Pasha – Bad Trips

Norwegian MC Pasha has been steadily building a global fanbase ever since NME highlighted him as one of the most promising artists in the world back in 2017.

Since then he’s sold out shows, had regular listings on Norwegian national radio P3, and been featured on respected tastemaker publications like Clash and Highsnobiety.

Produced by Mogilla and Pluto, ‘Bad Trips’ delivers a chilled atmosphere lifted by bass riffs, rhythmic guitars and a hook that easily makes you wanna sing along.


New Music: DAYYANI

Danish-Iranian talent DAYYANI creates a kind of RnB-pop that feels fresh, uplifting and so easy to vibe along to.

This is a confident and bold sound that feels inviting to any listener, thanks to it’s catchy melodies and sleek productions, as well as those distinctive vocals.


Elias Boussnina – Heroine

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have featured Danish talent Elias Boussnina over the years.

Consistently serving some of the finest cuts of RnB-pop from the Nordic nation, it’s no surprise that his new singleHeroine’ is once again, a bop.

Written and produced with Danish London-based musician and producer Mont Jake, the song looks at love as an addiction.

“The song is about being addicted to another person – about the sickening feeling you can get when you love someone more than you love yourself or anything else. Is love really that much different from being addicted to drugs? To me, love is a fix we praise. But in a worst-case scenario, love can push a person all the way out there, where you completely lose yourself which ultimately can destroy who you are and become the end of everything.”

Elias Boussnina

Hannes – I Feel It

Swedish alternative RnB artist Hannes releases his debut EP today, and along with it comes a spectacular new single.

Stylistically taking inspiration from high school marching bands, ‘I Feel It’ was written about the journey of being heartbroken, while at the same time being on the way to something new.

“It’s about that first moment when you realise that everything might actually work itself out for the better in the end. The first feeling of hope after a harsh heartbreak.”

The debut EP ‘When the City Sleeps’ is out now.


New Music: AMEA

Hailing from Denmark, AMEA is a songwriter and artist who is crafting sleek pop numbers that have hit potential written all over them.

Catchy new single ‘Billion’ is inspired by 90’s RnB-pop, both sonically and visually, with the overall message being that there is ‘no such thing as too much’.

“‘Billion’ is your opportunity to dance on the table in stilettos and a sparkling dress while pouring champagne all over your friends and loudly proclaiming that you’ll handle the bill even though you’re aware that your money is probably better spent on something else.”


Gryffin + LOVA – Piece Of Me

LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Gryffin has teamed up with Swedish artist LOVA to create one of the biggest dance bops of the month so far, showcasing these two pop talents at their finest.

Harnessing the dance-pop sound that Gryffin is rapidly making his own, ‘Piece Of Me’ blends euphoric piano chords, uplifting horns and LOVA’s mesmerising, pitch-perfect vocals. 

Gryffin | LOVA

mags – as long as we’re both breathing

Danish pop starlet mags returns today with another hi-energy bop in the shape of catchy new single ‘as long as we’re both breathing’.

This powerful love anthem tells of a heartfelt story of love and hate, while also carrying one of the most explosive choruses to come out of the Nordic pop scene this year!

“I wrote ’as long as we’re both breathing’ as my modern take on the famous words ’till death do us part’. It’s about the declaration of love – to stay together for better or worse. ‘as long as we’re both breathing’ is a song that emphasises the importance of communication and understanding as the keys to balance between love and hate in any close relation –two very different feelings that are often very close to each other on the emotional spectrum.”


Daniel Joy – GONE GIRL

Fusing elements of that distinctive pop-rock sound from the 2000’s with a more modern twist, Danish artist Daniel Joy returns today with a new release in the form of ‘Gone Girl’.

A song about loving someone but not being able to be with them, the track carries a charming sense of melancholy and is sure to stay in your head all day.

“The song came out of nowhere. I must have spent a month trying to write about how I felt, and suddenly the chorus popped into my head. The song is about me not understanding why it’s not enough to love someone, about having nightmares where she’s found someone new and lastly a promise to my naive hopeless romantic self, that if you love someone enough, you can get back to them, but first you have to accept that they are gone.”

Daniel Joy

New Music: everBear

Emerging from Denmark, everBear serves as the alter ego for indie-folk artist Mathias Baadsgaard, who has been one of the most exciting new finds of the week.

Constructing deeply thoughtful pieces of music through gorgeously emotive soundscapes, everBear’s sound displays a sense of maturity and warmth while also being relatable to listeners.

End of the Line’ is a song about being young and free to do what ever you want to do. It tells a story about being in a place in the world where all of these things are possible; the freedom to find your own way in life.


Torine – Olivia

A melancholic pop anthem from Norwegian starlet Torine. ‘Olivia’ is modern-day heartbreak song with a raw edge that perhaps many of us can connect with!

“Music has helped me through some difficult times during my life, and my biggest desire is that my music can do the same for other people”.


siné – 2GOOD2U

Just in time for the weekend comes a fresh pop bop courtesy of Danish newcomer siné. While on the surface ‘2GOOD2U’ carries a punchy and fun sound, it also has a softer and more vulnerable side that juxtaposes superbly.

“It was really meant to be the ultimate break-up song. But while I was going all Girl Power and feeling free I was hit by the insecurity that always haunts you when you’re trying to leave someone for good. And so instead,I ended up feeling totally miserable about myself. ‘2GOOD2U’ is about the inner fight that comes with not being able to stand up for your ridiculous self when life needs to change. It’s a reminder that you are the one in your life who can make the chance to move forward from what might seem like a catch-22.”


Mina Okabe – Miss Those Days

Undoubtedly one of my favourite exports from Denmark so far this year, Mina Okabe is back today with not only a sensational single, but an entire album full of pop gems to delight your audible senses.

New single ‘Miss Those Days’ is a shimmering and emotive track, with a lyrical topic everyone can relate to at some point in their life.

“It’s about friendship – about a close friend of mine. We used to be together all the time but one day she had to move far away and even though we promised to stay in touch everything we had just faded out and disappeared. ‘Miss Those Days’ is about everything you take for granted and the wonder of sudden change.”

Taken from the new album ‘Better Days’ which is out now.

Mina Okabe

Teddy Failure – Pure (feat. ELIO)

Consisting of two highly requested writing & producing talents known as TeoFrans, it’s little surprise that Swedish project Teddy Failure crafts supreme sounds that are immediately captivating to any listener.

As a production duo, TeoFrans have collaborated with some of the most exciting new talents to emerge recently, including LOVA, Naaz, Bearson, Rhys, Felix Sandman and Eli.

Their new single ‘Pure’ conjures a sense of teenage apathy, with killer lyrics like ‘We mix vodka with fire’ luring you in. But keep listening until the end, when the track’s live-fast-die-young naivety reaches a cathartic conclusion thanks to ELIO’s beautifully moving vocals.

Teddy Failure

New Music: Slopes

One of Norway’s most exciting indie-pop exports so far this year, Slopes creates a kind of sound that is universally loveable. With distinctive vocals and rousing melodies, it’s only a matter of time before this talent achieves global recognition.

“Sometimes, if I’ve let someone down, I can feel as if those tears shouldn’t be wasted on me – kind of like, save them for someone better! Tears is about avoiding or escaping relationships in fear of letting people down.”


Julia Viktoria – Complicated

Serving us melancholy electro-pop bangers the way only Swedes can, today sees the release of Julia Viktoria’s new single, ‘Complicated’.

This is a weekend-ready bop that describes the complications of searching for love, while still carrying lots of emotional baggage at the same time.

“Life is often complicated; in relation to others but also to yourself and your own feelings. It is easy to rethink, cancel dates and meetings, doubt yourself, doubt your own ability and send out mixed messages.”

Julia Viktoria

Rasmus Hagen + Maxine – Learn To Love

No stranger to the music business, Rasmus Hagen is already a platinum selling singer/ songwriter and producer from Stockholm.

With over 120 million streams on Spotify alone, Hagen was the featured singer on John De Sohn’s hit single ‘Love You Better’, while also working alongside a roster of talents like Andrelli, Urban Contact and iamsimon.

Written with Alfitude favourite Aron Blom, ‘Learn to Love’ features the vocals of emerging Dutch artist Maxine and touches on tearing down emotional walls built from a previous relationship, slowly opening up to giving and receiving love again.

Rasmus Hagen | Maxine

New Music: Sassy 009

Delivering a hugely exciting approach to pop, Norwegian talent Sassy 009 creates dark and richly atmospheric soundscapes that are not only conceptual and captivating but also spellbindingly intriguing.

Sassy 009

New Music: Emma Schneider

Already somewhat of a star in Norway thanks to a committed legion of TikTok followers, Emma Schneider is also a talented singer and songwriter.

‘Are You Kidding Me?’ is an LGBTQ pop bop with a simple melody and catchy lyrics that tell of a universal dilemma when we are sometimes in love.

Emma Schneider

New Music: BUKVE

A truly stunning debut release from Norwegian songwriter BUKVE. By thoughtfully fusing elements of indie-pop with alternative pop, this talent creates melodic pieces of music that have an almost ethereal essence to them.

Featuring vocals and steel guitar from Firewoodisland, ‘Let me go Son’ is deeply moving song about letting a father go – not letting his death linger in his life anymore, while also speaking to his son and telling him live his own life.

BUKVE | Firewoodisland

King of Little Sweden – Dave Is Online

Swedish pop collective King of Little Sweden return today with relatable new bop single ‘Dave Is Online’.

With lyricism that was inspired by self-observation, the song looks at our emotional disconnection in digital times.

“This is a song about ‘Online Intimacy’. Nowadays, we can get swamped by so many messages that we sometimes end up neglecting the ones that we really ought to answer.”

King of Little Sweden