Alfitude only accepts songs through the following submission platforms. Any one of these will enable you to easily send your music to us. If we like the song, we accept it. If we don’t then you’ll know the reason why, or even get some advice.


> Submit with Groover

Groover allows you to connect your songs with media outlets, radio stations and labels.


> Submit with SubmitHub

SubmitHub was designed by the team at Indie Shuffle and allows you to send your tracks to Alfitude as well as other influential music sites, playlist curators, influencers and labels.


> Submit with Bliiink

Bliiink is a music accelerator as well as a curated streaming platform that allows artists the opportunity to reach out to relevant music tastemakers & influencers to share their music.

One Submit

> Submit with One Submit

One Submit is self-service platform where artists can submit their music to music sites and playlist curators.

PR agencies and managers will also need to send tracks using any of the above platforms. You can be unsigned or established – anyone can submit, and you’ll know the outcome of your track as soon as we listen to it.

The Alfitude A-List

The Playlist is multi-genre collection of songs ranging from pop to indie to RnB to experimental, and so on. Songs are added to the Playlist at our discretion, and kept on for seven days. The best way to know if your track has been included is by following on Spotify.

Please note that we only accept music we love, and have a strict policy against payola or similar schemes.