Kaleem Taylor – Not Alone

Kaleem Taylor


New Music: Matt Jackson-Cook

The production is a little home made but the melody and pure potential coming out of this playful electronic pop is quite exciting.

Matt Jackson-Cook

Did France find it’s new Adele?

France is in the middle of choosing it’s entry for Eurovision 2019, and last night Seemone was presented as one of the contenders.

She ended up winning the entire heat with a simple and heartbreaking song that clearly meant a lot to the singer. Meaningful and beautiful pop doesn’t happen this often anymore.

The final is next Saturday evening and it’s well worth a watch.

New Music: John The Blind

John The Blind acts a moniker for songwriter/producer John Henry Ryan II, who has been responsible for a whole load of tracks performed by some of pop’s biggest names. This sound feels like a blend between synth pop and gospel soul.

John The Blind

New Music: Aron Blom

This is a really exciting talent for me. A powerful, anthemic Swedish pop sound with a strong vocal presence.

Aron Blom