Alexander Oscar – January

Of all the Danish pop talent that I listen to at the moment, I have confidence that Alexander Oscar could be one of those kids that breaks out and gets momentum across Europe this year.

Alexander Oscar

Bernhoft – All My Loving

A decade later and Norwegian talent Bernhoft still creates some of the most refreshing blends of soul and indie-pop you could wish for.


Christopher – Good To Goodbye (feat. Clara Mae)

This is as melancholy as you can get with Scandinavian bubblegum pop. Just a beautifully sweet track that is so easy to fall in love with.

Christopher | Clara Mae

New Music: AGGi DiX

A finessed, beautiful and totally pure Danish soul sound by a talent emerging from Aarhus. Blissfully melodic and completely enchanting.


VILDE – Never Said Enough

One of Norway’s brightest pop prospects returns with a finessed piece of highly charged power-pop.


Watch: Dylan Conrique – Bitter (feat. Noak Hellsing)

Blending blues and country with a pounding pop twist, Dylan Conrique releases visuals for her latest track featuring Swedish singer-songwriter Noak Hellsing.

Dylan Conrique | Noak Hellsing

Lokoy – relay (with Nils Bech)

“The lyrics place me in the centre of a huge stadium surrounded by spectators. It’s just before I’m going to run a relay race and I’m regretting signing up for it. I wanted that imagery to mirror the insecurity I sometimes feel for my own appearance and the constant comparison/ competition I have towards myself and others around me. I have a specific idea on how I’d like to be seen, but often that idea falls through with the reality.” – Lokoy

Taken from the upcoming debut album ‘badminton’ which is out on 22nd January via Propeller Recordings.

Lokoy | Nils Bech

Watch: Zara Larsson – Talk About Love (feat. Young Thug)

I make no secret of how awesome I think Zara Larsson is – she’s established herself as a Swedish pop powerhouse in an exceptionally short space of time. This release was produced by Mike Sabath and features a melodic verse from Young Thug.

The new album ‘POSTERGIRL‘ is released 5th March.

Zara Larsson | Young Thug

New Music: PORS!

Hailing from a small Danish town comes a talent who creates emotive lo-fi pop sounds that define the essence of modern youth, and the dilemmas that come with it.

“‘MIDNIGHT’ is about having a crush, but not knowing whether or not this person actually likes you. It is also about moving away from this person at the same time. And the only thing you want to do is to call you up. After midnight.

Taken from the EP ‘flowers in march’ which is out now.



It wouldn’t be a normal week on Alfitude without showcasing some stellar new pop from Sweden.

So let me introduce to you Stockholm-based Filip Groundstroem, who creates a sound that defines introspectiveness within youth in a way that feels relatable and engaging.

“This song is about being young, lost and having no idea about what you want to do with your short time here on planet Earth. As a young person, you’re constantly on the quest for who you are and how to fit into the box. You try different jobs, hang out with different people in different environments, but still struggle to see yourself in the bigger picture.”

Taken from the EP ‘Boy on the Moon’ which is out now via Sailor Music.


Saint Djuni – Favorite Place

Saint Djuni start the year in a truly epic fashion, serving us a rich dose of indie pop with an orchestral twist that harks back to the golden era of Trip Hop.

The result is a dreamy piece of escapism that is an ode to anyone who’s longing to start over in life.

“In the end, we all carry love. And that love starts at your Favorite Place.”

Saint Djuni

Hildur – New Mistakes

What better way to start the Sunday than to get this new electro-pop gem from Icelandic pop kid Hildur on the stereo…


Mountain Bird – It Won’t Be Easy

With a new EP on the way, Mountain Bird releases a sublime piece of electronic pop that feels intensely dark, dramatic and atmospheric.

The track looks at our relationship with technology and how it impacts our mental health, and hopes for change.

“Will we be able to solve this? Will we unify and create better solutions and work together with technology to not only be more efficient but to feel good mentally?”

Mountain Bird

New Music: IZHAV

This release from Swedish newcomer IZHAV delights and rewards you with every second you listen. It’s a blend of indie-folk and pop that begins with vulnerability and fragility and ends in a euphoric tone that leaves you wanting more.

“Getting stuck in darkness is not an unusual thing for us humans. When it’s too hard to climb alone, and almost impossible to even see the reason why. ‘Catch The Sun’ represents that outer force/ person/ animal that doesn’t allow it to keep going like that. Instead it pulls, fights and struggles to remind you that all the beauty is out there, just waiting to be seen by.”


bby ivy – In Case U Wanna Come Back

The Norwegian pop sensation of the year closes 2020 with a beautifully constructed and atmospheric pop ballad.

bby ivy

Lord Siva – Stjernerne

A finessed and melodic Danish RnB sound, fused with hints of synth-pop.

Lord Siva

Emelie Hollow – Me

A sublime piece of Norwegian pop from the stunningly talented Emelie Hollow.

Emelie Hollow

Robin Packalen – Better Than That

Already an established talent in his native Finland, Robin Packalen returns with some of the sharpest electro-pop to emerge from Scandinavia this year.

Taken from the EP ‘Rest In Beat PM’ which is out now.

Robin Packalen

Julie Bergan – We’re Coming Up

One of the most epic pieces of Scandinavian pop that I have experienced so far this week, from one of Norway’s biggest names.

Taken from the album ‘HARD FEELINGS’ which is out now.

Julie Bergan