New Music: Berre

Emerging from Belgium is rising artist Berre. With a beautifully distinctive soulful voice, this 21-year-old talent has already amassed a huge following online with his covers of well-known and lesser-known songs.

Now Berre unveils his own original work through the release of new single ‘Say My Name’, showcasing his extraordinary skill at crafting pop sounds that feel both intense and gripping.

“After a breakup, you have lots of questions left and you long for honest answers to each one. Despite all those difficulties, the only thing you want to hear from that one person is they love you, even if that’s a lie.”


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New Music:

Track of the week. Ontario-based artist has been one of the most exciting discoveries so far this month.

With its thought-provoking and intelligent lyricism, new single ‘evolve’ is a beautifully dreamy and airy fusion of alternative R&B, soul and lo-fi pop.

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Will Linley – i don’t wanna be yours

One of the first summer indie-pop anthems of the year comes courtesy of South Africa’s youngest hitmaker, Will Linley.

“‘i don’t wanna be yours’ is about not wanting to get into a relationship with someone because you know it just isn’t going to work out and ultimately wanting to save each other from any hurt that may come in the future.”

To date, Linley has earned over twelve million global streams since his November debut, and is quickly building a fanbase across the globe.

Will Linley

Sylo – Bento Box

Sylo continues to impress with his distinct blend of R&B and indie-pop on new single ‘Bento Box’.

Subtly euphoric in its sound while carrying thought-provoking lyricism, this immensely catchy track serves as the perfect summer anthem for the months ahead.


vi0let – Over & Over (feat. Jymenik)

Photo / Libby Cooper

Rising London-based singer-songwriter vi0let unveils her stunning new single ‘Over & Over’, featuring Brighton-based Serbian artist Jymenik.

Silky vocals glide over a production that effortlessly combines airy R&B with trap sonics, giving the song a sultry and dark essence.

“The intention behind writing the song originally came from a place of heartbreak. I was still processing an extremely toxic relationship I had left and reflected on how I feel they viewed me. I felt like an idiot for so long constantly going back to the relationship which is how the chorus came to be. When producing the track with Jomo Kru, it became less of a sad song and more of a dark and mysterious ballad. It gave me a feeling of confidence although it’s quite the intimate track. Once we had the song down, I instantly thought of Jymenik for this track. She radiates a dark and mysterious energy and I knew her voice would take this song to the next level.”

vi0let | Jymenik

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Cannon – College Friends

Genre-defying artist Cannon was first featured here back in 2020, and has since gone on to garner over twelve million streams, alongside support from the likes of Earmilk and Fashionably Early.

New single ‘College Friends’ fuses elements of alternative rock with hip hop and garage pop for an enthralling sonic experience.

“When I graduated from college, I found myself worrying about whether I was sacrificing too much time chasing my goals to spend time with my friends or sacrificing too much time with my friends to chase my goals. I soon came to realise that in trying to be two places at once, I ended up nowhere. Part of the process of graduating and growing up for me has been learning how to decide where to allocate my time.”


FènixDion – Sugar

FènixDion continue to showcase their extraordinary talent at crafting timelessly cool sounds. By confidently fusing elements of R&B with indie and rock, this outfit have mastered a style of music that is distinctly their own.

With a production that carries strong essences nostalgia, new single ‘Sugar’ is a guitar-driven piece of introspective perfection.

“‘Sugar’ reflects the aspiration to break the chain of violence and self destruction that permeates generations of my family tree. I grew up terrified of acquiring the traits of a man I never knew while simultaneously waiting for him to change for the better as if it were a reflection of the light I was seeking within myself. The song draws the line between the man I have envisioned and feared my whole life, and the man I am envisioning to be, one day.” – Keston Wright, FènixDion


Gun Boi Kaz – Perfect for Me

South Korea born and Connecticut raised Gun Boi Kaz returns today with a perfected blend of melodic lo-fi pop and alternative hip hop.

Incredibly easy to listen along to, ‘Perfect for Me’ is certain to accelerate the momentum for this hugely promising talent, who already garners over 500k followers on TikTok alone.

Gun Boi Kaz

Amanda Tenfjord – Plans

After her spectacular performance representing Greece at Eurovision last week (eventually coming in at a respectable eighth position), Greek-Norwegian artist Amanda Tenfjord returns today with her new single ‘Plans’.

“It’s a song about the moment in a relationship when you realise that you actually don’t make plans together anymore. At first you have all these dreams about the future and the things you want to do together; travel to Rome, buy a house together and see your kids grow up etc., and then slowly as love fades away you don’t even plan what to do the next weekend together. And the worst part is seeing the one you love living your previous common dreams together with someone else. It’s a very sad song.”

The track further teases the release of her upcoming debut album, due for release later this year via iconic Oslo label Propeller Recordings.

To date, Tenfjord has released two widely praised EP’s, ‘Miss The Way You Missed Me’ and debut EP ‘First Impression’. 

Amanda Tenfjord

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Chris James – 12 Hours

You won’t find a song epitomising that care-free summer vibe as perfectly as Chris James’ latest release, ’12 Hours’.

Entirely written, produced, recorded and mixed by the acclaimed German-American artist himself, the track serves as the seventh single to be lifted from the upcoming album, ‘The Weight of Nostalgia’.

Chris James

Kev Kelly – Tilt

Charismatic American singer songwriter Kev Kelly is back today with a sharp and punchy pop release in the form of summery new single ‘Tilt’.

With its honest, unapologetic and clever lyricism, the song is sure to be one of the more interesting releases of the week.

“I was a lifeguard at a country club in Kentucky. The members were mostly young families and seemed to have what I guess you would consider ‘new money.’ It was a pretty conservative place; so, I was shocked to find out after my second week that it was basically a swingers club. I noticed the parents of kids I went to school with – their dads would come off the course and leave with Mrs. Jones and Mr. Jones would take their mom out for ‘dinner.’ I couldn’t help but think, Damn, church on Sunday must be awkward for these people.”

Taken from the forthcoming two-part EP, ‘THIS MIGHT ESCALATE…AND THEN COLLAPSE.’ Part One officially drops on 3rd June 2022.

Kev Kelly

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Benicio Bryant – WHO HURT YOU?

Still only 17-years old, R&B-pop talent Benicio Bryant is already an accomplished performer – having competed in Germany’s The Voice Kids as well as America’s Got Talent – and successfully reaching the finals in both competitions.

Now signed to Arista Records, Bryant unleashes his musical talent to a global audience with songs like ‘WHO HURT YOU?’, inevitably marking himself as one of the most exciting soloists to watch out for this year.

“‘WHO HURT YOU?’ is super special to me because it can be about whatever you want it to be! Wherever you are in life and the problems you’re facing are valid and different for everyone, but I want us to come together and celebrate that we are all human and get through things together!”

Benicio Bryant

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Løv Li – Can’t Let You Go

Photo / Tom McKenzie

While still only 23-years old, Copenhagen-based DIY-artist Løv Li has already marked himself as one of the most interesting artists to emerge from Denmark in recent years, thanks to his eloquent songwriting and melancholy productions.

“I’ve always had melodies spinning around in my head. These days, I often record them as one of the numerous voice-memos, I’ve got on my phone. They rapidly develop into arrangements for piano, vocals and strings and are completed with all the impulsive, experimenting sounds, I create when I work on the boundless, amazing computer.”

Haunting new single ‘Can’t Let You Go’ presents itself as a beautifully dark piece of pop, yet also feels timeless and classic thanks to its subtle orchestral tones.

The song was inspired by the decay and sudden end to what was seemingly a beautiful and unique relationship.

Løv Li

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New Music: Paul Vinson

Emerging from Nashville is rising indie-rock talent Paul Vinson. By fusing raw rock tones with a more light-hearted pop edge, this artist creates songs that perfectly balance between sounding alternative and mainstream.

Taking influence from bands like Third Eye Blind and The 1975, new single ‘Drama Queen’ is a glam twist on the genre – and focuses on relationship anxieties:

“It’s all about my anxieties amidst relationship conflict and blowing things way out of proportion in my head.”

Paul Vinson

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NOA – This Isn’t How It Was Supposed To Go

Toronto-born singer-songwriter NOA is back today with a sublime piece of finessed R&B-pop through the release of her new single, ‘This Isn’t How It Was Supposed To Go’.

Sprinkled with hints of nostalgia, the track’s lyrics were inspired by the process of healing when getting over a breakup, while reminiscing on the past and how things didn’t end up the way she thought they would.

To date, NOA has surpassed over three million collective streams worldwide, and averages at more than 100,000 monthly listeners across platforms.

Taken from the new EP ‘Hurting’, which is out now.


Dance Yourself Clean – Last Call

Legendary American dance project Dance Yourself Clean unleash an epic slice of electronic pop for the weekend ahead.

Infectiously memorable and immensely feel-good, ‘Last Call’ is guaranteed to become one of the summer anthems of the year.

Dance Yourself Clean

Bhi Bhiman – Helpless

This July sees renowned singer-songwriter Bhi Bhiman’s first studio album in four years, and as ‘Helpless’ shows, the wait has seemingly been worth it.

This is a style of indie-folk that feels ethereal, timeless, soulful and beautifully atmospheric.

“‘Helpless’ is a very simple song musically. It’s literally two chords. But within those two chords, there is a spiritual centre to the song that I think will resonate with people. The second hook, ‘I live on island time’ (which I sing with reverence to my island people, not derision) announces my plan to arrive at death fashionably late – on my own time. St. Peter and the pearly gates, or whatever you believe in, will have to wait for ME.” 

Upcoming album ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous’ is out this summer.

Bhi Bhiman

New Music: The Deans

Hailing from Corvallis in Oregon are newcomers The Deans. With their refreshingly original approach to indie-rock, this outfit construct songs that feel authentic and raw, while also maintaining a colourful and energising edge to their sound.

Bold new single ‘The Runner’ looks at the the dysfunction associated with making decisions in the information age, and introduces the band’s new run of releases that listeners can look forward to this year.

The Deans

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New Music: Pretty Fierce

Today sees the introduction of British girl group Pretty Fierce, who unveil their exciting debut, ‘Ready For Me’.

Influenced by pop, hip-hop, R&B, dance and country music, this outfit are creating a sound that feels relatable and familiar yet still refreshingly unique in character.

“‘Ready For Me’ is all about loving yourself, realising your worth and dusting yourself off after a breakup/experience you’ve had with someone. It can be about any type of relationship and can relate to EVERYBODY. Whether you’re a young girl with a high school crush, or a grown woman who is feeling herself. We are all about inclusivity, and this is a feel good, empowering anthem. The song really takes the audience on a self-love journey and we want people to feel confident after listening to it.” – Katrina-Marie Howson, Pretty Fierce

Pretty Fierce consists of Katrina-Marie, Georgie Ryan (vocals), Ayanda Mthethwa (vocals) and Macey Pick (vocals).

Pretty Fierce

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New Music: Bonny Lauren

Starting the weekend with a powerful pop anthem, courtesy of rising German singer-songwriter Bonny Lauren.

New single ‘Enough’ looks at the feelings of being lost within one’s self after experiencing a relationship with a narcissist.

The song was inspired by the emotional abuse of Lauren’s ex boyfriend, whose habits were to make the other person feel small, insecure, weak and failing – in order to push his own ego.

Already a rising newcomer, Lauren’s collection of releases have gained over 15 million collective streams on Spotify alone.

Bonny Lauren

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