Lila Drew – 2023

London-born singer and songwriter Lila Drew is back with a captivating modern pop bop in the form of new single ‘2023’.

The song was born out of the “frustration that comes with feeling like you’ll never change – that the things that you hate that you do will continuously be repeated throughout your life, and that fear will always get in the way.”

Lila Drew

Tyrer – Sirens

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Tyrer returns with the sensational ‘Sirens’. This soul-drenched, romance-infused ballad is a beautifully finessed piece of music that was produced by Nicholas French and co-written by Tyrer and Cameron Bloomfield.


New Music: Lea Kampmann

Track of the week. Showcasing a superb example of Nordic alt-pop, Lea Kampmann’s ‘In Circles’ is a slow burning and glistening masterpiece that blends house-inspired synths with thoughtfully constructed percussions.

The song was inspired by the need to go out and grab life, instead of waiting for it to pass by.

“The most important thing to me as an artist is to make pieces of art that people can see themselves in.”

Lea Kampmann

kid apollo – lose yourself.

One of my favourite outfits to emerge from London this year, kid apollo are back with a gorgeously introspective and moving song.

‘lose yourself.’ is an absorbing slice of lo-fi R&B that provides a stark insight into life in the English capital as a teenager.

“I wrote ‘lose yourself.’ to get across how I really felt when being consumed by the city, in both good and bad ways. I talk about how I often found myself using things that London offered to distract me from people and situations that I’ve had to leave in the past – ‘Replace it, No drama’.” – Jimmy HM, kid apollo

Debut EP ‘all i think about’ is out on the 10th November 2021.

kid apollo

Banji – Chills

Starting the week off with Utrecht quartet Banji’s bouncy new release, ‘Chills’. Catchy, soulful and relatable, this is one track that is guaranteed to make a connection with a lot of listeners.

“’Chills’ is about being in a rut. That feeling of how everything around you goes too fast to keep up with. It’s something everybody struggles with now and then, looking for grip. But when you can’t find that, you tend to give up and it feels like you’re stuck. Sometimes I get really tied up with myself, and it feels like my brain can’t really process what I’m trying to deal with. Being okay with that, acknowledging it, and taking a step back has helped me a lot.” – Morris Brandt, Banji

Be sure to catch the guys on their European tour:


ilham – gang signs

New York songstress ilham is back with a stunning slice of R&B. ‘gang signs’ is a song with a message, delivered in the most sleek and finessed way imaginable.


Jeshi – Hit By A Train

Photo / Cosmo Webber

UK rap artist Jeshi returns with another phenomenal release in the form of new single ‘Hit By A Train’.

As with previous songs from this talent, the track contains vivid and captivating lyricism delivered over an impressively constructed production.



Immediately arresting vocals glide over a dark and richly intense piece of pop on ‘FLARE’.

Emerging from Melbourne, ASHWARYA is already achieving critical acclaim globally thanks to her outstanding work on recent EP ‘Nocturnal Hours’.


Namasenda – No Regrets

One of Sweden’s most interesting hyperpop talents of late, Namasenda releases a track with a very familiar sample that is sure to stick in your head all day.

In equal measures, ‘No Regrets’ is both fun and future-forward, further solidifying this artist as one of the most exciting to emerge from Scandinavia in quite some time.


New Music: Séamus

Séamus has to be one of the most exciting newcomers that I have come across this week.

The mysterious singer, songwriter and producer creates tracks with unique soundscapes that blend R&B, pop, new wave and experimental genres together in beautiful fashion.

With his dreamy vocals and atmospheric productions, this is one talent who is sure to win over plenty of new fans in the coming months.


Chloe Lilac – 19

Photo / Ragan Henderson

Brooklyn-based starlet Chloe Lilac returns today with the beautifully raw ’19’. This pop-rock song is an acutely aware scrutiny of the alarming state of the world today.

“I wrote ’19’ about how scary everything’s gotten in the last two years. I really sat and thought about the state of the world and how weird and out of control everything’s become since the pandemic. I want to stress how grateful I am for my physical health and my family’s health, I’ve been very blessed throughout the pandemic thus far. There’s just so much loss that’s been happening and still happening. It’s really intense, especially being witness to all the tragedy at what seems like the beginning of my adult life.”

The track is the latest to be taken from Chloe’s upcoming mixtape, which is due out on 19th November 2021.

Chloe Lilac

New Music: Graham Lake

Emerging from Sweden is Graham Lake, is a Stockholm-born singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who is still just 20-years old.

Today sees his debut, and boy is it something to behold! Released via EMI Sweden, ‘Focus’ was co-produced by mentor Linus Eklöw of the iconic duo Galantis.

A flawless fusion of rap and electronic pop compliments Graham’s distinctive vocals over the instantly memorable hook, ‘I’m gonna keep focusing on me.’

Graham Lake


Formed whilst living together in Manchester during lockdown, HEAD BALLET are a self-produced duo made up of Kiera Court and Danny Casio.

Their style of music fuses elements of indie, electronica and pop to create sounds that carry a sense of nostalgia while still maintaining a fresh and current feel.

“Real Life’s aim was to capture the end of an era, the transitional period between two distinct and antithetical stages of being. The end of a pursuit, a honeymoon, a romance or friendship. The title was born out of a sustained disbelief in a wilted emotion and an attempt to water it back into existence.”

Already garnering support from the likes of BBC Introducing, this pair of talented artists could be one of the next new acts to emerge from the North.


Cousin Kula – Now That You’re Gone

Photo / luce + harry

A flawless blend of dream pop and psychedelic indie from Bristol-based band Cousin Kula.

Musing on the slower-paced life of isolation, ‘Now That You’re Gone’ glides elegantly between hushed synth-led movements and expansive jazz-inflected psychedelia, as singer Elliot Ellison ponders on a troubling period of time.

“This one started life deep into lockdown. I would set keyboards up outside Elliot’s bedroom window so we could still play together without me coming in the house. I guess the tune’s simplicity is, in some way, a reflection of the slower pace of life we’d gotten used to.” – Will Wells, Cousin Kula

December 2021 UK tour (tickets here):

  • 4th December BRISTOL – Strange Brew
  • 7th December FALMOUTH – Cornish Bank
  • 8th December BRIGHTON – Prince Albert
  • 9th December LONDON – Jazz Café

Cousin Kula

New Music: The Lagoons

The Lagoons are the DIY musical project of Southern California-raised, jazz-trained, multi-instrumentalist brothers Ryan and Joey Selan.

Their eclectic new single ‘Madness’ serves us with a nostalgic twist on indie rock, and was inspired by all of the craziness happening across the globe over the past year.

The Lagoons

The Landing – No Such Thing as Normal

With over five million collective streams to date, it’s safe to say that The Landing has come to grow a vast and loyal fanbase over the years.

Today he returns with a cosmic slice of indie and funk in the form of new singleNo Such Thing as Normal’. With it’s infectiously catchy melody, this track is sure to win The Landing a whole new legion of followers.

“I wrote this last Halloween season, at nearly the height of the pandemic, with the intention of turning fear into funk. Using hidden subliminal sounds from some of my favourite horror movies I attempted to brew pop sensibilities with discordant progressions and optimistic lyrics with gothic harmonies.”

The Landing

Falana – Energy

Emerging starlet Falana releases her sophomore EP ‘Rising’ today, themed around women’s empowerment.

New single ‘Energy’ is taken from the record, and is a perfected fusion of soul and R&B that continues to cement this Canadian Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer as one to watch.

“It’s funny how things fall together slowly and then all at once. I feel like I’ve really found my voice. And I think once an artist finds their voice, they become unstoppable. I am really excited about the artist I am becoming, and I never want to stop evolving.”


The Collection – Get Lost

The Collection return today with a gorgeous blend of indie and alternative pop in the form of new single ‘Get Lost’. This is a song with deeply meaningful lyricism, emotive vocals and a beautifully constructed melody.

“I’ve learned the most about who I am in the times I’ve gotten ‘lost’ from my path and the expectations of others, and given attention and presence to whatever things come up. There have been many times in my life, whether around substance, getting divorced, or coming out, where folks have told me that I’ve, ‘lost my way’ ’and they hope that I will, ‘find my way back.’ So the song is really about that experience of those interactions – a kind of response for anyone who’s ever been scolded for discovering their own expression.” – David Wimbish, The Collection

The Collection

Devan – Orchid

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have featured Devan at this point. This Canadian singer-songwriter is crafting some of the sweetest indie bops to emerge from the country, and new single ‘Orchid’ is no exception.

Taken from her ‘Liquid Sunshine’ EP, the song is all about feeling under-appreciated in a relationship. Orchids are naturally resilient flowers that are low maintenance; they die and grow back with little care. Devan ponders if that’s why a lot of people have them – they sit there and look pretty yet you don’t need to show them much love.


New Music: Bota Butterfly

Newcomer Bota Butterfly crafts a distinctly unique style of melodic electro pop that pushes the boundaries of what is expected from the genre.

This is a sound that is boldly future-forward, yet still carries an essence of timelessness to it. All this makes for ‘Somebody Else’ as one of the strongest pop releases of the week.

“’Somebody Else’ is a song that is very close to my heart. I felt a very strong desire to write it right after my break up. In this song I am addressing my inner self trying to find the answers, the answers of how to find the strength to let go whilst you still have feelings for them. What do you do when you find out that the person you were getting to know and was falling in love with is in a relationship with somebody else? I wrote about my mixed feelings, the conflict between mind and heart, which I feel like most people experience after the breakup. It’s about ‘rescuing’ my heart and making it mine again.” 

Bota Butterfly