Alfitude only accepts songs through SubmitHub, which is where the link above will take you. There you can send me your music, and is the only way to be considered for a feature.

SubmitHub is a site designed by the team from Indie Shuffle which allows you to post your music to Alfitude as well as other influential music sites, playlist curators and influencers. You’ll know outcome of your track as soon as the curator listens to it. PR agencies and managers will also need to send tracks via SubmitHub.

Looking for detailed feedback? Alfitude is also listed on HumanHuman, which is a platform that allows you to ask multiple questions about your music (you can also request for a song to be considered for a feature). Visit HumanHuman here.

The Alfitude A-List is refreshed every Sunday, and features the best songs discovered over the week. The only way to know if your song has been included is by following the playlist on Spotify.

If you are looking to connect with me on queries not regarding a music submission, please get in touch using this form.