Tom Tripp – TAM

Track of the week. I honestly can’t express how happy this song made me feel… Just when I started to give up hope that some kids out there were too afraid to push the boundaries of RnB. So excellent.

Tom Tripp


Café Kitsuné Mixed by Young Franco

0:00 Courage – Long Way Up 02:17 Pastel – Floating 04:46 Tribeqa – Never Stop (lawyer remix) 08:26 Millionyoung – Respiro 11:11 Castelle – Polychromatic 14:00 Twin Theory – Innocent (feat. Tamzene) 16:55 Tyde – Don’t Worry 19:58 Andiru – Intoxicated 23:38 Close counters – SOULACOASTA 26:10 Lenny Deluca – Floating (boki flip) 30:25 tourdefrance – In Alto Mare (tourdefrance edit) 35:15 Rhye – Count to Five (tensnake remix) 39:51 Conrad Clifton – Neva seen (A Broken Heart) 44:04 CAPYAC, Cool Company – Ceasefire 48:01 Domenique Dumont – Sans cesse, mon chéri 51:41 Neon Bunny, Children’s Corner – Girl

Young Franco

New Music: Abbie Ozard

“I think every single person who has been through a relationship will have a song that comes on a and it instantly reminds you of a previous relationship. The brain is a mad thing and the fact that a melody can you remind you of a certain chapter in your life shows how powerful music really is without you even realising.”

Abbie Ozard