New Music: csndra

A master of many talents, Puerto Rican creative csndra is not only a singer and songwriter, but also an animator and designer.

Running just under two minutes in length, hypnotic new single ‘DMLO’ is a Latin slice of perfection, flirting between playful pop tones and a darker electronic edge.

The track showcases csndra’s willingness to push boundaries, while still maintaining a style of music-making that feels relatable and easy to connect with.

With only two singles released to date, csndra has already picked up attention from noted tastemakers like Ones to Watch, and is certainly one artist to keep on your radars.


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New Music: LeSaint

One of the most exciting discoveries of the week has been Connecticut artist LeSaint.

This enormously gifted singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist fuses elements of R&B with pop, indie, hip hop and even folk to create sounds that truly are on a league of their own.

Dreamy and ethereal in tone, LeSaint’s latest single ‘YOURS’ is stunning in every sense of the word. This is a track that perfectly showcases this rising artist’s skill, and is sure to win over even the most discerning listener.

New album ‘ARE YOU DONE?’ is out now | LeSaint

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beaux – benadryl

Photo / Joshua Atkins

Alt-pop darling beaux returns with his first single of the year, following on from the release of his 2021 EP ‘memories written down so I won’t forget them’.

A love song for the modern age, summery new track ‘benadryl’ presents listeners with a playful and charming fusion of indie and pop.

“‘benadryl’ is about feeling too excited to fall asleep because you’re with the person you love and your mind just can’t rest. Their hay fever tablets knocked them out, so you’re just lying in bed, staring up at the pictures on their wall, waiting for them to wake up.”

With support from the likes of NME, Notion, Clash and Sunday Times Culture, beaux is rapidly making his mark as an artist to watch. UK fans can catch beaux playing London’s Camden Assembly on the 18th October.


New Music: Little Jet

Emerging American project Little Jet create beautifully melodic songs that blend indie with essences of dreamy pop and electronica.

New single ‘Give Me Love’ serves as a tasteful reworking of Cerrone’s 1978 classic of the same name, and is a finessed slice of nu-disco that is perfect for the weekend ahead.

To date, this impressive duo’s music has found its way on to prominent outlets like BBC Radio 1, as well as being featured on editorial playlists like Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Indie.

Little Jet

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young friend – ENDLESS

Photo / Zachary Vague

Rapidly gaining momentum as one of Canada’s most promising bedroom-pop talents, young friend returns today with the release of his new single, entitled ‘ENDLESS’.

Lifted from his upcoming ‘HOW DID WE GET HERE?’ album (out 9th September), the song was inspired by the feelings that one experiences after a breakup.

“‘ENDLESS’ is a song that reflects on a past relationship. It is about feeling nostalgic for what you once had, like you would do anything to return to that time in your life.”

Stylistically, the production fuses elements of indie, rock and alt-pop to provide the song with a raw and impassioned feel that perfectly reflects the lyricism.

Still only 22-years of age, young friend currently commands over 850k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, and has received critical praise from the likes of EARMILK, LADYGUNN and A1234.

young friend

New Music: your favorite plant

Hailing from the musical mecca that is Nashville, Tennessee comes 24-year old singer and songwriter your favorite plant (aka Rachel Swanson).

Thanks to a style of music-making that fuses pop with 00’s punk-rock, Swanson has managed to amass a following of 50k followers on TikTok alone – and when you play songs like ‘eternal sunshine’ it’s easy to understand why.

This is a sound that feels warm, inviting and relatable to experience. Songs feel current and fresh, while also maintaining a sense of nostalgia that is utterly charming to experience.

“I wrote ‘eternal sunshine’ (a nod to the film of the same name) about the feeling of going through a break up and wishing life wasn’t so serious. Wanting life to be more like a movie, and less like real life, a fantasy world where there are no rules or consequences and the love interests always end up together in the end. It’s reminiscent of songs on 2000s rom coms soundtracks and it’s the perfect song to sing to your ex outside the window with a boombox!”

your favorite plant

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New Music: HUAN

Self-proclaimed ‘Spanish Cowboy’ HUAN (aka Juan Mallorca) might well be the most exciting indie newcomer to emerge from Florida in some time.

Lifted from his freshly-released debut EP ‘San Juan’, summery new single ‘Not Today’ treats listeners to a hazy fusion of alternative lo-fi pop and indie. And with a beautifully written melody and dreamy vocals to match, the song proves itself to be one of the most impressive releases of the week.

Aside from his own solo work, Mallorca is also part of a duo called Jawberry, who create some seriously anthemic pieces of pop-rock. All in all – it’s safe to say that Mallorca is one artist who looks set to hit the mainstream very soon.


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New Music: Griffin Robillard

Emerging from Brooklyn is promising new artist Griffin Robillard. Having already garnered buzz from his recent performances at SXSW, this rising songwriter is winning fans across the globe thanks to his uniquely distinctive approach to indie-pop.

New single ‘The Door’ showcases Robillard’s work perfectly. This is a sound that initially comes across as nostalgic, classic, and almost playful in tone – yet somehow also feels dark, passionate and emotive.

With praise from the likes of Paste Magazine and American Songwriter, Robillard is already a critic’s favourite – and is most certainly one talent to watch.

Griffin Robillard

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Gwyn Love – luv 2 the beat

Following on from their recent hit ‘good luck rly’, US talent Gwyn Love returns with a weekend-ready bop in the shape of new single ‘luv 2 the beat’.

Teaming up once again with acclaimed producer La+ch, this genre-defying anthem encourages people to embrace their sexuality, as Love explains:

“’luv 2 the beat’ is a song about sexual freedom. It has taken me so long to feel comfortable talking about that, especially coming from a religious household. This song has become my queer anthem and represents freedom and fun!”

Rapidly marking their name as an artist to watch, Love has racked up over 800k catalogue streams on Spotify alone, while also commanding more than 45k monthly listeners on the platform.

Gwyn Love

Devan + Jon Vinyl – nascar

Two emerging Canadian powerhouses (and Alfitude favourites) join forces today on the release of ‘nascar’.

Initially a solo release by Devan, this new edit features vocals from R&B wonder-kid Jon Vinyl – and it truly is a collaboration that exceeds all expectations.

Together, these artists have managed to create one of the most sublime releases of the week, showcasing a triumphant union of soul and pop.

“This song came about in an interesting way because it evolved out of a freestyle. I usually start with lyrics, or at least a general concept/emotion that I want to draw from. In this case, I just sat down and looped some chords on the guitar and left a voice note running until the song was pretty much done. It came very quickly, and I didn’t really know what I was trying to say until it was finished. It’s about escapism and wanting to drive away from anxiety and sadness.” – Devan

“Working with Devan on ‘nascar’ was a great experience. As soon as I heard the song, I immediately fell in love with the approach she took with the songwriting. My goal was to add some different textures to an already great song to create a new experience for our fans. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this special track.” – Jon Vinyl

The track is lifted from Devan’s forthcoming ‘Liquid Sunshine’ deluxe EP, which is out this September.

Devan | Jon Vinyl

New Music: Vorsen

We begin the weekend with a beautifully dreamy slice of electronic pop, courtesy of London-based British Australian artist Vorsen.

Created in the aftermath of a broken relationship, melodic new single ‘Real Life’ features Vorsen’s emotive vocals gliding over a production that feels melancholic yet full of interesting sonic textures.

The song is lifted from Vorsen’s forthcoming EP of the same name, which is out this year. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Vorsen’s work as part of indie-folk outfit NIGHT FLIGHT, who play London’s Jazz Cafe this September.


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New Music: Sufferin Mall

Today’s release of ‘The Chase’ marks the unveiling of Canadian musician, poet and writer Yoyo Comay’s multi-disciplinary creative project, Sufferin Mall.

Boldly original in tone, ‘The Chase’ is a refreshingly unique slice of electronic pop that is unafraid to push the boundaries of the genre.

Sufferin Mall will initially begin as a musical project (with an upcoming EP scheduled for release later this year), before evolving into wider body of work which will include books, clothing, and even reading groups (amongst many other things).

Sufferin Mall

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EKKSTACY – wish i was dead

Photo / Jason Peterson

Debuting only last year, Vancouver-based newcomer EKKSTACY has found himself racking up over 50 million catalogue streams, and currently commands more than 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Pressing play on new single ‘wish i as dead’ makes it clear why this 20-year old talent has acquired such a large following. This is a sound that perfectly blends elements of indie, punk and lo-fi pop into melancholic songs that feel both emotive and captivating.

EKKSTACY releases his new album, entitled ‘Misery‘ on the 30th September, and will embark on a headline tour across the US in October.


New Music: Grimson

Based in Berlin by way of New York City, Swedish-American songwriter Grimson (aka Aiden Berglund) is beginning to gain traction thanks to his beautiful blends of indie, folk and pop.

Alongside his music releases, the Bard College film graduate also creates accompanying animated videos – treating listeners to an audio and visual experience that is like none other. Pieces like ‘Household’ showcase this work perfectly:

With that said, Grimson has chosen to showcase his artistic versatility on new single ‘Set Gently’. Here, the musician presents visuals which follow him across a journey on New York’s subway.

“I thought for a while that I was going to add some animations to it to try to make it more ‘Grimson-eque’ in a way, but decided not to do it. Not just because I was able to edit the footage to look like it matched the video, but also because the song is a bit more personal, in a way.”

The video’s simplicity amplifies the song’s deeply emotive lyrics, which address the feelings we may get when we realise that our partner has lost their love for us.

“It’s the internal monologue of the moment you realise that the person you’ve spent years with no longer loves you, and even though the split hasn’t officially happened, there’s no saving the relationship. Instead, the song attempts to comfort by encouraging acceptance, despite what you’re motivated to do otherwise.” 


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New Music: Ira Nor

Photo / Luis Kramer

Norwegian talent looks set to take over the pop world once again – this time with the help of Oslo newcomer Ira Nor.

Freshly signed to noted record label 777 Music (home of boy pablo and Fur), Nor constructs a style of experimental electronic pop that pushes the boundaries of the genre, yet does so in a tastefully balanced way that makes her music relatable to most listeners.

Lifted from Nor’s upcoming ‘Swim Ira‘ EP (out 26th August), new single ‘doomed’ was written alongside Øyvind Glåmen, and is inspired by Nor’s mantra of trying to find the beauty from painful experiences.

“It’s about moving past a relationship that always was doomed; getting the power over yourself back, and letting go of an unhealthy relationship.” 

Ira Nor

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Sleeping Lion – CTFO

Photo / Meg Meyer

If you’re a fan of Jeremy Zucker, Emi Beihold or Charlie Puth then Sleeping Lion will most likely be a welcome addition to your playlists.

Since the release of their debut record ‘Patient Creature’ back in 2016, this LA-based duo (consisting of Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire) having been creating songs that are both catchy and irresistibly charming in character.

New single ‘CTFO’ playfully balances elements of indie, pop and jazz with vivid lyricism, and serves as a taster for the outfit’s upcoming EP, ‘Most Improved’ (out later in the year).

“It’s about that desperate feeling of just wanting it all to stop for a second. It’s is an anthem for anyone who needs someone in their lives (themselves included) to just Chill The F**K Out.”

Sleeping Lion

Claudia Valentina – Sweat

With over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s safe to say that UK singer-songwriter Claudia Valentina is already on her way to pop stardom.

Created alongside Lost Boy, Tom Mann and Digital Farm Animals, Valentina’s new single ‘Sweat’ is lifted from her forthcoming ‘Foreign Affair’ EP (out 9th September) – and is truly a masterclass in pop artistry. Speaking on the EP, Valentina says:

“I’m fascinated with different sounds from around the world and as I’m from a small island, I longed to get out of there and discover a new world of sounds since I was young. Growing up in London and LA has allowed me to be exposed to different types of music through the people I work with.   I’m inspired by the producers I work with and their own individual sounds and I learn so much about different cultures of music through them so I like to merge all these sounds together to create something that’s unique while putting my own musical stamp on everything to tie it all together. This EP is global sounding, it encompasses everything that has touched and inspired me in my life.”

Still only 21-years of age, Valentina has received attention from the likes of MTV UK, Billboard, The Face and i-D, while her catalogue has accumulated well over 20 million streams to date.

Claudia Valentina

New Music: Zoe Ko

Photo / Meghan Marshall

Rising singer and songwriter Zoe Ko might well be your favourite new musical artist to emerge from New York.

This future starlet creates a style of angsty alt-pop that not only makes a statement with its punchy productions, but also through well-constructed and refreshingly raw lyrics.

Latest single (and Gen Z anthem) ‘Til U’ is only Ko’s second release to date, but has already picked up significant attention online. And with more than 50k monthly Spotify listeners already hooked on this artist’s work, it’s clear that Zoe Ko is one to watch.

Zoe Ko

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Paige Bea – Melt

Photo / Ben Cole

It’s been a short while, but today marks the return of the immensely talented London-based singer, songwriter and producer Paige Bea.

Inspired by the rollercoaster of emotions that we can sometimes experience in romantic relationships, ‘Melt’ serves as Bea’s first new single since the release of her acclaimed 2019 debut project ‘Burnout’. Speaking on the track, Bea says:

“It was written in that phase where you’re trying to pull away from someone but you’re still vulnerable to them despite their emotional unavailability. The song’s key point is how a physical connection and attraction can override the ups and downs of the emotional one. ‘I melt with you, I lose all solid ground / I split in two, then three, then four, then five / So soft I’m barely alive’, when all is said and done, a burning physical connection with someone can often make the anger and acrimony simply melt away. It might be a mess, but you’re still waking up next to them.”

To date, Bea has garnered acclaim from the likes of The Line of Best Fit and Clash, while her work has received coverage on national outlets like BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.

Paige Bea

Avery Lynch – Sleepover

Photo / Jordan Van Hecke

Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter Avery Lynch is back with a superb new single, entitled ‘Sleepover’.

Produced by Emi Dragoi and mixed by Mark Rankin, the track is as perfected as you could expect for a pop sound, and continues to prove Lynch’s star potential. Speaking on the lyrics, Lynch says:

“I wrote ‘Sleepover’ about what it was like living in Boston with my boyfriend and our friends. In the beginning of our relationship, we would meet at the train station when I got out of class, we’d go to this little convenience store near his apartment to get snacks, and then we’d head to his apartment to watch cartoons and eventually fall asleep.” Lynch says of the song. “Later when we were living together in a house with our friends, we would all go on Walgreens runs to get snacks and come back and watch movies together. I wrote ‘Sleepover’ to try and capture how much fun that all was.”

With an ever-growing fanbase on social media (329k followers on TikTok alone) and more than 600k monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s clear that Lynch’s refreshingly original approach to pop will propel her to the mainstream in a very short space of time.

Avery Lynch