RENÉ – Better U

Finessed fusions of dark-pop and RnB from the sublimely talented RENÉ. With inspirations ranging from Aaliyah to Timbaland, you can hear that distinctive 90’s sound come through beautifully on ‘Better U’.

“’Better U’ describes the feeling of when you have invested so much of yourself and time in a relationship, sticking around with the false hope that they will change for the better – but they never do! Only to find when you’ve finally moved on, they have too, becoming the very person you always hoped they would be…but with someone else.”


New Music: cityboymoe

cityboymoe creates a beautifully melodic fusion of RnB and hip hop (with an added dose of melancholy), that entrances you into the Londoner’s world and leaves you feeling deeply connected.


Tate McRae – slower

There’s really no stopping Canadian superstar Tate McRae. To date, she has amassed over 1.4 billion career streams with over 3.2 million subscribers and over 450 million video views on YouTube.

Taken from the new EP ‘too young to be sad’ which is out on 26th March 2021 via Ministry of Sound.

Tate McRae

New Music: Falana

Falana is a tremendously exciting Canadian-Nigerian talent who has formulated an intelligent combination of the RnB, pop and afrobeats genres to create the masterpiece that is ‘Joy’.


New Music: EYJAA

An infectiously memorable Icelandic bop from sisters Brynja Mary and Sara Victoria Sverrisdottir.

While this is a quintessentially Scandinavian style of pop, the track still carries a sense of uniqueness which is quite captivating to listen to.


New Music: Natalie Madigan

Born and raised in Nashville, promising pop starlet Natalie Madigan has crafted a song that is a true delight to the audible senses.

It starts innocently enough, but quickly transcends into a delicious slice of disco that is pure euphoria to experience. If you’re looking for fresh and fun pop, then this is your jam.

“This song is about coming out of a stage of darkness and becoming the best version of yourself.”

Natalie Madigan

New Music: Louie Louie!

Firstly, I hope you all join me in wishing newcomer Louie Louie! a happy birthday – he’s chosen today as the release of his huge single ‘Living In A Show‘.

This is one of the stand-out releases of the week for me. An anthemic and rousing blend of alt-pop and indie, it’s a statement piece that gives off instant impact and sticks in your head all day.

“We’ve been living in a Black Mirror episode well before the pandemic started, and ‘Living In A Show’ is my response to that.”

Louie Louie!

New Music: Verøna

Winning the award for best song title this week comes Verøna with the infectiously feel-good single ‘I Take My Plants In The Shower’.

The track itself is a stripped-down bedroom pop number that is instantly catchy, while the lyrics carry an important message which we could all benefit from hearing.

“This song is a metaphor through plants about avoiding the negativity in life. Watering the plants means giving positive energy to yourself.”


New Music: Knightly

Emerging form Southern California, Knightly could be considered a master of many talents – being a singer, songwriter, producer and engineer.

While in lockdown, she started producing her own tracks which consequently unlocked her creative imagination and resulted in the release of pop gems like ‘Red Tide’.

“This record is about my most recent awakening; an extremely difficult inner exorcism, like a firework, forcing me to wake up from a depthless slumber. Just like Red Tide in the real ocean, I’m upwelling, and learning how to glow in the dark.”


GYYPS – Careless

Amassing over 80 million global streams to date, LA multi-instrumentalist, producer, and visual artist GYYPS continues to impress with the release of new single ‘Careless‘.

“‘Careless’ is about my own carelessness and about the feeling of leaving someone and knowing it hurts, but sometimes you have to move on to bigger and better things. It’s about self love and growth.”


Weston Estate – Hold On

One of the most interesting alt-pop bands to emerge from the US in recent months, North Carolina outfit Weston Estate are back today with the release of ‘Hold On’.

All of Indian descent (with the exception of vocalist Marco Luka who is first generation Cuban-American), the group fuse cultural influences alongside their individual tastes to create a sound that is uniquely of their own.

Weston Estate

Honeyboys – One Another

Riding high from the (well-deserved) success of previous single ‘Davinci‘, Californian jazz-pop outfit Honeyboys are back today with a finessed slice of uplifting soul that will have you longing to experience togetherness again​.

‘One Another’ serves as the second (and final) sneak peek into their​ debut EP, which is out soon.


New Music: JMES

Hailing out of Dallas, JMES is a 21-year old alt-pop talent who crafts a refreshingly bold sound; one that juxtaposes with a raw sense of vulnerability that comes through on her lyrics and distinctive vocal.

“The song is a story of love and caution.”


KRISTRÚN – Calling Me Home

Equal parts ethereal and abrasive, KRISTRÚN returns today with an electro-pop song that is truly like none other.

Haunting tones lure you into a world made of a dark and twisted soundscape, that feels ethereal in a very sinister way.


New Music: Paola Bennet

Native Bostonian and longtime New Yorker, Paola Bennet’s music brims with a raw sense of honesty that is not only captivating but deeply moving.

An indie-rock song which on the surface feels deceptively subtle, ‘In This Body’ carries an undertone of intense emotion and acts as a melancholy snapshot of Bennet’s experience with chronic illness.

“When no one can tell you’re in pain by looking at you, you doubt your instincts. I wanted to express that loss of trust in myself, and the isolation I felt when people around me ignored or explained away my very real experience.”

Paola Bennet

Off Bloom – Hit & Run

Today’s lesson of ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ is served to us by Danish duo Off Bloom, who have finally released their debut album, ‘In Bloom’.

And it’s a big record; they’ve worked with the likes of CJ Baran (Panic! at the Disco, Carly Rae Jepsen), and George Reid of AlunaGeorge. There’s even a song which was co-produced by the pop legend that is Max Martin.

To celebrate it’s release, the duo have released ‘Hit & Run’ as a taster of what to expect from the record.

“‘Hit & Run’ is a hot vibey track full of attitude! We wanted to reminisce the guitar sound of the 00’s and we even turned up the gain for the first ever Off Bloom guitar solo! The song is very Britney in her way of saying ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ and it’s about when you end up hurting someone because you’re just not into him or her emotionally – and basically, you just wanna have fun.”

Debut album ‘In Bloom’ is out now.

Off Bloom

New Music: Sprints

Sometimes you press play on a track, and you just know within a few seconds of listening that the talent behind it will see a very swift rise to global domination.

That’s certainly the case with Dublin-based alt-rock outfit Sprints. This female led four piece group bring a refreshingly raw and honest approach to the genre, with hard-hitting lyricism that creates impact almost immediately.

“‘Swimming’ scorns on the increasing lack of opportunity after following prescribed paths to become society’s idea of a ‘success’.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Manifesto’ which is out via Nice Swan Records on 26th March 2021.


Rivals – Alkaline

Los Angeles alt-rock outfit Rivals are back today with the massive ‘Alkaline’, a cinematic pop-rock banger that commands your immediate attention, and serves as a powerful anthem for finding balance in our lives.

“‘Alkaline’ is a reference to the PH balance of water, and the hope of trying to find that sense of perfect balance between your personal lows and your highs. I also got to finally explain a moment of intense vertigo I have had in real life so that was also a fun one!” – Kalie Wolfe, Rivals

Taken from the upcoming record ‘Sad Looks Pretty on Me’ which is out 19th March 2021 via Smartpunk Records


Ladyhawke – Guilty Love (feat. BROODS)

Laydhawke fans have had to wait five long years since the release of last album ‘Wild Things’.

With an upcoming record planned for later this year, the phenomenally talented Australian artist returns with a powerful song that has a clear message: love will always conquer hate.

“‘Guilty Love’ came from the classic ‘in-studio heart to heart’. We talked about growing up religiously and how we carried a lot of shame around the idea of what a woman (or person) should be. This song is about that but also about finding our own way back to a sense of spirituality through love. The love that once caused so much guilt, ended up being the most healing and spiritual.”

Ladyhawke | BROODS