Watch: Christian French – good things take time

Christian French releases his new EP ‘good things take time’ today, and with it come the visuals for the lead single from the project.

It’s brimming with optimism, and let’s face it, we could all do with some of that this year. Speaking on the EP, Christian shares:

“I’ve realised life is going to throw you curveballs, and there’s no way to know what’s coming or how to perfectly deal with things. All you can do is your best in every situation and approach challenges optimistically. Be patient. What you’re going through will help you continuously grow and become a better version of yourself. That’s what life is about.”

Christian French

Dava – Papercut

Track of the week. A dreamy piece of audible beauty that is both understated and fragile yet so powerfully charged emotionally.

I’ve realised that no family, friendship or relationship is perfect. When trust is broken it’s very hard to mend, and those wrongdoings may seem unforgivable. With time though, most situations reveal themselves to be minor papercuts. We can allow ourselves to move on, we can heal from these things. Although the song itself has a dark connotation, it brought a lot of clarity and forgiveness to the relationship that inspired the song.


New Music: Tom Did It

The perfect balance between future-forward British RnB and deeply emotive, melodic pop. A self taught producer, DJ, engineer, drummer and artist, Tom Did It is still only 17-years old and is already showing potential to become one of the UK’s brightest prospects.

Tom Did It

Boy Willows – Fila (with Dylan Minnette)

An eclectic mix of alt-pop and jazz, fused with a quirky take on folk. The sound feels soft and warming, and totally charming.

“Dylan and I were talking to each other about what feelings bubbled up when we were forced to slow down for the first time in a long time. I wanted the song to be dream-like. The first lyrics are ‘follow me down’ because it’s meant to take the listener down a rabbit hole of what’s going on in my head. When I was making the instrumental, I was picturing everything in slow motion, super delicate and airy, giving space for Dylan and I to share some intimate stuff. We got to collaborate on this song and heal by singing about it together. Looking at the song now, it’s cool to hear our verses almost converse with each other. It’s comforting.” – Boy Willows

Boy Willows | Dylan Minnette

Joe Avio — Waste

I can’t figure out if this is a minimal-dance track or something more along the pop spectrum, but whatever it is, it’s totally mesmerising.

Joe Avio

New Music: Trophie

Maybe it’s the 90’s kid in me, but there’s something about hyperpop that I find really interesting to listen to. Trophie’s sound has a more emotive spin on the genre, which is pretty sweet.


Maja Kristina – Slow Hand

Maja Kristina reshapes a cheesy (but timeless) 80’s classic into something sharp, fun and damn infectious.

“I love this song and I’m super excited to bring it back from the 80’s with a modern twist. Great songs never go out of style and this is no exception.”

Maja Kristina

New Music: bodyimage

You can hear an exceptional grade of quality from the very first note of this luxuriously blended fusion of mellow electronica, pop and RnB. Delve deeper into who bodyimage are, and it all makes sense.

The LA-based duo behind this outfit are producer/ writers Cait Cole and Jordan Reyes, who have individually released records with the likes of Blackbear, Doja Cat, Trevor Daniel, BASECAMP,, Donna Missal, KYLE, and more.



Australia’s BENTLE is crafting some of the finest downtempo RnB you could ask for in 2020. Emotive melodies and silky smooth vocals gliding through dreamy and soulful tones. Pure bliss…

“’ABOUT YOU (ABOUT ME)’ is like a voice memo to myself reminding me how we’re often quick to notice the most insecure parts of ourselves in others, when instead we should be much more gentle and aware. Gently embracing those parts of ourselves and letting others love us in our entirety.”


New Music: darkDARK

Genevieve Vincent and Chris James collectively come together as darkDARK, an American outfit who create some of the most impressive dark electro-pop, filled with pulsating synths and complex textures.

This particular release features the uniquely distinctive vocals of French rapper Leonis, and is a song focusing on struggle and second chances.

“‘Sequels’ started when we made this gritty instrumental track inspired by darkness and excess, but we couldn’t create the right top-line for it. It had a few iterations, but nothing was quite right. Then we got inspired by the music we were hearing while traveling in Paris and realised Leonis’ bold, dark sound would be perfect. We added Genevieve’s vocals to the chorus as a counterpoint – a symbol of the false promises referred to lyrically.”

darkDARK | Leonis

New Music: Andrea

A quintessentially Scandinavian pop sound; one that carries a fine balance between melancholy and light-hearted introspection. A very promising release from Norwegian talent Andrea, who is still only 21-years old.

“I wrote this song in early 2020, while living in London. A song about not quite knowing where and how to move forward in life. Mentioning a failed relationship as well as the struggles with making and seeing through plans, ‘Fighting For’ addresses the pressures in the life of a young adult.”


New Music: Hux

Enormously catchy pop from a talent who is not only an excellent performer, but also a songwriter who’s songs have garnered over 50 million streams through collaborations with fellow artist Mokita.

“My song ‘Dysfunctional’ is about fighting with addictions. Never getting passed my demons.”


Luz – the author

Proof that you can create impactful and emotive music with a minimal approach, this new release from 19-year old Irish talent Luz is just stunning.

“It’s a song about patience and love, regardless of circumstance and hope that fate will one day bring them together.”


Simi – No Longer Beneficial

One of the most exciting Nigerian pop starlets of late, Simi has perfected a sound that feels dreamy, understated and sensual while still being distinctively Afrobeat in it’s essence.


Asha Gold – Debut

Subtle fusions of RnB and pop flirt harmoniously on Asha Gold’s new single, ‘Debut’.

“It’s about falling in love for the first time, so it has this sense of innocence and sweetness throughout – navigating unfamiliar feelings, fighting those feelings off, and then eventually giving into them knowing they are genuine and not something to be scared of.”

Asha Gold

New Music: Martha Hill

While the UK is in no short supply of good indie pop, discovering something that is original, interesting and bold but still easy to connect with is a much harder ask.

That’s why Martha Hill is just about the most refreshing British talent that I have experienced all week. A sound that is so distinctively unique and really exciting to experience.

“‘Landslide’ is ultimately about not feeling right. When you’re down, it’s hard to imagine the up, and when you’re up, there’s no such thing as down.

Martha Hill

New Music: Sätilä

A balanced mix of alternative indie and electronic pop from a Finnish talent who creates melodies that are both rousing and memorable.

Taken from the debut EP ‘on the verge of something’ which is out now.