First Watch: Filur ‘Concentrate!’

I don’t know much about Filur but they seem to be big in their native Denmark- I just love the song (when it kicks in at the 2:45 mark). Check out here.


First Watch: Visions of Trees ‘Sirens (Novocaine)’

One of my favourite songs by this duo. They’ve announced a tour for the autumn (so like… now). Check out here.

First Watch: Caan ‘Now Hear This My Friends’

I wrote about Caan back in the summer. This is the video to ‘Now Hear This My Friends’, out on October 10th. He’s definitely one to watch for- amazing talent.

First Watch: Maverick Sabre ‘I Need’

This has to be absolutely my favourite song of the month. Previously featured on here back in March this year, this is the new single from Maverick Sabre. It’s a boy version of Adele and Amy. This is TALENT.

First Watch: MNEK ‘If Truth Be Told’

I’ve been a bit obsessed with MNEK for a while now. Anyway, this song is not new, but it’s been reworked and is getting a proper release that an amazing tune like this deserves. He’s also co-written current crazy hit ‘All Fired Up’ by The Saturdays which is top 10 in the UK charts at the moment.

You know what I like about him? He puts enough fun in his pop without it sounding like something out of a CBeebies show. Check him out!

First Watch: The New Spring ‘For Everest (Shelley)’

Check out the new video from Denmark’s ‘The New Spring’.

First Watch: Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett ‘Body and Soul’

This is it- Amy’s last recording. Single’s out today on iTunes. Buy it and remember the greatness that was Amy Winehouse, and to support the new Foundation set up in her name which was also launched today- what would have been Amy’s birthday (the single’s proceeds will go towards it). She looks stunning. I wrote a post a while ago about how important Amy’s music was (and still is) so special to me- read it here if you like.

First Watch: Alex Boyd ‘One Day At A Time’

I’ve already featured Alex Boyd previously on here, and this is his new video. I really can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch up with this guy- he’s just too good!

First Watch: The Young Professionals ’20 Seconds’

My favourite Israeli camp pop duo have come out with a new single, ’20 Seconds’. The video seems to carry off from their last single, D.I.S.C.O. which was featured here a while back.

First Watch: Justice ‘Audio, Video, Disco’

Justice are back! This is from their upcoming album, out in October. I’ve been throwing myself into French electro this year a lot, specially Ed Banger stuff. Exciting.

First Watch: Matt Cardle ‘Run For Your Life’

With the X Factor wheel in full motion in the UK, last year’s winner has released a video to his new ‘proper’ single. It doesn’t sound like anything from any of the previous X Factor winners in Britain. I don’t know what I think of it to be honest but kudos for bucking the trend.

First Watch: Ayah Marar ft Yogi ‘Follow U’

I mentioned Ayah Marar a while back, and this is the video to her immense track, Follow U, released September 25th.

First Watch: AlunaGeorge ‘You Know You Like It’

I’m 27 years old, but I feel about 15 when I hear this new track from AlunaGeorge. Love it. ‘You Know You Like It’ is out this week on Super Recordings.

First Watch: Man Like Me ‘Peculiar’

A very peculiar video to a peculiar tune. The new single from Man Like Me, available to download October 3rd.

First Watch: Nicola Roberts ‘Lucky Day’

Nicola Roberts, one-fifth of Girls Aloud, didn’t make as much of a splash on the fickle world of British pop earlier this year with her Diplo-produced debut, Dance To The Beat Of My Drum. This is her second go at selling some records.

It carries that same vein of  ‘can’t be bothered to belt out some chords’ vibe which she seems to be carving out to be her sound. She was always the underdog in the Girls Aloud-do-solo-projects race, but she’s being the most original so far. I approve.

First Watch: The Saturdays ‘All Fired Up’

This, in my view, is the best mainstream pop song coming out of the UK this year so far. And to think I hated The Saturdays when they first came out…

First Watch: Scotty McCreery

Mini-country heart throb Scotty McCreery won the most recent version of American Idol, and this is his debut. You forget that this voice belongs to a SEVENTEEN year old. Nuts. I sort of like it!

First Watch: Oh Land ‘White Nights’

Here’s a first watch for Oh Land’s new single, White Nights. Quirky, eclectic, stylish, cool… etc…

First Watch: Will Young ‘Jealousy’

Here’s the just-released video for Will Young’s new single, Jealousy. He does look very jealous.

First Watch: Joan as Police Woman ‘Chemmie’

Sexy, sultry sounds from Joan as Police Woman’s new single, Chemmie (out August 1st) – I must admit I didn’t know who she was before watching this video but I kinda like her!