Amanda Fondell – Pt. 1 Let Me Introduce You To My Thoughts

A personal favourite, I have always felt that Amanda Fondell has consistently brought us a high level of Swedish pop through the years.

She returns today with a new EP and I legit can’t tell you one song that I dislike. Give the whole thing a spin; each song has so much character that I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy what you hear.

“I wanted to release an EP where every song got a different episode. The songs highlights reflections and opinions that I’ve been thinking a little bit too much on lately. From my deepest thoughts – to dance vibes. I wanted to make a fusion between a happy and light soundscape with darker lyrics.

Amanda Fondell


Frida Sundemo – Backbone

It’s hard to believe that I have featured Frida Sundemo as early as 2011 and yet I am still so in love with pretty much every release since.

Today we are treated to another synth-pop gem from the Swede, and it’s exactly as you would expect; a beautifully composed melody with fragile vocals that somehow still creates an elevated sense of emotion.

Taken from the new EP ‘Sounds In My Head’ which is out today. No surprises in guessing that I’ll tell you it’s absolutely sublime.


Kinck – Emperor’s New Clothes

Sharing a title from H.C. Andersen’s famous novel, this track is a gracefully composed yet subtle attack on an ex.

Everything about the song is finessed, and makes me so excited to see what comes next from Kinck.


Pawl + Discrete – In My Heart

Two of Sweden’s brightest dance-pop talents come together to produce one of the summer’s freshest bangers.

The vocals come from Pawl himself, while the craftsmanship behind the beats are the collective efforts from both talents.

Pawl | Discrete

Patrik Jean – 24

Already an established songwriter, Stockholm native Patrik Jean has come up with another pop gem that’s got ‘summer crush’ written all over it.

I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember, and it feels like this could be the breakthrough hit that makes everyone else out there realise how great this guy is.

Patrik Jean

New Music: Mei River

A song that perfectly encapsulates young love, served in a mellow yet raw indie form.

Mei River

Off Bloom – Mona Lisa

Off Bloom continue to surprise me with their releases. On ‘Mona Lisa’ we get treated to smooth indie vibes that carry just the right tempo to get you shuffling around.

Off Bloom

New Music: Zupermaria

I genuinely struggled to try and describe this sound. All I can say is that it’s utterly bonkers (yet brilliant) pop, produced with hints of funk and disco.

It’s performed in Norwegian, but I can promise you that you won’t quite hear anything like this for some time.


New Music: Sofia Hoss

A punchy blend of hip hop, RnB and pop from Sweden. The chorus is sublime!

Sofia Hoss

Dagny – Strangers / Lovers (Side A)

“Creating an album is a completely different process to writing individual songs. It was challenging working on such a comprehensive project, but it has also been the most exciting thing I’ve ever worked on. I’ve loved everything from the visual design and the intense period in the studio, to finally finishing it all. It will be nice to showcase something coherent and show more sides to me.”

The full album will be released this September via Little Daggers Records, under an exclusive license agreement with Universal Music AS & Polydor DE.


JUNG – Nobody Knows

“‘Nobody Knows’ is the start of a new era for us, and we really wanted to kick it off with something energetic and up tempo. The song is about not knowing what’s gonna come and that’s why it’s so important to try to be happy now with what you got!”


Moyka – Violet

Today we have yet another unleashing of energising, pulsating synth beats from Moyka- would you expect any less? A song that details the introspection following the end of a relationship.

“It’s just emotion. And it’s okay to still have good feelings about someone – good energy and emotion.” It’s an energetic, but sad love song perfect for both parties/alone time.”


Augustine – Coast

Recorded exclusively at the Spotify Studios in Stockholm as part of the Studio Oyster program, Augustine is back today with his unique fusion if retro indie and dreamy pop.

“‘Coast” is a song about loneliness, and a longing to understand this world a little better. I was confused and jealous of everything I laid my eyes on when I wrote it. And I often get struck by this feeling about wanting to escape from myself and from my body when I’m feeling down. I guess it comes down to the desire to have someone by your side who understands you and all your weird thoughts.”


New Music: Juni Poet

Swedish talent Juni Poet creates a raw indie pop sound, wrapped with heavy doses of melancholy, intensity and profoundness.

My music is nothing more than a failed attempt to understand my existence.”

Juni Poet

Mapei – Lyah

“This song is about trusting your intuition. Make sure you’re in a relationship that is worth your love. I am in one now. But I have crossed a few liars. Had to get it off my chest.”


New Music: baard

Playful Norwegian electro pop with an infectious beat structure. If you’re a sucker for Sweden’s Felix Sandman then you will love this kid.