New Music: Anna-Rose Clayton

Already gaining significant traction across the Netherlands, Dutch-British artist Anna-Rose Clayton looks set to become one of pop’s most exciting emerging talents for 2023.

Melodic new single ‘OUCH!’ serves listeners with an idiosyncratic mix of punchy electronic pop and indie, and is just about one of the catchiest bops that we’ve come across this month.

“In my youth, I always felt like an outsider and always felt that I had to make compromises. I didn’t have the “normal” childhood that others always talked about. Now I no longer apologise for who I am, and I am even very proud of my weird self”.

Clayton will perform a series of dates in the Netherlands this November, with the final show taking place at the iconic Paradiso in Amsterdam. Tickets can be found here.

Anna-Rose Clayton

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Rising LA-based singer & songwriter REYSHA RAMI returns with an anthem for the weekend that is sure to make you fall further in love with this talent.

New single ‘Roc N Roll’ presents RAMI’s sultry vocals over a production that fuses nostalgic R&B with electronica – treating listeners to a sound that is both mysterious and captivating in equal measures.

“This song is about having fun and catching a vibe. It’s playful and experimental for me, and from the get-go, the song revolved around simply going with what felt good for everyone in the room.”

Fans of this future starlet can look forward to the upcoming release of a debut EP (out soon). In the meantime, be sure to explore RAMI’s work on Spotify.


Tuvaband – Something Good

Photo / Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

If there’s time for you to play only one song today, make it ‘Something Good’ by Norwegian artist Tuvaband (aka Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser).

Truly, this is a stunning piece of music that sums up humanity’s need for hope, and is a perfect track to play when times feel tough and you need a reminder that things can get better.

“I wanted to find more songs that I could like, filled with sentences like this. So I decided to write the song I wanted to listen to.”

As one of Norway’s most notable indie-rock projects, Tuvaband has garnered more than 40 million career streams to date and earned a nomination from the prestigious Norwegian Grammy Awards.


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New Music: Ernest Gladwell

Sometimes, the story of a musician is not necessarily one that is easy to comprehend. This can be said of Ernest Gladwell, who is seemingly a character from a cancelled 1980’s film called ‘Violet Heights’. Supposedly, the soundtrack from the movie was only recently uncovered, leading to the release of it’s songs.

Performed, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Gladwell himself, ‘YOU SAID, I SAID!’ serves as a heartbreak anthem that expertly blends elements of post-punk with indie rock.

Whether the story of Gladwell and ‘Violet Heights’ is true or not, this is one project that is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Ernest Gladwell

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CC Clarke – On Read

Musician, digital creator and social media star CC Clarke is back today with empowering new single ‘On Read’.

“‘On Read’ is about feeling the pressure to either text everyone back or more specifically feeling the need to reply to that one person who ghosted you and now expects you to instantly run back. NOPE! Liberate yourself, turn the music up and leave them ‘On Read’ is what I say.”

Already an established and highly influential figure within the UK’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, Clarke has now also marked herself as one of the country’s newest pop artists.

To date, Clarke has acquired more than two million Instagram followers and 327k YouTube subscribers, while her music has accumulated well over five million streams.

CC Clarke

LiLi Joy – Lost In Translation

American artist LiLi Joy continues on her quest for global pop domination with the release of new single ‘Lost In Translation’.

By blending elements of dark, alternative pop with jazzy undertones, Joy has created a sound that feels timelessly classic in style.

While still a relative newcomer, LiLi Joy has competed on TV’s The Voice, and picked up features on notable national publications like Glamour Magazine.

LiLi Joy

New Music: MBG

One of Canada’s most exciting alt-rock prospects to have emerged recently is MBG, who today unveils her new single ‘I’m Not In Luv’.

A multi-talented creative who is not only a singer and performer but also a songwriter and producer, MBG crafts sounds that feel honest and authentic in tone, while still carrying some pop sensibilities.

“‘I’m Not In Luv’ explores little harmless crushes and what it means to be a third wheel, with the artist elaborating that “as a queer person having these feelings for your friends of the same sex while still trying to figure yourself out is a little wild, and scary, and this song is a little bit about that.”

MBG plans on releasing more new music in the near future. In the meantime, you can stream the debut EP ‘Have a Alright Day’ here.


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Eddie Island – Honey (You Said Love)

American Idol alumni Eddie Island is back today with not only a fabulous single, but also an equally impressive new album.

Lifted from his freshly-released ‘Folkstar’ LP (out now), ‘Honey (You Said Love)’ treats listeners to a shimmering fusion of uplifting pop, indie and folk. Speaking on his new collection of songs, the Nashville-based artist says:

“Folkstar’s songs are all based around solid concepts. All of my demos from years and years and years of writing had to be whittled down, and sometimes I combined several songs into one. On this album, I explore themes of not being understood, love lost, love found. I try to bridge the gap between my faith and the experience of reality, all while working jobs I hated and seemingly having no future in music. The songs are about the everyday struggles we all face in life and death.”

Eddie Island currently commands more than 68k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, while his catalogue of releases has amassed well over 5.5 million streams to date.

Eddie Island

New Music: Jealous Nostril

Showcasing some of the finest in fresh British indie rock are newcomers Jealous Nostril. Formed by Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell, this trio also features Jack Flanagan from Mystery Jets fame and ElliS D.

Daring and bold in tone, debut single ‘Phase 6’ serves listeners with a raw and anthemic sound that makes an immediate statement.

“Jealous Nostril, a binary system… One is fulfilled the other isn’t” Is it a drug reference? “the half of my north London friends who still party hear it as cocaine, and the half who have been through rehab, ask me if it’s referencing Pranayama yoga breathing. We’re definitely neither a coke or a yoga band! I actually think I just wanted a name that would help people under-estimate the band.” 

The band will play their first live shows at The Horn in St Albans on the 19th October, and Our Black Heart in Camden the following evening.

Jealous Nostril

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Kleo – Beautiful Life

Photo / Fiona Naagaard

Scandinavian starlet Kleo returns with a blissful slice of nostalgic synth-pop through the release of her new single ‘Beautiful Life’.

Inviting listeners in to a world where everything is as sweet and pleasant as can be, the track gives us all a welcome escape from the many obstacles we face in this day and age.

The song continues Kleo’s ethos of crafting pieces of music that enable us to see the bigger picture in relation to our lives, and encourages us to allow ourselves to evolve as humans.


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Casey Møøn – glass

Acclaimed Canadian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Casey Møøn returns with yet another slice of indie-pop perfection through his new single ‘glass’.

Inspired by the ways in which we superficially present ourselves whilst socialising, the song continues to showcase Møøn’s flair for crafting supreme pieces of pop.

‘glass’ is lifted from Møøn’s forthcoming ‘mirrors’ EP, which will serve as the second instalment of a trilogy of EP’s (the first of which, entitled ‘fountains’, is out now).

Casey Møøn

New Music: Plushie

Fans of retro-inspired indie rock will be pleased to know of American newcomers Plushie.

Picking inspiration from legendary musical groups like The Beatles, The Monkees and Black Sabbath, this outfit create an uplifting style of sound that feels charmingly nostalgic, while still maintaining a modern edge.

Fans based in Oregon can catch Plushie performing live at the Eugene Saturday Market on the 1st October 2022 – more details can be found here.


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New Music: Endie

Photo / imaginaryislandla

Emerging from the American state of Louisiana is newcomer Endie (aka Ike Thomas), who’s genre-bending style of music is already gaining considerable attention from both discerning listeners and tastemakers alike.

Latest single ‘love like that’ serves as a lively alt-pop anthem that was inspired by all of the unpredictable feelings associated with being in love.

“‘love like that’ pulls a lot of my current emotions together into one body of work.”

With over 800k catalogue streams to date and more than 18k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, this is one rising artist worth keeping on your radars.


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New Music: Jenny Newman

Photo / Kat Eddie

LA-based New Yorker Jenny Newman has released one of the most exciting indie bops of the week.

This singer, songwriter and guitarist has already begun to garner momentum as a rising alternative artist to watch, thanks to her witty lyricism and emotive productions.

With its uplifting fusion of indie, rock and pop, Newman’s new single ‘Danish Boy’ reminisces over a teenage romance that she experienced with a Danish exchange student, and serves as a taster to her forthcoming debut ‘Daydream’ EP (out 22nd October).

“I wanted the vibe of ‘Danish Boy’ to make people feel the same genuine happiness and excitement for life that the relationship gave me. It’s kind of a time capsule of young love and blissful naïveté.”

Jenny Newman

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j ember – Baggage

Acclaimed Toronto and New York-based artist j ember returns with one of the catchiest indie-pop bops of the week.

Lifted from singer-songwriter’s forthcoming 5-song EP ‘Should’ve Drowned’, new single ‘Baggage’ reminds listeners to practice the art of patience:

“‘Baggage’ is about wanting what you can’t have and teaching yourself to be patient.”

With a refreshingly honest approach to music-making, j ember currently commands over 200k monthly Spotify listeners and has garnered more than 15 million catalogue streams to date.

j ember

Mike Baretz – Worth It

While busy crafting hits for likes of Annalise Azadia, American producer Mike Baretz still manages to find the time to work on his own solo project.

Following on from the release of ‘Take It That Way’, new single ‘Worth It’ continues to showcase Baretz’s beautiful vocals and impressive songwriting skills.

“For me, ‘Worth It’ encapsulates a see-saw of self doubt paired with an almost-delusional belief in and love for someone. It zooms in on insecurities and flaws, but packaged in a ‘happy’ tone. When the chorus kicks in, the blind eye is turned from the internal doubts and insecurities and focuses on that person that makes you forget about everything having to do with the real world, those insecurities included. I wrote it during a time in my life that was focused on the downfalls and negatives of a breakup; I felt like I needed to write a happy song that still tied into the themes of everything else that I was writing about.”

To date, Baretz has garnered over a million catalogue streams, while also accumulating an ever-growing fanbase across social media and on Spotify.

Mike Baretz

New Music: charlø

Los Angeles-based newcomer charlø (aka Charlotte Reed) is a singer, songwriter and producer – who up until recently was working as a real estate agent.

Following a serious ski accident (which resulted in broken back), Reed decided to shift her priorities in life and began chasing her dream of becoming a musician.

‘numb’ serves as charlø’s debut single, and looks at the ways in which our memories present themselves to us – particularly after distressing or traumatic experiences.

“’numb’ was written about a vivid memory of a traumatic event that only recently came rushing back to me. I have been reeling trying to figure out if this thing actually happened or not ever since. On one hand, if I let myself believe it was true, I think I’d break down. So I’ve remained in this sort of undecided state of numbness towards the memory. Since it was a memory of something that happened so long ago, I realised I can kind of choose how I want to relate to it moving forward.”

charlø has already worked alongside the likes of Grandson, Banoffee, Josh Rubin and Tabi, and is newly signed to Californian label Future Gods.


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AR/CO – Night Feels

Here to cure your midweek blues are rising London-based electronic pop duo AR/CO.

As the musical project of Mali-Koa and Leo Stannard, AR/CO have gained a considerable following across the globe thanks to their uplifting take on pop.

New single ‘Night Feels’ treats us all to a feel-good and energising sound that reminds us the weekend is only a short while away.

AR/CO will play London’s Camden Assembly on the 26th October – tickets can be found here.


Miloe – rewind (feat. PawPaw Rod)

Now commanding over 330k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, it’s clear that emerging Minneapolis artist Miloe is becoming a fan favourite.

Alongside the release of his much-anticipated EP ‘gaps’ (out now), new single ‘rewind’ features PawPaw Rod and is a joyful fusion of indie and pop that marks both of these US talents as ones to watch in 2023.

Miloe is currently touring the US (dates below), and hits the UK shores early next year as well in this quest to become one of the newest global indie-pop stars.

Miloe | PawPaw Rod

Sasha & The Bear – Wake Me Up

Sasha & The Bear is the collaborative project of Brooklyn artists Sasha Daniel and Dov Igel, who have been crafting sounds since their formation in 2016.

Upon Igel’s mother’s recent passing, the duo decided to travel to the wilderness of Sweden’s forests to work on a collection of introspective songs that were inspired by themes of mortality and loss.

The experience resulted in a 3-song EP, of which new single ‘Wake Me Up’ is lifted. Lyrically, the track addressees the feelings that we can experience when someone close to us is gone, as the duo explain:

“It’s a reminder that we’re all mortals and that our time on this planet is limited – it’s a song about learning to live with the loss and embrace all the feelings that come with it and mostly to learn how to keeping on going with the loss side by side.”

 Sasha Daniel | Dov Eagle