New Music: Morning Midnight

“It’s a song that talks about coping with the struggle of doubt and self-preservation that come with trying to pursue your dreams. It’s me battling internally with the feelings of isolation from the people I care for and questioning if I can go on. Listening to the verses the words might come across as bleak but the chorus intentionally both asks the question and answers it, ending with a feeling of resolution and hope.”

Morning Midnight


Luke Marzec – In a Haze, Getting Waved

“In a Haze, Getting Waved is a look at the way so many of us only live for the weekend.  Instead of really thinking about our lives, our wants and our dreams, our generation gets wasted instead: endless weekends spent drinking and taking drugs – not only for the high but for the come down too. The Haze-y start of the week prohibits us from really examining ourselves, and by Wednesday and Thursday we start gearing up to repeat the weekend again. Will the cycle ever stop? Is another world possible?”

Luke Marzec

New Music: nic violets

“I wrote this song about messing up a good thing. The back end of the chorus reads: “I turn daisies to weeds, be careful where you plant your seeds.” It’s important to take a step back and realize what’s in front of you before it’s too late.”

nic violets