, for the love of God! Over THREE MILLION views on YouTube for this kid: this has to be one of the BEST rap tracks since Tyler, The Creator. And the video is awesome. I’ve had this on loop for hours now and I just want to keep listening to it over and over and over… Check out here.

New Music: Tanya Lacey

Tanya Lacey currently features on the Loick Essien track How We Roll, which is huge over in the UK at the moment. I featured Loick back in September 2009 and look where he is now, so I want to be there with this girl too- huge talent that gives me that fresh TLC 1990’s vibe. Check out here.

New Music: Chris Mhina

Chris Mhina will be massive, you just know it whether you like him or not. Think Chris Brown before he went crazy on Rihanna. I really like this song. Check out here.

New Music: Housse de Racket

French indie electro rock type sound. They caused a stir back in 2008 with their hit ‘Oh Yeah’ but this is their proper introduction to the world. It makes a change from the usual funky cheeky happy electro sound coming out of France at the moment (although that is excellent too). Check out here.

New Music: Manna

Born in Paris to a Finnish mother and Algerian father, Manna resides in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, where she’s been crafting an experimental and hauntingly beautiful sound. ‘Lead Me’, out on 14th September, is the debut track from album Shackles, carries a mixture of heavy grooves, beautiful melodies and haunting yet equally uplifting vocals. Check out here.

New Music: Grenades for the Wall

More cute new Swedish musical goodness here. I haven’t really heard anything like this before; it’s sort of laid back catchy electro pop. Definitely some potential there!  Check out here.

New Music: Bluey Robinson

Oh my God. I thought I mentioned this guy a while back but it seems I haven’t. Swedish born, London raised Blue Robinson’s got a neo-soul kinda vibe. If Stevie Wonder did sexy, this would be it. Check out here.

New Music: Nik West

A bass-heavy, soul sound with punchy attitude. If you like some of Prince’s newer material, you will love Nik West. Check out here.