Watch: Chxrry22 – Wasteland

Photo / Mallory Edwards

Ethiopian-Canadian starlet Chxrry22 returns with a sensational new single that continues to showcase this artist as one of North America’s most promising talents.

Lifted from debut EP ‘The Other Side’ (out now), ‘Wasteland’ is a melodic slice of alternative R&B that was lyrically inspired by Torontonian ‘wastemen’.

Now commanding more than 150k monthly listeners on Spotify and garnering well over a million career streams to date, Chxrry22 has firmly set herself as an artist to watch.


New Music: Jojomber

Track of the week. While still a relative newcomer, New York-based Ohioan Jojomber is already showing signs of musical greatness.

New single ‘think too hard’ perfectly balances blissful tones with hints of melancholy, resulting in an indie sound that feels vulnerable yet mesmerising to experience.

Fans in New York can catch Jojomber performing on the 6th December at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 (tickets here) and 9th December at Berlin Under A (tickets here).


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Emerging from England’s south coast are four-piece indie outfit RAYGO BLOOM, who have recently unveiled their new single, ‘False Promises’.

Unapologetically bold in character, the song expertly fuses raw indie tones with elements of pop, resulting in a sound that feels impassioned yet relatable in equal measures.

“The song represents a feeling that the person talking, doesn’t need the person they are talking about and could be happy without them.”

With praise from the likes of BBC Introducing already under their belt, these chaps might well be ones to watch in 2023.


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New Music: Asher Ossn

South London born-and-bred artist Asher Ossn has been one of the most interesting finds this week.

Freshly-released debut single ‘Bound’ showcases a sound that really is like none other. While the production is future-forward, experimental and unique in tone, the song maintains a beautifully emotive core thanks to Ossn’s soulful vocal delivery.

With his fearless approach to music-making, this is one London artist worth keeping on your radars for the year ahead

Asher Ossn

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Joy Oladokun – Power

One of the most gifted singer-songwriters to emerge from recent times returns with an epic new release, in celebration of civil rights pioneer Reverend Al Sharpton’s upcoming documentary, ‘Loudmouth’.

‘Power’ sees Joy Oladokun presenting a song that makes an immediate impact – with its cinematic production, anthemic melody and bold lyricism.

“Power, help me use it. All of the people got it.

Oladokun is currently working on the follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2021 album, ‘in defense of my own happiness’ (available here).

Joy Oladokun

New Music: J.E.S.S.

J.E.S.S. is a promising new singer, songwriter and producer hailing from North America.

As an independent artist, this talent crafts work on her own terms – resulting in sounds that are refreshingly original to experience.

Debut single ‘Phoenix’ features the work of Berlin-based electronica project Unkenny Valleys, and presents listeners with an energising production that seamlessly fuses elements of alternative pop with indie-rock.

“It’s a song about rebirth, resilience, and strength. Bursting with power and energy, meant to inspire and ignite the fire within. My favourite part of the track is the explosive feel at the outro, as if to resemble the break through and liberation after the transformation of a Phoenix.”

While still at the beginning of her musical journey, J.E.S.S. looks set to become one of the most interesting newcomers in the year ahead.

J.E.S.S. | Unkenny Valleys

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New Music: Bri Oglu

Photo / Emmanuelle Yang

An artist of many crafts, Bri Oglu is an emerging singer, songwriter and actor based in Los Angeles.

Specialising in a genre that we don’t come across often, Oglu delivers a style of cinematic pop that very few have been able to construct so successfully this early in their creative journey.

Today sees the promising talent unveil her debut EP, entitled ‘Somewhere Else‘ (out now). Within the collection of six songs, Oglu showcases original works alongside beautiful renditions of classic hits like Christina Aguilera’s ‘Genie In A Bottle’ and Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’.

“This EP was a product of the pandemic. It was something to focus my attention on and look forward to when the live music scene shut down. It was the ‘somewhere else’ in my head, a compilation of songs written when I was anything but present, and my escape.” – Bri Oglu

With praise from countless tastemakers and publications including Celeb Mix, Lefuturewave and Divine Magazine, this newcomer is well worth keeping on your radars.

Bri Oglu

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Ella Rosa – NOT CUTE

Photo / Callum Hutchinson

Rising UK-born and LA-based starlet Ella Rosa returns with a sublime fusion of alternative R&B and electronic pop through her new single, ‘NOT CUTE’.

The song was written at a time when Rosa was trying to figure out the evolution of her artistry, and heralds a new style of sound from this emerging talent.

“I wrote ‘NOT CUTE’ at the peak of a very formative turning point for me in my life and career. I was moving out of my house in LA (hence the first line ‘packing all these boxes’) and going into hibernation mode, which led me to spend a lot more time with my music. This pivot sparked a realisation that my passion for R&B and pop had to be moved closer in the work I was releasing.”

Rosa’s music has so far garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, while tastemaker praise has come from the likes of PAPER, Notion and Wonderland magazines. An upcoming EP is scheduled for release in the new year.

“This song, while it leans more towards the R&B side of things in pace, was my gateway towards the rest of the music of the EP; from smooth to bouncy and fun.”

Ella Rosa

Ellise – Did It Hurt?

Photo / Christopher Tennant

Fans of dark-pop will most likely be aware of acclaimed LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Ellise.

Written in the aftermath of a bad break-up, ‘Did It Hurt? tells of the raw and painful emotions that come with adjusting to single life again.

“‘Did It Hurt’ is a rare type of song for me. When you have a lot to say, it simultaneously makes the writing process messy and seamless. No amount of studio time or consistency can force raw emotion because when it’s there, it’s just there. The erratic switches between acoustic guitars and drum-heavy beat drops, along with the melancholic outro, is genuinely a sonic metaphor for the full spectrum of emotions a person can go through in such a short amount of time while dealing with losing someone they love.”

Well on her way to becoming a global star, Ellise has already garnered millions of career streams and received praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Paper and Nylon magazines.


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New Music: Courtney Farren

Your weekend anthem has arrived, and this time it comes courtesy of California-born singer, songwriter and producer Courtney Farren.

Energising as it is revitalising in tone, ‘White Rabbit’ presents listeners with a bold yet lighthearted mix of indie-rock and electronic pop. Elaborating further on the lyrics, Farren explains:

“As an *unnatural* blonde, I created this song to play with people’s expectations of me. It’s pop, it’s fun, and it’s an exploration of a new relationship.

Aside from her own solo work, Farren is also an accomplished songwriter who has worked alongside artists as prominent as Naomi Scott, Lexi Jayde and Buck Betty.

Courtney Farren

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Sedric Perry – CTB (Could This Be)

Singer, songwriter and visual artist Sedric Perry treats us all to a slice of soulful bliss on his new single, ‘CTB’.

Dedicated to the people in Perry’s life whom he’s loved, the song offers listeners a warm and comforting sound, and continues to showcase this emerging talent’s musical artistry.

“I wanted something that felt like home. After being in Berlin and Senegal and feeling like my life was spinning out of control at some points, all of a sudden I was back in New York. And this song was speaking to me. I was grateful and calm again. This song just felt like a big hug from everyone I ever loved, whether they’re here or not. I wanted to show this side of myself to people who’ve been listening for a while. To me this song feels like home.

I want people to really feel the love I poured into it. I always try to put self love and acceptance into my music, but I wanted to really express that it’s also okay to let people in and be vulnerable too. Love is a beautiful thing that comes in many shapes. Even when it’s tough or scary, we should lean into it. Everything moves so fast now and our attention spans are so short – we think we should always be somewhere other than where we are. ‘Could this Be’ is your reminder to slow down and enjoy what’s in front of you right now.”

With more than four million career streams to date, Perry is a star on the rise who has seen his work featured by the likes of Billboard, Complex and Gay Times Magazine.

Sedric Perry

New Music: Eliza Harrison Smith

Hailing from the musical mecca that is Nashville comes rising indie-pop singer and songwriter Eliza Harrison Smith.

‘Got Away With It’ presents listeners with a beautifully melodic and emotive piece of music that was inspired by the pains of a break-up.

“I wrote this song a few years ago – right after I first made the move to Nashville. I wanted to capture the raw hurt and anger that you feel after a breakup, when you’re heartbroken and the other person seems perfectly fine. I wanted the song’s production to mirror those feelings, with the piano in the beginning capturing that hurt and vulnerability, and the electric guitars capturing the anger in the lyrics. I wrote this song years ago, but it has always felt so special to me, and I’m grateful to finally be sharing it.”

Recognised as an artist to watch by Nashville Songwriter Association International, Harrison Smith has already worked alongside the likes of Kendall Bowser and Koli Kohler.

Eliza Harrison Smith

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Ellen Krauss – This Time Of Year

Swedish starlet Ellen Krauss returns today with a powerful new single that serves as a refreshing alternative to the festive sound that we are all accustomed to.

‘This Time Of Year’ is an emotionally-driven pop ballad that was inspired by those who feel lost and rootless during the season, and is a reminder that Christmas affects people around us in very different ways.

“‘This Time Of Year’ is a song I wrote from my ‘aunts’ perspective. She’s not really my aunt but she’s always been in my family because she no longer has a family of her own. Christmas is always a tough time for her as she’s reminded of those she’s lost and it’s all very moving to me.”

As one of Sweden’s most prominent musical exports to emerge in recent years, Krauss has not only become a critic’s darling, but also accumulated millions of streams and performed over 80 live shows to date.

Ellen Krauss

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amy michelle – patience

Photo / Lewis Vorn

Rising Irish artist amy michelle is back today with a dreamy slice of melancholic pop through her new single, ‘patience’.

Inspired by the emotional struggles that two people can experience with one another, the song demonstrates a style of sound that feels vulnerable and fragile – yet also raw and powerful at the same time.

“The song deals with trying to navigate a difficult friendship or relationship between two people. Despite the unconditional love they have for each other, they are both reflecting a bewildered frustration of unresolved issues within themselves onto one another, causing immense hurt and pain. It questions; perhaps you are my person, but now just isn’t the right time? You have hurt me so much, maybe I need to leave here alone? I have hurt you so much, maybe I should let you go? Perhaps with a bit of trust and patience, our paths will cross again? I wrote and recorded this song during the night about a year ago, in my room back home. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written.”

Already garnering support from industry heavyweights as noted as FADER, CLASH and District magazines, it seems inevitable that amy michelle will become one of Ireland’s biggest musical exports over the coming year.

amy michelle

New Music: Sarah von Reis

Photo / Johanna Pettersson

Sharp-eyed fans of Scandinavian pop may already recognise singer and songwriter Sarah von Reis as a former member of Swedish pop phenomenon Dolly Style.

Since breaking with the band in 2018, von Reis has focused on her work as a solo artist, and is now setting her sights on becoming one of Sweden’s newest stars.

Written alongside Maja Francis and produced by Andreas ‘Hyena’ Söderlund, ‘All My Ghosts’ treats listeners to a dark yet playful sound that feels both haunting and intriguing in character.

“It’s the first love song I ever wrote. Maybe it’s not a classic love ballad, but it’s more about feeling naked, closing your eyes and hoping you’re good enough. The text is based on a love letter I wrote to a girl. When I realised I am gay, love suddenly felt a lot scarier. Like suddenly there was more at stake. I have something to lose if she doesn’t want me.”

Upcoming debut EP ‘Melancholia High Season’ is scheduled for release in March 2023. 

Sarah von Reis

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nodisco. – Break My Fall

Photo / Christopher Borges

Acclaimed Canadian artist nodisco. has spent the past year mostly in isolation, working on his latest collection of songs, entitled ‘A Long Talk at Taylors’.

Today sees the first taster from the project with new single ‘Break My Fall’. An anthemic fusion of soulful bedroom pop and lo-fi indie, the song showcases a new sonic style for the artist.

“‘Break My Fall’ came about at a party as this person and I discussed lost love and mixed signals given by each of our own complex and confusing love interests. At the time of recording, I was listening nearly exclusively to John Mayer’s ‘Room for Squares’ at the time of production, which influenced the rawness and funk of the song.”

As a Canadian star with global mainstream potential, nodisco. currently commands close to 100k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, while his total career streams have exceeded more than six million to date.


Carliane Tamara – Hot Girls Hate Money

As far as emerging alt-pop talent goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone pushing boundaries as well as New York-based Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Carliane Tamara.

New single ‘Hot Girls Hate Money’ treats listeners to a production that is full of rich sonic textures, while the melody will likely stay in your head all day.

With support from the heavyweight tastemakers like Early Rising, Lyrical Lemonade and Fashionably Early already under her belt, the next twelve months might well be Tamara’s biggest yet.

Carliane Tamara

tmdistant – fall out

At this point, we’ve lost count of the number of times that we’ve featured tmdistant – but here we are yet again with another impressive release from this 19-year old Essex-based artist.

New single ‘fall out’ is an impassioned and brutally honest song that was inspired by toxic relationships, and falling victim to gaslighting.

“‘fall out’ is such an emotional song for me. It’s kinda explaining in real-time me going through the motions of dealing with being gaslighted for the first time and understanding what’s happening inside of me and my mind. Overcoming those obstacles and learning from them. Shedding my previous skin and coming to a realisation of who I’ve become over the past year.This song really resembles the emotions a person can feel when they overcome toxicity and being gaslighted by themselves or someone else.” 

To date, this rising talent has garnered praise from respected tastemaker outlets as diverse as BBC Radio 1, AFROPUNK, Mixtape Madness, DNü and Dummy Mag.


New Music: Ryan Chambers

Your weekly dose of premium alt-pop comes courtesy of Canadian-born singer and songwriter Ryan Chambers.

Chambers presents listeners with songs that are highly original in character, thanks to his unique approach to music-making which thoughtfully and seamlessly blends a multitude of genres together.

While sonically, new single ‘Spend On You’ is a beautifully intriguing piece of music, the lyrics convey a highly relatable problem most of us face – that of not having enough money or time to spend with those who we love.

“This song sort of fell out of me over two days and it’s always felt right and true. I’ve viewed my life through many different lenses and not one has made me feel like I’ve had enough time or money to spend on the one’s I love. This is the first of many but it stands tall on its own all the same and I got a lot off my chest in the process of making it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Ryan Chambers

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New Music: Aáyanna

Freshly signed to buzzy LA-based label Avant Garden (home to Emotional Oranges, Chiiild, Unusual Demont and more), Aáyanna looks set to become one of the most interesting newcomers to emerge from the States in 2023.

Crafting sounds alongside producer Juberlee (credited for works with Playboi Carti, Smino and Big Latto), Aáyanna delivers a finessed fusion of R&B, alternative pop and indie.

New single ‘Risky’ showcases this starlet’s potential perfectly, and treats listeners to a melodic track that feels both future-forward and classic in style.

“‘Risky’ is about taking your power back. It’s about cutting ties with people and situations that no longer serve you. It’s also about having fun, sometimes we take life too seriously and realise that we aren’t enjoying it. Risky is the definition of work, play and having your way.”


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