New Music: Sannah Sae

A polished and sleek piece of melodic electro pop which still feels emotive despite the Swedish lyrics!

Sannah Sae

Watch: joan – try again

If you’re a geek about 90’s pop then this could be your summer anthem. Bursting with nostalgia but still feeling current.

Taken from the EP ‘cloudy’ which is now available on limited edition 12” vinyl via joan’s online store, where tickets to their special online live show on Saturday 8th August are also available.


New Music: Childe

A chilled and refined approach to indie electro pop from a new English talent and former BRIT school alum.

“It’s about loneliness and feeling isolated in a busy world. Fake friends and false conversations. I need to make sure I’m around the people who know me best or I can really lose it.”


Sally Boy – Stormy

Sally Boy returns with another irresistibly charming slice of pop to guarantee that you fall in love with this kid’s sound for good.

Sally Boy

SG Lewis – Impact (with Robyn & Channel Tres)

This song is the highlight of my year… Period! Three of my biggest dance-pop artists coming together like this gives me hope for the rest of this cursed year.

Robyn | SG Lewis | Channel Tres

Watch: will hyde – meant to be.

“There’s shades of light & also darkness, which is important for me to show as a contrast. Both are a part of me and both influence the music. My favourite shot is on the balcony at the end – we were filming in this big old mansion (an honour) & mid filming i decided to get up on the ledge and start boogie-ing.”

will hyde

New Music: sobhhï

Dubai-based sobhhï could potentially become that one breakthrough RnB artist from the Middle East to finally make an impact on the US and Europe. If this release is anything to go by, then it’s only a matter of time.


Matt Ryder – Not The Same

“I felt like I was constantly overthinking everything I was doing and saying, even the thoughts I had I would overthink.”

Matt Ryder

New Music: BERWYN

A London based talent who excels at being both a rapper and a singer songwriter. The sound is minimal and sharp, while still feeling sincere and emotive.


New Music: Eli Lev

Maryland-based singer songwriter Eli Lev has come up with a song that brims with hazy summer vibes and sweet, dreamy melodic tones. Perfect for the weeks ahead.

“It’s both asking and telling, will you be my someone? will you let me be your someone?”

Eli Lev

Alex Holtti + LOVA – Oblivion

A stunning collaboration between two of Scandinavia’s most promising exports in recent years.

Alex Holtti | LOVA

Greentea Peng – Hu Man

“‘Hu Man’ is an exploration of self and our attachment to identity, especially in this modern age. Hu Man is a war cry from the battlefield of mind, calling to the divine Mother to take this ego, take this head, to remove all these words and man made constructs and take me, take us,  back to centre. Back to oneness, forward to unity.”

Greentea Peng

Brandon – Elastic

I don’t want to live like this forever

Oh, it feels like bliss when we’re together

And darling you’re my only treasure

You know there’s nothing that could measure up


New Music: Hamond

Conceptual and future-forward electronic pop from Houston.

“‘Outside’ was inspired by the feeling of anticipation you get when waiting for someone you’re in a new relationship with to come outside and meet you. They’re getting ready and you’re waiting with excitement, anxiety, and for that moment/night nothing else matters.”