New Music: ZÖE

Dark, melancholic pop from Iceland.



Astrid S – Emotion

Welcome back Astrid S! This is so damn good! It bounces between old-school Royksopp and Daft Punk. Am I the only one that feels that? Anyway… So good!

New Music: Jesse Markin

When Finland gets it right, it Gets It Right. The bass on this RnB gets the heart kicking, and the vocal is slick as hell.

Jesse Markin

Unge Ferrari + Coucheron – Ung & Dum

How would Norwegian hip hop sound with some disco thrown in? Quite brilliantly I’d say…

Unge Ferrari | Coucheron

New Music: Selma Judith

Broody, mellow Danish pop with a gorgeous chorus.


New Music: Hasta

Mellow Norwegian vibes – it’s dreamy pop with a soulful twist.


Sigrid – Sucker Punch

Ahhh this is too catchy! Just can’t get enough of Sigrid right now.


Stine Bramsen & Patrick Dorgan – Can’t Let It Go

Two Danish heavyweights get together to serve this epic slice of 90’s-inspired ballad pop.

Stine Bramsen | Patrick Dorgan