Isac Elliot – Waving At Cars / Ghost

Finnish pop sensation Isac Elliot returns with two pop bangers that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Isac Elliot

New Music: Mike Back

Already a noted YouTuber and influencer in his native Finland, Mike Back has now released his first single.

It’s a subtle blend of acoustic indie and pop, delivered with a beautifully distinctive vocal.

“‘Bad On Purpose’ is a raw and honest RnB-pop song about knowing who you could and should be in a relationship, but wondering why you keep falling short of that goal.”

Mike Back

New Music: Tuomo

A dreamy ode to old-school soul, mixed with tones of RnB and chilled disco from Finnish talent Tuomo.

“The song was originally inspired by discussions on the ideal romantic relationship, but I feel it applies somewhat to all human interactions.”


Robin Packalen – Better Than That

Already an established talent in his native Finland, Robin Packalen returns with some of the sharpest electro-pop to emerge from Scandinavia this year.

Taken from the EP ‘Rest In Beat PM’ which is out now.

Robin Packalen

SUAD – Streets

Finnish artist SUAD returns today with a song that blends indie-rock with pop in the most stunning and captivating way.

“Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but often worth it. That’s when something better and more beautiful can take place.” 

The debut solo album is due for release in January 2021.


Jesse Markin – Counting Money on a Sunday

Finnish soul-pop with a raw, indie edge and a big lyrical statement.

“Capitalism is a machine that protects those that feed it but also a machine that creates chaos. This year we were able to witness this very closely as the world was fighting the global pandemic. The rich isolated themselves while the rest were left to face their worst fears just because the machine cannot stop. “

Jesse Markin

New Music: SUAD

An artist and songwriter hailing from Helsinki, SUAD blends that dark and ethereal sense of Scandinavian melancholy into an indie-rock sound that feels intense and atmospheric in equal measures.


Olivera – Lot to Live

One of Finland’s newest pop starlets returns with a slice of pulsating synth goodness.


Jesse Markin – Stars in Your Eyes

Jesse Markin really is making his name as one of the boldest talents to have come out of Finland in the last couple of years. Take note of this kid, his approach to hip hop and RnB is too damn good to miss.

Jesse Markin

New Music: Sätilä

A balanced mix of alternative indie and electronic pop from a Finnish talent who creates melodies that are both rousing and memorable.

Taken from the debut EP ‘on the verge of something’ which is out now.


New Music: Ade Mai

A universally loveable indie folk sound that is both uplifting and atmospheric. The song itselfwas written at a time when Ade Mai was experiencing the excitement of moving to a new country.

“I had just moved to the UK from my home country Finland, and I was full of energy and wanderlust. I met lots of new exciting people and got to live next to the gorgeous Bournemouth beach. I am sure that’s where the cheerfulness in this song comes from.”

Ade Mai

New Music: Malla

An exciting talent from Finland who merges classic disco sounds with synth-pop and sleek house vibes.

“‘Tilaa’ asks more space for personal and universal speculation moments and raises a moment where unnecessary hustle and bustle has subsided freeing up time and space for a new kind of view of thoughts and being.”


New Music: ILON

Finland doesn’t produce many pop stars, but when it does, it really comes up with some seriously strong prospects.

Add to that roster 21-year old ILON, a talent who is already rapidly getting attention from some of the industry’s heavyweights; take Bille Eiilish and Halsey collaborator FINNEAS, who has already collaborated with the singer on a project.

Could she be the next big starlet to emerge from the Nordics? I think very possibly so…

“‘Selfish Love’ is about being hurt one too many times. The other person sees your vulnerability as a chance to abuse you, to pretend to love you to feel good about themselves. At this point you are already broken enough to see through their malevolence – You throw yourself into it completely, giving in to every emotion. Being in such a vulnerable state, it sucks to notice that the other person was never really in it wholeheartedly.”


New Music: Illuusio

If you’re wondering what language this sublime piece of dream-pop is sung in, it’s Finnish. Finland itself has long been a hotbed of pop talent, but rarely do songs get the traction they deserve when they aren’t performed in English.

Somehow though I have a feeling that Illuusio could change that. Despite not understanding the lyrics, this song has such a powerful emotive flow that it’s easy to feel moved by what you hear.

“The Finnish lyrics tell a sweet story about the euphoric feeling of falling in love overnight, and the bitterness of a heartbreak.”


Robin Packalen – Benefits

As far as Finnish pop goes, this is some of the best you can experience right now.

Robin Packalen

Olivera – Tomorrows

Another slice of Finnish power pop from Olivera with a sense of positivity and hope.


New Music: Tuure Boelius

Entirely sung in Finnish and yet this is just too great not to share with you. It’s a mix of bubblegum pop and a very hard electro sound.

Tuure Boelius