Tasha – Perfect Wife

Tasha treats us all to a blissful and nostalgic twist on indie-pop. Ultra romantic ‘Perfect Wife’ is a modern love song at it’s purest, while also giving hope to those yet to find ‘the one’.


Ber – Dead Dear (Deer)

Hate me like I hit you with my bonnet (Bonnet)
Ripping up the picture in my wallet (Wallet)
I meant to push the brakes but then I fed you to the snakes
And now you’re bleeding out next to me on the carpet


Denis Coleman – pillowTHOUGHTS 

Photo / Sky Rizzo

Denis Coleman returns with an epic slice of pop in the form of new single pillowTHOUGHTS’.

Fusing elements of indie-rock into the mix, the song symbolises the highs and lows of being in a relationship.

Denis Coleman

Charlie Powers – Alone With Myself

It’s not your fault that I’m lonely
Trouble sleeping at night, with eyes open
And I promise that I won’t show it
Thought you’d understand, least I was hoping

Charlie Powers

New Music: Daniel Novello

Emerging from the US is Daniel Novello, who’s single ‘INSANE’ is probably one of the most infectious alternative rock-pop songs I’ve come across so far this month.

Featuring influences from 90’s and early 00’s bands, the production starts with a melancholic vibe before exploding into a sound that carries distorted guitars and loud cellos.

Daniel Novello

Rushes – Lost In Therapy

As it currently stands (and in my personal opinion), no newcomer from Ireland is fusing alt-pop with RnB as perfectly as Rushes is.

Lost In Therapy’ is one of the best releases of the week thanks to it’s simple yet finessed production, and raw yet honest lyricism. This kid is undoubtedly one to watch.


New Music: Liliana Mae

A marvellously finessed fusion of alt-RnB and pop from American talent Liliana Mae. This singer-songwriter and producer crafts songs that feature melodic instrumentals and vulnerable lyrics, forming sounds that are not only soulful and emotive but completely enchanting.

“Have you ever felt like love made you invincible? ‘You + The World’ reflects those moments where love was nothing but a sweet, reminiscent dream. I wrote this while looking back on some of my sweetest memories and wondering if things would ever go back to the way they were.”

Liliana Mae

New Music: nicole han

Teen talent nicole han has written an anthem for the youth with her new single ‘aftertaste’. This is an introspective pop song that presents intelligent lyricism over an anthemic melody, growing in intensity as the sound concludes.

“As I am wrapping up the last year of being a teenager, I’ve recently reflected a lot upon the past decade. People always tell me, ‘your teens are the best years of your life!! Don’t forget to savour it while it lasts!’ But the truth is, these are the years where we are growing into ourselves, emotional, confused, and maybe a bit anxious. I wrote this song to express the bittersweet emotions surrounding my teenage years. There’s been times where I hate this stage of life and want to pack up and leave, but part of me knows these are the best years of my life.”

nicole han

Aaron Taos – Enemies

An eccentric blend of indie, rock, pop and electronica all come together in perfect harmony on ‘Enemies’ from American talent Aaron Taos.

Produced by Oren Yoel (who’s worked with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Joji), the song is taken from new album ‘Closure & Campari’ (out now). On the song, Aaron says:

“It’s about the resentment you feel after a nasty breakup and the fantasies you have about how you can get back at (or with) your ex.”

Aaron Taos

New Music: Jack Blair

Having heard a few releases from Jack Blair over the recent weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that this artist may well be one of the next musical exports to emerge from Ohio.

This is indie-pop at it’s best; simple melodies, engaging lyricism and well-constructed productions mean that every song on new album ‘Broken 2 Beautiful’ is a joy to experience. On ‘One for Me’, Jack says:

“This song is an actual attempt for me to write a song that, no matter how low I’m feeling, could lift me out of it. It’s about being beaten by imposter syndrome, bruised in the ego, battered by the world, and turning it around, remembering that I am not defined by depression. Hopefully the chorus lifts you like it does me.”

‘Broken 2 Beautiful’ is out now, and if you’re in Cincinnati be sure to check Jack perform live on the 18th September 2021- tickets here.

Jack Blair

New Music: Andi

While still only 19, it seems quite possible that Andi could become a household name over the coming year, having recently garnered nearly a million new Tik Tok followers and independently adding 100k Spotify followers over the last few months.

Her new single ‘Money’ gives the side eye to silver spooners who have no self awareness, and talks about how money affects us all – including artists.

“Having moved to LA at 16, I was exposed to a very toxic culture surrounding fake wealth, clout etc… As a young artist, it’s very easy to get caught up in the mix of it. Money was incredibly fun to make; it’s pretty much a diss track to the people who think they’re better than you due to their social status.”


Olivia Grace – Space

Consistently delivering some of the finest cuts of alt-pop lately, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Olivia Grace is back today with another sensational release in the form of new single ‘Space’.

The song comes almost one year after Olivia’s intensive battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare and life-threatening illness, alongside multi-organ failure in 2020. 

“’Space’ is about gaining the courage and strength to choose something different for yourself when you’re unhappy with the circumstances you’re in, whatever it may be.”

Olivia Grace

New Music: Haley Johnsen

A beautifully nostalgic and dreamy sound from Oregon-born talent Haley Johnsen. Raised listening to powerhouse singers like Brandi Carlile, Eva Cassidy, and Bonnie Raitt, these inspirations become apparent through Haley’s soaring vocals, introspective lyricism, and cross-pollinated style of indie-pop, and bluesy folk rock music. 

New single ‘Goner’ was written in a bathtub in a vintage trailer, in the midst of having an existential crisis. She remarks that the song is about:

“The longing for what once was our youth and also the fear of death. It’s about my own internal struggle trying to stay present and at peace with who I am now, where I am now, and realise that my childlike self is still very much alive in me. It’s a reminder that I don’t need to be afraid or insecure with where I am in my life.”

Haley Johnsen

Neon Dreams – Say It Loud (feat. Mthandazo Gatya)

Inspired by their South African tour earlier this year, ‘Say It Loud’ is the new single from Canadian duo Neon Dreams. As the band spent time bonding with fans and helping the community, their single ‘Life Without Fantasies’ was soaring on South Africa’s viral chart.

It eventually peaked at No. 2, but couldn’t get past Senzeni’ by South African star Mthandazo Gatya. And after hearing Gatya’s music, the band knew he would be a perfect addition to ‘Say It Out Loud’.

Neon Dreams | Mthandazo Gatya

Neon Dreams are Goodwill Ambassadors for The Justice Desk – a non-profit organisation that strives to teach youth about human rights at a young age and help them to defend those rights throughout their lives.

New Music: White Novels

Formed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, White Novels are an emerging outfit from Scotland who blend elements of pop, indie and alt-rock into a sound that, frankly, is impossible not to enjoy.

When you press play on new single ‘California’ you’ll realise that these chaps have mastered a sound that feels unique and experimental, all the while still being accessible for any listener to connect with.

“‘California’ is a love story about an experience Jack (band member) went through back in 2019. He was dating a girl from California while she studied at University of Edinburgh. Like most relationships nowadays, it started via online dating apps, and progressed to them meeting up regularly at ‘The Jazz Bar’ in Edinburgh. The song explores themes of heartbreak, teenage naivety, romance and cheating. It turned out the girl had a boyfriend all along, the lyric ‘When I held your hand, not knowing you’re the middle’ reflects the fact this girl was leading two lives without both guys knowing. Jack being 5000 miles away from the ‘real’ boyfriend.”

White Novels

Basement Revolver – Transatlantic

Canadian outfit Basement Revolver return today with new single ‘Transatlantic’. Evoking the feeling of a bright and glowing love, the song is a beautifully hazy and dreamy blend of pop, shoegaze and indie-rock.

Transatlantic’ is taken from the forthcoming sophomore record ‘Embody’, which is out in early 2022.

Basement Revolver

Taloula – Keep on Tryin’

London-based songstress Taloula crafts some of the most sensational cuts of neo-soul you could imagine.

Previously known as ‘Tal’, this artist moved to the UK after a prominent pop career in France so that she could embrace her true vision. ‘Keep on Tryin’ reflects the beginning of this new chapter for her, as she explains:

“This song is about how determined I am to never give up. As I try to listen to my inner peace, I feel like I can trust my instincts to lead me on the right path. Even though there are obstacles, I see the light through them.”


New Music: Nick Rannikko

Emerging from Massachusetts is Nick Rannikko, a producer and engineer who crafts a sound that feels dreamy and emotive, yet still feels easy to listen to and make a connection with.

New single ‘More’ opens with a lo-fi ambience, before plunging the listener into a soaring chorus that shows off Nick’s captivating vocals.

“In a literal sense, ‘More’ is about being lied to and led on but you can’t help the fact that thinking about the other person only gets worse. You only want more of what they have to offer. ‘More’ to me means moving on. Finding new ground and releasing built-up tension. It means acceptance and growth.”

Nick Rannikko

Eden Rain – Being Human

With support from the likes of BBC Introducing, DAZED, The Line Of Best Fit, Wonderland, Fashionably Early, and Before The Data, Eden Rain has firmly established herself as a new artist to watch.

Today she returns with new single ‘Being Human’, which was produced by emerging talent JONAH (who has worked alongside Jorja Smith and Giggs on their recent collaboration). On the song, she says:

“It’s a classic ‘missing you’ song – all the late nights and lying around and getting drunk- all the best parts of being human and being comfortable with someone. It’s about peeing with the door open.”

Eden Rain

Georgia Cécile – Come Summertime

One of the UK’s most promising jazz talents of late, Georgia Cécile returns today with a finessed release that is both charming and mesmerising in equal measures.

Taken from the sublime debut album ‘Only The lover Sings’ (out now), ‘Come Summertime’ carries an essence of timelessness to it which is set to win over hearts and minds aplenty.

Georgia Cécile