SG Lewis – Impact (with Robyn & Channel Tres)

This song is the highlight of my year… Period! Three of my biggest dance-pop artists coming together like this gives me hope for the rest of this cursed year.

Robyn | SG Lewis | Channel Tres

Alex Holtti + LOVA – Oblivion

A stunning collaboration between two of Scandinavia’s most promising exports in recent years.

Alex Holtti | LOVA

Breazy Daze – Old Man

Icelandic indie-pop kid Breazy Daze releases a light-hearted new single today about growing up and figuring out what you want.

The song carries a dreamy sense of youthful naiveté which is so infectiously sweet and charming.

Breazy Daze

New Music: Ida Tosh

Swedish queer-pop with an emphasis on blending techno and electro elements into something quite unique and charming.

“This song is about the fuzzy feeling of falling in love, with somebody who isn’t a man.”

Ida Tosh

Sofia Vivere – What’s Best For Me

Since being featured last year, Sofia has gained a nomination from Scandinavia’s biggest music magazine GAFFA for ‘Breakthrough of the Year’, and it seems that’s just the beginning for this 20-year old Swede. ‘What’s Best For Me’ is a punchy slice of self-empowered pop that demands you to listen up and pay attention!

“This single is about being the boss over your own life, encouraging especially girls to do as they like.”

Sofia Vivere

New Music: Ida Hansson

A Danish/ Swedish talent who has mastered the sound of alternative RnB, infused with subtle pop quirks, and balanced with an essence of raw emotion and authenticity. It’s a very interesting approach to the genre and the song itself is pretty mesmerising from the first moment you press play.

Ida Hansson

New Music: 20 Milk

Conceptual electronic pop with a dark, yet playful essence.

20 Milk

via The Line of Best Fit

Lee Bowie – Lucky Fool

Swedish outfit Lee Bowie are back today with a song that is frankly, as bonkers and eclectic as you would expect from pop.

The song is inspired by 90’s Finnish breakbeat, kids TV and upper-middle class kids doing speed at festivals. It’s a riot!

Lee Bowie

Buster Moe – Blackbird

A perfect fusion of dark pop and indie. The sound feels raw and emotive while still carrying a sense of hope.

“I think many of us have felt lonely these last months. I was completely locked away from the outside world for a month and it really got to me. I’ve always liked to be alone but only when its my own choice. I wrote the song as a way do deal with the quarantine and was just like damn i just wanna leave the house and do something. Wouldn’t it be awesome to just be that black bird and leave the city?”

Buster Moe

Lido – Rise

Having already worked with the likes of  Halsey, Chance The Rapper, Banks, Jaden Smith, JoJo and Skrillex to name a few, Lido has without doubt been one of Norway’s biggest music success stories of recent years (and a big Alfitude favourite).

Today sees his return with a release that carries his trademark style and presented in a space-themed visual which is a delight to experience.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘PEDER’.


New Music: SoLonely

An understated Swedish mix of RnB and hip hop. The sound has a soft sense of intensity, while still feeling airy and mellow.


New Music: Alexandra Joner

There’s not a lot I can say about this track other than it being an absolutely massive pop banger from Norway. Infectiously fun.

Alexandra Joner

Atlas Knox – Honeypot

Atlas Knox are a mysterious producing and writing outfit who have worked on hits with Stormzy, Not3s, Chaka Khan, Jax Jones, Duke Dumont and Florence and The Machine to name a few.

We won’t know who they really are, since their focus is on the music. And it’s great; this collaboration with Swedish starlet Lune is a fantastic pop release.

“We want to be unencumbered by fame, class, race, age, gender, and outside influence. We seek to not just exist, but to optimistically, economically, and sustainably, produce more love than we consume.”

Atlas Knox | Lune

Zara Larsson – Love Me Land

Zara never fails to disappoint. I am living for this disco vibe she’s worked up… Absolutely huge. HUGE!

Zara Larsson

New Music: ruus

Some songs you press play to, and immediately know that you’ll love. This is one of those moments. Swedish talent ruus is a singer songwriter who works closely with producer DIMD to create an eclectic and alternative edge to pop.

“Sometimes you hang out with people you don’t necessarily like, but because you don’t want to create a bad mood in the group, you smile and are polite. But sometimes you have to wake up and change the situation to feel good about yourself. Stop pretending some days.”


New Music: Louis Jarto

Raised in the world-famous hippie, self-declared autonomous region of Christiania in Copenhagen, Louis Jarto creates a larger-than-life Danish synth pop sound with a sense of playfulness.

There’s hints of early Daft Punk on this track, and generally just a perfect vibe for the summer.

“‘Good to You’ is an emotional riot with festival attitude.”

Louis Jarto