Worry Club – Jonesin’

With over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Chicago outfit Worry Club continues to work his charm across the globe with his uniquely captivating twist on indie-pop.

Worry Club

Khamari – Doctor, My Eyes

I can safely say that there has yet to be a release from LA-based talent Khamari which hasn’t completely blown me away.

Doctor, My Eyes’ is no exception. This is a gorgeously emotive yet stripped-back sound, with captivating lyricism over a beautiful melody.


New Music: Kenneth Cash

Photo / AIMOS

Kenneth Cash is rapidly marking a name for himself as one of New York’s most promising new R&B talents. Managed by none other than AKTHESAVIOR, Cash delivers a unique spin on the genre which is refreshingly future-forward and hugely exciting.

New single ‘Patience’ delivers a personal reflection of what it means to hit your limit of patience in a relationship:

“It’s a vicious situation, one that leads to resentment and forces you to ask, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ It just made me realise there’s a fine line between being patient and enabling damaging behaviour.”

Kenneth Cash

Chloe Lilac – sick

Photo / ONErpm Studios

Artist and songwriter Chloe Lilac returns with a stunningly dreamy release in the form of new single ‘sick’.

Lilac’s biting lyricism on the song likens relational toxicity to a contagious sickness – one that she needs to be distanced from so she can reclaim her power.

“I wrote ‘sick’ about dating someone who will do anything to get what they want. Whenever I re-listen to it I think of the phrase ‘hurt people hurt people.’ Being with someone like that can make you as sick as they are.”

Taken from the new mixtape ‘when i feel better‘ which is out now.

Chloe Lilac

New Music: Becoming Young

Nashville-based artist Becoming Young creates a style of music that seamlessly fuses elements of pop, folk, and narrative singer-songwriter into beautifully intense songs that are not only captivating and emotive, but also highly relatable.

“I wrote this song about someone who was afraid to reveal herself. For so long, I tried to show her how much I loved every part of her, including her demons. This song was a proclamation of my commitment.”

Becoming Young

New Music: dee holt

Rising Gen-Z artist dee holt has to be one of the most promising bedroom-pop talents to emerge from Canada right now.

Freshly signed to Nettwerk Records following the success of her single ‘Olivia’, today sees the launch of new release ‘drive around’.

“This song is about living life to its fullest with the person that you love. It’s about appreciating those small things, like going out for drives or drinking out on a boat late at night. It’s about falling in love and being able to let it all go. This song makes me feel happy and relaxed. It makes me smile. When I wrote this song, all I had in mind were all the small things that make me fall in love.”

dee holt

clide – kitchen floor

German-based talent clide is back today with indie-pop gem ‘kitchen floor’. A melancholy masterpiece, the song was inspired by the emotional consequences of a drunken fight – and what can happen when a little bit too much of the truth has been spilled.

“My demons keep on finding their way out of my mouth. I guess they’ve always been there, they’re just getting too loud”



Cameroonian producer Seensei links up with London-based French-Cameroonian singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB on the sensational ‘Wasa’.

Rich in vibrancy and texture, the song features elements of makossa, afropop, electronica and pop to create a sound that showcases the brilliance of music coming out of Africa today.


New Music: Shamim

Rising London starlet Shamim releases a luxurious slice of R&B in the shape of new single ‘U R ME’.

“The song is inspired by the feeling of growing in love with someone. The song is about the power of love. As love is the highest frequency, it is an exceptional phenomenon that every human being craves but can also breed so much pain. Nonetheless we must remain open and vulnerable to the idea because love is the greatest gift of them all. I believe in having faith for things I haven’t seen or experienced yet, and with this song, I decided to create a world where the love that my heart desires exists”.

Born in Uganda and raised in the UK to the musical influences of legends like Etta James, Nina Simone and Otis Redding, Shamim is driven by honesty in music and puts truth at the core of her lyrics, with a determination to create the same freedom and fearlessness as her idols.


Fabich + fika – Pretend (feat. Sophia Alexa)

Some of my recent favourite talents team up to create one of the peak songs of the week. Fabich’s ‘Pretend’ features frequent collaborators fika, alongside Sam Sure and Sophia Alexa.

The nostalgia-tinged track flirts between alt-pop and indie, talking about the fleeting love of a perfect summer romance – which like all good things has to come to an end at some point.

Fabich | fika | Sophia Alexa

New Music: Lost Casual

Debuting today is Sydney-based artist Lost Casual with his single ‘Energy’. This dynamic singer, musician and producer crafts an impressive blend of indie, pop and electronica that is not only infectiously catchy but also carries refreshingly honest lyricism.

“‘Energy’ is centred around the idea of a failing relationship, trapped in that awkward, quiet, contemptuous zone. That unique hell where you know it’s done but its not over yet.”

Lost Casual

JESSIA – First Call

Canadian TikTok star and pop princess JESSIA continues to release some of the finest bops of the year.

‘First Call’ is another outstanding track that perfectly balances dreamy pop with a more melancholy edge.

Taken from the new EP ‘How Are You?’ which is out now.


JVCK JAMES – Love In The Club

JVCK JAMES has solidified his status as one of the UK’s most impressive R&B talents to emerge over the last couple of years.

The East London artist has already garnered support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 6 and Capital Xtra, as well as appearing as part of COLOR’s Home/Bred session series last summer. On new single ‘Love In The Club’ he says:

“The song is about being cautious of falling in love in the club, although sometimes we can’t help ourselves…”

A headline show at London’s Omeara is on 3rd March 2022. Tickets on general release from 3rd December 2021 here.


Charli Taft – Sentimental

After an impressive 12 months of building momentum, rising UK R&B star Charli Taft ends the year with infectious new single ‘Sentimental’.

With it’s throwback style of R&B production evocative of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, Taft’s vocals perfectly deliver honest lyricism over a catchy melody.

“‘Sentimental’ is a record that sonically really sets the tone for my album. On the one hand, the lyrics are personal and intimate; I’m generally an optimistic person and I always want to see the best in people, so I’ve definitely left myself open to heartbreak in the past and I think so many people can relate to that. On the other hand, the track has this soulful, hip-hop bump. I love exploring that push-pull in my music. Even when I’m singing a song about heartbreak, I still want people to feel good when they hear it.”

Charli Taft

New Music: Talltale

Canadian artist Talltale has already picked up over 330k catalogue streams as an independent artist, and when you listen to ‘Tennis Club’ you’ll quickly realise why.

This is a kind of electro-pop that is impossible not enjoy thanks to its witty lyricism, catchy melodies and a fantastic vocals.

“It started with a loose lyric idea of ‘I learned more about love in tennis club than I ever did from you’ (since a score of zero in tennis is called ‘love’). Then I built out the song to keep – what I hope to be – an emotionally honest core, while encasing it with more tennis puns and a shimmering 80s synth-pop vibe instrumentally.”


New Music: Names

London outfit Names is an all encompassing project comprising of three school friends, who record and produce everything themselves from a DIY home studio.

Showcasing some of the most exciting emerging British indie-pop right now, their new single ‘Nice Guy’ draws inspiration from the likes of The Killers, The Neighbourhood, HAIM and Future Island.

“‘Nice Guy’ came about really naturally – we wanted to do a faster song that still felt atmospheric and reflective and we developed the drums and main guitar riff really quickly. Lyrically it focuses around that feeling of always losing out in relationships to people who are meaner, or cooler and wondering why those people always seem to ‘win’. We’re really proud of this song and we feel it fits into our musical world.” – Rupert, Guitarist

Through blending elements of lo-fi pop with indie and rock in a perfectly balanced way, this trio could well be one of the UK’s most promising new groups to emerge over the next year.

Names perform at London’s Colours today, 1st Dec 2021.


AVIV – Failed English

The Canadian 15-year old indie-pop prodigy better known as AVIV returns today with new single ‘Failed English’.

As artist who’s not only a singer and songwriter but also a multi- instrumentalist, her unique approach to D.I.Y. pop is both nostalgic and prescient. ‘Failed English’ proves that perfectly: this is a song that epitomises the essence of youth with a ton of charm and character.

“[The song] explores the somewhat nasty feelings which erupted following a breakup and demonisation of the individual who broke up with you as a defence mechanism.”

AVIV has already acclaim from influential Spotify playlists including ‘young & free’, ‘bedroom pop and ‘New Music Friday US’ among others – firmly marking this Toronto talent as one to watch.


Santino Le Saint – Godspeed

Taken from the new album ‘Beautiful Disaster’, Santino Le Saint’s ‘Godspeed’ is a perfected fusion of alt-R&B and indie.

The Brixton-based vocalist, musician and producer has created an immense amount of traction over the past year – and it’s safe to say that the hype has been well deserved; this entire record is a gem from start to finish.

‘Beautiful Disaster’ is out now.

Santino Le Saint

New Music: Chilli Jesson

Already a name that may be familiar to some of you, Chilli Jesson was a former member of the critically acclaimed group Palma Violets.

After the outfit split, Chilli moved back home and found himself working in a pub while battling with a deep depression.

But he wrote himself out of it, and now he’s back with a sound that perfectly fuses indie-rock with pop – heralding a new era for this hugely talented artist.

“The pub I worked at would get DJs in on Friday and Saturday nights, and I just began to get really into pop music, and for the first time truly became aware of its sonic reach.” 

Chilli Jesson

Celine Love – Like You Like That

Emerging London-based artist Celine Love returns with a sultry fusion of neo-soul and alt-R&B on new single ‘Like You Like That’.

A luxurious production by TR33 sets the tone for Celine’s smooth vocals to shine through, serving the listener with refreshingly raw lyricism over a beautifully constructed melody.

“‘Like You Like That’ is about the fear of losing myself in the idea of a perfect romance. After a long term relationship that ended during lockdown I was just starting to feel comfortable in my skin because I had the time to focus on myself. I am a chronic over-thinker and wrote this song almost as a warning to not give up everything I had gained for anyone else.”

Celine Love | TR33