New Music: Alan Wilkis

To me, this sounds like pop. But when I try to learn more about the guy behind this music it all got complicated for my simple brain and I gave up, so I can’t give you much history. Sorry. All I know is these aren’t songs- they’re ‘prints’. Check out here.


New Music: Amalia

Can you guess the inspiration behind this? I can… I say Prince and Grace Jones. Which is an amazing blend. I do enjoy Prince. This is very interesting funk. Check out here.

New Music: Phlo Finister

Let’s imagine for one second that Nancy Sinatra’s classic retro hit ‘Bang Bang’ was conceived some time in the mid 90’s in some place like LA. I imagine this is what it would have sounded like. Check out here.

New Music: Disclosure

You know, for someone who remembers garage music the first time round, listening to Disclosure and seeing their sound being labelled as ‘future-garage’ makes me feel ancient. Anyway, there’s some very fresh sounds coming out of these guys. Check out here.

New Music: The Subways

I was really into this kind of music in my mid teens, so when I hear The Subways I sort of feel like I should put on some baggy jeans and wrap myself with duck-tape or something [making ‘a statement’]. This track has been A-listed on BBC Radio 1 which is a very huge deal and I can see it’s appeal. They’re already on their third album (which makes me feel old since I’ve only just heard of them now), and they seem to be doing alright for themselves;

“We wrote this track about each and every one of you” exclaims singer Billy Lunn night after night on tour. ‘It’s A Party’, the opener on the album has over the course of the band’s summer exploits across Europe become a (if not the) live favourite culminating with massed frenzy at venues across Europe not least at the band’s recent sold out show at London’s KOKO which witnessed Lunn leaping from a first level balcony into the moshpit…”

Check out here.

New Music: High Highs

Beautiful, uplifting shoe-gazey/ lo-fi sounds from this Brooklyn band. If this doesn’t lift your spirits on this cold, dark Sunday then I don’t know what will. Check out here.

New Music: Family of the Year

Retro pop/ rock with a very easy sounding vibe to it. It’s just all so lovely and happy and lovely. Check out here.

New Music: Strangers

I love this. Dark synthy pop, formed in 2010 by David Maddox-Jone, formerly of The Departure. Leading track ‘Promises’ is sinister yet romantic tale of lost love and the broken promises it often entails. Check out here.

New Music: The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

Something a little different today- this is an ensemble band. I just can’t stop watching and listening to the video- it’s pretty captivating stuff. Check out here.

New Music: Flow Machines

Flow Machines surfaced in late 2008 with a major reworking of The Human League‘s classic b-side ‘Hard Times’. An album and remix EP followed, and by 2008 the studio-based act had received acclaim in Time Out magazine and the NME for their own remixes of Cornershop and The Lost Cavalry respectively.

Flow Machines are intent on keeping their identity a mystery… They are yet to play live, give an interview, or release a press photo, opting instead to focus 100% of their energy to releasing their unique edgy pop. Check out here.

New Music: The Dø

I’m in two minds about this. No, actually, I’m in three minds. One tells me this is amazing. The other tells me this is utter crap. And the third tells me this girl’s eyebrows are vicious. But I definitely feel this is a very strong piece of work, so make your own minds up. Check out here.

New Music: Son Of A Kid

This is sort of not really new music, Son Of A Kid was once known as Dyno, who was featured on here some time ago. This is a kind of rebirth and the quality of the tracks is still stellar. Check out here.

New Music: Random Impulse

I am really feeling this. Big London attitude from Random Impulse mixing rock, soul, and mc’ing all in one. It’s a bit Gym Class Heroes. Only much better. Check out here.

New Music: Gary Clark Jr.

This is so, so good. Blues with some big soul sounds. I would kill to watch this guy live. Check out here.