Shav – 4runner



New Music: Máni Orrason

I honestly don’t think you will hear anything quite like this. Eclectic and (frankly quite odd) indie pop from Iceland. Yet it still charms you!

Máni Orrason

Dana Williams – Holiday

Track of the week. Nothing more to say other than to call this sublime. Simply… SUBLIME! There is a new generation of neo-soul emerging and I am so excited to see where this leads.

New Music: Bluebiird

“I thought if I changed something about myself, if I tried harder, if I was somehow a different me overnight this person would change their mind. But in the end, why would you ever want someone who only wants parts of you?”

“Turn around and look from a different angle and you might find someone who wants you just the way you are. It’s not about how good you are it’s about how good you can be.”


New Music: LYAM

The comparison between this and the dark garage vibes that emerged from the UK in the early 2000’s is very striking. A brave take on a genre that is almost impossible to replicate with justice.