New Music: Mansions on the Moon

This band fits into the Washed Out and Active Child scheme of things- stunning lofi melodic sounds coming  from Virginia. ‘Palm of Your Hand’ is gorgeously crafted genius. Their remix album, Paradise Falls was released earlier in the autumn and had the touch of Diplo within. Download ‘Glimpse of the Future (Remix)’ here and check out their music here.

New Music: James Blake

Stunning dramatic slow dub with a big voice. The undertones on ‘Limit To Your Love’ are mind blowing. Something about James Blake reminds me of Jamie Woon. Check out here.

New Music: Danielle DeLaite

23-year-old triple threat Danielle DeLaite has been on the stage since the age of three-years-old. She has travailed through the trials and tribulations of failed recording contracts and unscrupulous agencies yet she has never given up on her dream of being a performer. Result? ‘Nothing to Wear’ is a TUNE- specially the Israel remix below.

MP3: Danielle DeLaite – Nothing To Wear (Israel Remix)

New Music: Bekele

Some brand new stuff for you here. I love this girl’s look- so hot. New York Based Bekele carries that polished NY club sound well- I forget that I’m stuck on a wet Sunday afternoon in London when ‘Popstitute’ comes on. What is a Popstitute?  ‘In the context of the song, a Popstitute is someone who takes charge of the party and seduces the crowd to get up and dance, giving everyone a sort of a musical hard-on’. LOVE IT! With almost half a million hits on her Myspace, she’s not going to be unsigned for very long. Watch out for the upcoming debut EP, “Confessions of a Popstitute”. Check out here.

New Music: Alex Clare

I got a bit excited when I heard this – best of British! ‘Up All Night’ just sounds so so good. Produced by Diplo and Switch. Check out here.

New Music: Viktorious

Up and coming singer from Sweden- contains all the classic Swedish perfectpop ingredients. Check out here.

New Music: Morning Parade

A beautiful, sexy sound from a group of Essex boys (have you been watching The Only Way Is Essex..? Amazing!) Anway, Under The Stars is so so so good. They compare to Friendly Fires and Delphic a little. Check out here. You can also get a free download on that link called ‘Youth’.

New Music: Jessie J

You can just tell this girl is going to be massive when she gets proper promotion. Would she beat Lily Allen in a fight? Probably not, but she’d probably leave a few nasty scratches… Check out here.

New Music: The Knocks

Fresh Daft Punk- style electro pop. This is the kind of music I wish more clubs played. ‘Dancing with the DJ’ is really fun- and you can download it for free by clicking here or visit their Myspace here.

New Music: The Narcoleptic Dancers

Cute indie pop, but the hairstyles have to go… I mean honestly! Check out here.

New Music: Little Majorette

Swedish trip hop pop luxury. Ginger bearded men and a cute little lady making beautiful beats.  ‘Sous Les Etoile’ melts in your mouth. Check out here.

New Music: Paper Crows

Saw these guys on the Guardian today and the reminded me a bit of 90’s trip hop but more current. There’s a lot of atmosphere in their songs. Check out here.

New Music: Jared Lee

I love this guy’s music. His new single, ‘It’s Over (Goodbye)’ is really really good. Simple pop/rock with a little American soul. Check out here.

New Music: Kraus

Dutch electropop, this is really good music. It’s fresh and clean and easy to bop along to. Check out here.

New Music: Loomis & The Lust

This is pure, fun, well written pop rock made by some really cool guys from the USA. Loomis & The Lust have this 60’s surf SoCal vibe about them that cheers you up a little bit every time you listen. More importantly though, these guys don’t take themselves too seriously, and as a result they just kinda ooze coolness… Check out some tunes below or go to their Myspace here. Do it, they’re really good!

MP3: Loomis & The Lust – Good Time Lover

MP3: Loomis & The Lust – Bright Red Chords

MP3: Loomis & The Lust – A.D.D


New Music: 8bit Moon

Stumbled across this lovely band on Myspace a few days ago. Hailing from the North West of England and taking influence from artists such as Afta-1, The Knife, and 8o’s synth-pop bands Yazoo and Telex, their hybrid sound fuses experimental productions with delicate vocals and nimble hooks to create seductively heady music. Check out here and give these couple of tracks a spin.

MP3: 8bit Moon – Hairy Little Boy

MP3: 8bit Moon – Russian Dolls


New Music: The Futhamuckas

I’ve heard about these guys for a while but never got round to mentioning them- a good mix of electropop and hip hop, American style. Check out here.

New Music: Yadi

Already causing a stir with music blogs all over the place, Yadi won’t be unsigned for long. Guillotine is pretty good. Check out here.