First Watch: Noisettes ‘Winner’

Noisettes are back and Im personally a huge fan of this track.


First Watch: Freedom Fry ‘Summer in the City’

Summer? What Summer? In case you aren’t aware, London hasn’t had one single day in the last month without rain… But hey, let’s watch Freedom Fry enjoy their summer instead.

First Watch: Moya ‘Lost & Found’

Featured late last year, this is the cute new single from 21-year old Moya. It’s got a bit of a 90’s indie feel to it.

Just in case you missed Aiden Grimshaw’s new music video…

… here it is. It was revealed earlier this week. Curtain Call is released on the 12th of August through RCA and debut album ‘Misty Eye’ follows on the 20th of August.

First Watch: Sebastien Tellier ‘Russian Attractions’

The great Sebastien Tellier returns with a gorgeous, piece of musical sex, like only he does best.

First Watch: Heart Machine Service ‘Street Lights’

A beautiful little video for a beautiful little song by one of my new favourite artists.

First Watch: Toddla T & Shola Ama ‘Alive’

A while back these two got together and made an amazing track. They’ve joined forces again and, once again, they’ve created another stormer of a tune.

First Watch: Tanya Lacey ft Kano ‘Greatness’

I really can’t wait for the world to discover this lady– so much talent and she’s not even trying hard! This is the lead single to upcoming EP, ‘Head Chef’.

First Listen: Andreas Moe ‘Collecting Sunlight’

There’s probably a reason why we have bad weather in London so far this summer- it’s because this dude is stealing all the rays and singing about it. One of my favourite up and comers from Sweden, this is  the new video from Andreas Moe.

First Watch: Miriam Bryant ‘Finders Keepers’

I absolutely love this song by Miriam Bryant. It’s so raw and big and epic. If you do just one thing today, share this link with everyone you know because this is one piece of talent that just has to eplode!

First Watch: Josh Kumra ‘Helicopters & Planes’

One of my favourite songs this month- it’s insanely powerful pop. This is the video to accompany the video. I really do want all of you to be fans of Josh Kumra – some serious talent here. The single will be released July 15th on RCA.

First Watch: Mika ‘Make You Happy’

Mika’s first album was crazy fun. His second one kind of wasn’t so great. But this is really promising. I’m in love with this song.

First Watch: Agnes ‘One Last Time’

I haven’t blogged much about Swedish pop superstar Agnes before because I felt everyone else was writing so much about her that there wasn’t any point for another person to start doing it. But when I heard her new single, One Last Time, I just HAD to feature this- it’s so beautiful and is such a departure from her old, usual style.

The track is written by Agnes, Ana Diaz and Jonas Quant. The single is produced by Jonas Quant (Hurts, Leona Lewis, Kylie Minogue, No Doubt). The video is directed by Amir Chamdin (The Cardigans).

First Watch: Coco Morier ‘Ambulance’

Since releasing material earlier this year Coco Morier has gone from strength to strength- and is now signed to INGRID – the artist collective with Lykke Li, Peter, Bjorn & John etc. Check out this new video for the single ‘Ambulance’.

First Watch: Jay James Picton ‘Play It By Heart’

This is the first single taken from his album due out in early Summer, and was recorded between Brooklyn and LA with a stellar group of session musicians from the hip hop & soul scenes.

First Watch: The Lines ‘No Illusions, No Cheap Tricks’

I featured this a while back and now the track’s got a video.

First Watch: Jherek Bischoff with Zac Pennington & Soko ‘Young & Lovely’

Some flamboyant, indulgent pop for this horrible, grey Sunday.

First Watch: G-Eazy ‘Marilyn’

I previously mentioned this guy before on here, this is his new music video, and it’s cool.