New Music: Mina Okabe

In my view, it’s near impossible not to fall in love with this song immediately once you press play.

Born and raised in London by Danish and Japanese parents, Copenhagen-based talent Mina Okabe is still only 20 years old. Yet somehow, there’s a sense of timelessness in her sound that feels mellow, soulful and inviting, all the while being effortlessly cool.

‘I’m Done’ is out via Copenhagen Records on 30th October 30 2020.

Mina Okabe

New Music: anotherboy

Hailing out of Dumont in New Jersey, anotherboy is a big talent from a little town. His sound blends several genres together, most notably lo-fi pop and indie; and turns them into something that feels emotionally charged and engaging.

“This song was written about the constant wanting of someone and saying anything to get even a second of their attention. By saying you appreciate even something as minuscule as someone’s lip gloss, you love everything about them and will do or say anything to get them to like you back.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘Lip Gloss’ which is out on 20th November.


Eryn Martin – Who Wouldn’t

The last time I featured Canadian singer and songwriter Eryn Martin a few years ago, she was seemingly a totally different talent to the one that I am experiencing now.

Back then it was a sophisticated and minimal sound, while now we are being treated to a bold, dark and intense take on pop that is guaranteed to get your heart racing. Talk about versatility!

Eryn Martin

New Music: Raheaven

Up and coming British RnB doesn’t get much sharper than this right now. Hailing from North London, Raheaven delivers heart-felt lyricism on to a sound that feels emotive yet self-assured.

“Although I’m being vulnerable, I’m also talking my shit and i’m not trying to let my guard down, we don’t do that around here for just anybody. I’m not crying about him not calling me back, I’m more just like… you didn’t call me back? Do you know who I am? Goodnight, TTYL. I wish you all the best.”


New Music: V.RI

With over 200,000 streams already garnered entirely through organic support from previous releases, something feels special about this multi-disciplined 19-year old British talent.

Not only can V.RI play several instruments, rap and sing, but he also shoots his own videos and designs the artwork. The sound itself is a refreshing take on pop-punk, fused with a bedroom pop and some light rock.


Sad Night Dynamite – Mountain Jack

One of the UK’s most exciting projects of late, Sad Night Dynamite are back with another beautifully atmospheric blend of dark pop and indie.

“Mountain Jack was written at the top of a really, really high mountain. I think the song is about being stretched in lots of different directions. Although your body might be in a studio, your head is somewhere else. In this case up a mountain.”

Sad Night Dynamite

Watch: Easy Life – Daydreams

Three years and three mixtapes later, Easy Life are finally gearing up to release their debut album, and with it comes ‘Daydreams’.

“Like most of us, I’ve spent the whole year sat at home daydreaming about a possible alternate reality. Born out of boredom and idleness, ‘Daydreams’ is as much about getting drunk as it is about falling in and out of love.” – Murray Matravers, Easy Life

Easy Life

New Music: Alt Bloom

Distinctive vocals glide through a sound that blends alt-R&B with pop. It’s a track that feels both classic and current.

Alt Bloom

Sam DeRosa – Sad Faces

The NY-raised and LA-based pop talent that is Sam DeRosa has just released a single that features lyricism which I think everyone on the planet can relate to right now.

“With ‘Sad Faces,’ I wanted to make the song sound upbeat and happy while I talked about something difficult… I think as a songwriter who’s now an artist, I’m learning to accept things I cannot change and to not worry too much about things being perfect. The mess is the fun part and my journey’s been a wild one, but it’s mine, so it’s awesome and I’m thankful for it.”

Taken from the upcoming debut EP ‘The Medicine’ which is due on 13th November via Monument Records. 

Sam DeRosa

New Music: Treis

It’s ever so rare that I fall in love with three songs from one talent at the same time. On this occasion, that artist goes by the name of Treis (or Treis & Friends), who is a conceptual singer and songwriter from Central Florida.

Treis’ style varies with each record he puts out, and the set of songs below are taken from his upcoming third LP, which revolves around the concept of ‘Suburban Funk’ that is inspired by nu-disco and synth-wave sounds.

The tracks themselves are flawlessly produced pieces of music with exceptionally composed melodies. With that in mind, I have included descriptions by the artist for each song to give you some context on what you’re hearing. Enjoy!

Familiar Strangers is a slightly sinister love song, in the same vain as songs like ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’ in the sense the narrator has his ‘commitments’ he can’t seem to remove himself from, and his muse is aware that ‘that’s just how this ends’. Despite the fact they both seem to care, and perhaps have even been romantically involved , they will never work out for the same reason they love each other so much, and so the muse responds they will find the narrator in the ‘skin of someone new’.

The Morning After depicts of cost of swallowing your pride to protect someone else’s feelings, and how it affects the narrator. Does their well-being trump one’s need to be open about their own feelings, and even if those feelings were expressed, would it even matter the next day?

No Compromise (featuring Amaria) is an admission of existential fear by the narrator to a drunk friend at a party, knowing that the friend will not remember the importance of what he is saying. The narrator questions whether or not he finds solace in this, being finally freed from ‘keeping it in,’ but doing nothing particularly constructive with this newfound freedom.


Watch: Alaina Castillo – ¡párate!

“‘Párate’ is a song that talks about overcoming challenges that you would usually want to avoid so for the music video, I wanted it to have a dark feel to it to as if you’re struggling in those moments of the song but then also incorporate little essences of beauty to remind us that we have to go through those dark moments in order to really appreciate any small amount of happiness or beauty we can get.”

Alaina Castillo

New Music: Lou Elliotte

While Lou Elliotte is not an entirely new name (she’s already one of Sweden’s most established songwriters, as well as part of the massively successful super-group Estraden), this release marks the introduction of her English language solo project. It’s a low-key banger too, at that.

Lou Elliotte

Bathe – Better Off

A heavenly slice of finessed RnB from the NY-based outfit who are sure to win your heart over with their unique approach to the genre.

“We’ve been calling it Surf R&B, just songs you can lie in the sand with your toes in the water to.”


Watch: Pa Salieu – B***K

“The title being censored is to highlight how throughout history parts of society have portrayed black people and culture almost like a swear word.”

Pa Salieu

New Music: daine

Refreshingly unique Australian teen emo-pop talent daine constructs a dark and destructive sound that exudes intensity and pure, raw emotion.

Taken from the double a-side release, ‘Ascension/Angel Numbers’.


New Music: JyellowL

This kid is delivering some of Ireland’s finest and most exciting hip hop to the rest of the world. It’s a fresh, vivid and daring approach to the genre, and I am here for it!

“You don’t hustle, you don’t eat!”


New Music: Francis Aud

An uplifting blend of funk and electro-pop. A sound that’s rooted in feel-good, joyful vibes. Ideal for 2020, let’s face it.

“Let’s be real now, y’all. Summer 2020? WACK AS HELL. After going to the beach once, drinking half a White Claw and blinking, BOOM, you’re suddenly in the Fall of a what’s been a weird ass year. ‘Codeine Kiss’ is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to making use of all of that pent-up summer energy you’ve got inside before the winter arrives.”

Francis Aud

New Music: George Moir

Charming British pop with a quirky twist. It’s near impossible to not fall in love with this talent; it’s just pop at it’s purest and most joyful.

George Moir

New Music: Bevan

Bevan hails from the British seaside town of Bournemouth, which is one of the UK’s most popular places to escape to for short vacations.

Similarly, this blend of pop, jazz, and world music conjures images of being taken somewhere far away, and is inspired by the spanning geography of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel ‘Tender is the Night’.